Your EDM in-depth review of „The Human Element“

Andrew Quigley, Your EDM’s head Trance writer, reviewed „The Human Element“.

We here at Your EDM are huge fans of the underground sounds of John oo Fleming and his illustrious producer pool of JOOF Recordings, but if there ever was a yang counterpart to John‘s yin, it would be the monstrous talents of the legendary Christopher Lawrence, whose exploratory tastes in Trance, Psy and Progressive continue to broad the expanses of many die hard listeners around the world. Both Christopher and John are very good friends with each other and while they are not spinning together in their special Back 2 Back sets, they are hard at work in the studio, releasing collaborative singles such as the acidic Dark On Fire and the frantic Predator.

Christopher‘s mainline label, Pharmacy Music, continues to be a great platform to unveil new and promising Trance talent, and some artists that have gotten a much needed shot in the arm in their budding careers include upcoming producers Casey Rasch, Frost Raven and Mark L, as well as high ranking Psy regulars Mechanimal and You Are My Salvation. This time, Lawrence teams up with fellow Trance artist, Jonathan Allyn, on a brand new single entitled The Human Element, and while the Original kicks some serious ass on its own, it is the explosive power of long time Your EDM favorite Daniel Lesden that offers a no frills Progressive Psy barnstormer to wildly bang off the rails to.

Apart from reviewing his stellar debut album, Chronicles Of The Universe, he has also wowed us with his single of Mirai, which was released on JOOF Recordings back in July. While this remix is considered ‘Progressive Psy’ in its clearest sense, it doesn’t mean that this piece doesn’t come without switchblades and nail guns tucked away in its hidden pockets, and Daniel Lesden‘s rework is certainly spiked with an extra jolt of lethal caffeine to whip your butt out of your seat. Apart from the usual groove inducing basslines, (which sound particularly clean; even by Daniel‘s standards), the piece also includes the advent of percussive basslines that hearken back to Coming Soon‘s rhythmic, Full On productions, which is not only a nice tip of the hat towards their general direction, but it also intensifies the basslines to a furious drive that shatters through the regular arrangement and transforms it into a piston based machine of raw power and fury. One part of the piece that we love is the supremely gorgeous section that cuts away all of the percussion and extra noises while leaving us with a singular bassline and a killer atmospheric eruption that rushes head on into the senses and releases all inner inhibitions.

The clash of wondrous, mysterious melodies and full on, almost industrial styled main phrases show us the growing maturity of this class producer and shows us just how much he stands out from the rest of the pack within the Psy Trance genre.

The breakdown features some of Lesden‘s beautiful arrangement prowess within the melodic department and the sudden declaration of sounds and textures all culminate into a massive bassline that slams us head on with full Progressive rage. The clash of wondrous, mysterious melodies and full on, almost industrial styled main phrases show us the growing maturity of this class producer and shows us just how much he stands out from the rest of the pack within the Psy Trance genre.

Daniel Lesden‘s remix to Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn‘s The Human Element is out now on Pharmacy Music via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!

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Text — Andrew Quigley
December 5, 2014

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