Trance Family review of Mirai EP

GTranceFamily is the fastest growing independent network on this platform specialising in all things related to trance and it’s sub genre’s. Head trance writer Simon Waring reviewed Daniel Lesden’s EP „Mirai“, forthcoming on JOOF Recordings.

Daniel Lesden is undoubtedly the artist that is making the biggest impact over at JOOF. With an outstanding artist album ‘Chronicles of the Universe’, remixing a JOOF Classic Whirloop ‘Feel the effect’ and now this brilliant EP. Our man of the moment, so watch this space!

Not being one to sit back Daniel shows his mastery of the genre and delivers what is not a postscript to his artist album but an interlude of what is to come!

Daniel Lesden — Out Of This World (Original Mix)

The first track on the EP is ‘Out Of This World’ in both name and production quality with his signature sounds dominating this track.

It’s spatial accent echoes towards a higher plane, its obscure bassline holds firm and drives forward as the lead synth perforates through the space time continuum. The melody is both luminous and apocalyptic at the same time and it stabs at the very soul of universal equilibrium. As the heavy bombardment approaches it conveys an unyielding pressure with its low pitched pads, heavy bass and acidic qualities, each melding together brilliantly forming an existential singularity. The heavy matter gives way as it breaks the fundamental laws of physics and delivers another work of art that Daniel is becoming renowned for.

This great new package from Daniel Lesden is a must here for both avid listeners of psy progressive and those people that truly appreciate the true nature of trance.

Daniel Lesden feat. Spinney Lainey — Mirai (Original Mix)

‘Mirai’ ascends to the very essence of the soul of the Universe and exudes an extraordinary light with its futuristic aura. The earthly qualities of the ‘Flageolet’ from Spinney Lainey delivers an atmosphere that embodies the spirit of all living organisms as the resounding bass folds in and out of the reverberating pads.

An abundance of innovative synths and sfx fuse together with the poetic flute in an epical embrace, as the the lucidity of the entire track becomes somewhat hypnotising. This great new package from Daniel Lesden is a must here for both avid listeners of psy progressive and those people that truly appreciate the true nature of trance.

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Text — Simon Waring
June 25, 2014

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