GDE review of Daniel’s live set from Switzerland

Global Dance Electronic or GDE — a blog about electronic dance music. Jai Davidson wrote down a review of Daniel Lesden’s recent live set from Bulach, Switzerland.

For someone who’s first big break in the music scene was only just in 2012, Daniel Lesden has come to make a name for himself. Contact was snatched up by Ovnimoon Records and stuck firmly at #7 in ’Beatport Psy Trance release 100.’ His progressive psy trance style is one he can call his own, and one that has caught many well known artists ear such as Simon Patterson, Magnus, and John 00 Fleming. J00f Recordings picked up Lesden’s debut album Chronicles Of The Universe which fits right in with the legendary label.

This set from Bulach, Switzerland will have you soaring through the milky way on a climactic journey to the zenith. Psychedelic trance naturally makes you feel as though the universe is speaking to you through music, and I guarantee you wont want it to stop singing. Have fun.

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Text — Jai Davidson
September 11, 2014

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