Daniel Lesden, the music alias of UK-based Daniel Sokolovskiy, embodies the multifaceted essence of an underground music luminary.

Across various roles as a DJ, music producer, curator, radio host, A&R manager, and event promoter, he has shaped a dynamic and influential career. His professional journey began in 2011, swiftly ascending within the underground sphere through quality releases and electrifying performances across Switzerland, Hungary, Israel, Russia, Greece, and the UK, maintaining momentum to this day.

At the core of his musical prowess lies the acclaimed Rave Podcast, a monthly radio show meticulously crafted to spotlight the finest in high-quality underground music. Broadcasting on Digitally Imported radio every second Friday of the month, the show stands as a testament to Daniel’s commitment to curating unparalleled sonic experiences.

In 2015, Daniel wielded his expertise as an A&R manager for JOOF Recordings, an esteemed British label helmed by John 00 Fleming. Simultaneously, Daniel has been the guiding force behind the advice series, generously sharing his vast experience and addressing reader inquiries on music production, DJing, performance, marketing, management, and the intricacies of the music industry. His mission is to spread knowledge and foster professionalism within the music realm.

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Throughout his decade-long career, Daniel has released over fifty tracks, working with credible labels like Digital Om, Ovnimoon Records, Perfecto, Forescape Digital, Iono to name a few. Evidenced by over 1M SoundCloud plays, 700,000 Spotify streams, and securing top positions on Beatport’s top charts, each release is a testament to his magnetic allure in the realm of electronic music.

While his discography flourishes, Daniel remains devoted to his roots as an adept DJ. Preferring spontaneity over scripted playlists, he reads the dancefloor’s pulse, crafting sets that surprise. His mastery extends to the rarified realm of Open To Close sets, captivating audiences for six-hour sonic odysseys.

In 2023, Daniel Lesden moved to the UK, leveraging his expertise to redefine the underground landscape as a Trance and Psy-Trance curator at Beatport, leaving an indelible mark on the scene he influences and shapes.