30.12.2015 Advice: creating a pitch rise effect in Ableton 29.12.2015 Rave Podcast January edition: special guest announced 26.12.2015 Daniel Lesden named "Producer of the Year" 23.12.2015 Advice: a website for musicians 22.12.2015 Enuma Elish featured on the Must Hear Psytrance chart on Beatport 16.12.2015 Advice: creating an FM Psy lead 15.12.2015 Enuma Elish supported by Aly & Fila, Jordan Suckley, and many more 14.12.2015 Enuma Elish is #15 at Beatport charts 09.12.2015 Advice: insights on sending a demo to a record label 07.12.2015 Enuma Elish is out now on JOOF Recordings 04.12.2015 Vand Sunete review of Enuma Elish 03.12.2015 Rave Podcast 067: guest mix by Atacama (Germany) 02.12.2015 Advice: rhythm structure basics 30.11.2015 New single preview is up online 25.11.2015 Introducing website 4.0 25.11.2015 Advice: artist manager 24.11.2015 Rave Podcast December edition: special guests announced 18.11.2015 Advice: percussion sounds, buy samples or make your own 11.11.2015 Advice: organizing music library 10.11.2015 Daniel shares new single teaser 05.11.2015 Rave Podcast 066: guest mix by Waveform (Greece) 04.11.2015 Advice: Frustration. How to move forward 30.10.2015 Daniel shares his opinion on "Vinyl vs. sync button" debates 28.10.2015 Advice: The redline. Decibels explained 27.10.2015 Rave Podcast November edition: special guest announced 26.10.2015 "When The Horizon Comes Closer (Daniel Lesden Remix)" is out now 21.10.2015 Advice: 3 ways to make a kick drum 14.10.2015 Advice: setting up a podcast on iTunes 07.10.2015 Rave Podcast 065: guest mix by 3 Access & You (Chile) 07.10.2015 Advice: audio engineers 06.10.2015 Alex Di Stefano supports "Genesis" 30.09.2015 Advice: getting audience 29.09.2015 Rave Podcast October edition: special guests announced 23.09.2015 Advice: psytrance bassline synthesis 16.09.2015 Advice: live and DJ sets 14.09.2015 Christopher Lawrence supports "Genesis" 09.09.2015 Daniel Lesden's guest mix @ Global Trance Grooves with John 00 Fleming 09.09.2015 Advice: bassline compression and EQ 02.09.2015 Advice: recommended synths 02.09.2015 Rave Podcast 064: guest mix by AudioFire (South Africa) 26.08.2015 Advice: how to build up a track 26.08.2015 "Genesis" hit #9 in Top-100 Psytrance chart 25.08.2015 Guest mix competition — the winner is announced 19.08.2015 Advice: kick peaking 17.08.2015 "Genesis" is out on JOOF Recordings 12.08.2015 Advice: atmospheric sounds 05.08.2015 Advice: a neighbor's conflict. Headphones or monitors 05.08.2015 Rave Podcast 063: guest mix by Side Effects (Israel) 30.07.2015 Genesis preview is up online 28.07.2015 Rave Podcast August edition: special guests announced 20.07.2015 Introducing "Advice" 13.07.2015 Daniel shared a new remix that he's working on 08.07.2015 Rave Podcast 062: guest mix by Shogan (Montenegro) 06.07.2015 Daniel shares behind the scenes for interview by Rob Mendoza 30.06.2015 Rave Podcast July edition: special guest announced 08.06.2015 Daniel has joined the Digital Om Productions's artists roster 03.06.2015 Rave Podcast 061: guest mix by Jonathan Allyn (USA) 28.05.2015 Rave Podcast June edition: special guest announced 27.05.2015 Daniel Lesden’s mix at RadioOzora is up online 26.05.2015 Digital Om showcasing Daniel Lesden mix at RadioOzora 24.05.2015 Another Earth EP hit #13 in Beatport Top-100 chart 21.05.2015 Another Earth featured in Must Hear PsyTrance chart 18.05.2015 Another Earth is out on Beatport 16.05.2015 Vand Sunete review of „Another Earth“ EP 11.05.2015 New previews are up online 07.05.2015 A new photos from Hungary open air are available in the photo album 06.05.2015 Rave Podcast 060: guest mix by StarLab (India) 04.05.2015 Introducing tempered scale frequency chart 03.05.2015 Track support from Paul Oakenfold 29.04.2015 Rave Podcast May edition: special guest announced 20.04.2015 Daniel’s track featured on the famous "Goa" compilation series by YSE 15.04.2015 Brand new EP is signed on Digital Om Productions 08.04.2015 Rave Podcast 059: guest mix by Manmachine (Serbia) 02.04.2015 Generate Project review of „Life Simulation“ EP 01.04.2015 Rave Podcast April edition: special guest announced 30.03.2015 The Guest Mix @ PsyDay 2015 on Afterhours FM 11.03.2015 Yet another support by John 00 Fleming 04.03.2015 Rave Podcast 058: guest mix by Mekka (UK) 02.03.2015 Daniel Lesden’s remix featured on „Assorted Waves Vol.3“ Dj-set by Protonica 02.03.2015 Introduction major website update 28.02.2015 Kostas Voulgaris from Generate Project reviewed „Thru The Stars“ EP 26.02.2015 „One Way Journey“ featured on 10 Must Hear PsyTrance tracks 25.02.2015 The Guest Mix @ Synthetic Elements With Activa 23.02.2015 „Life Simulation“ EP is out on JOOF Recordings 22.02.2015 Your EDM Sunrise Session featuring „One Way Journey“ 21.02.2015 Vand Sunete review of „Life Simulation“ EP 18.02.2015 Dj Vernski review of upcoming „Life Simulation“ EP 17.02.2015 A new EP previews are online 13.02.2015 „Thru The Stars On Autopilot“ featured on 10 Must Hear PsyTrance tracks 09.02.2015 „Thru The Stars“ EP is out on Digital Om Productions 08.02.2015 Vand Sunete reviewed upcoming „Thru The Stars“ EP 04.02.2015 Rave Podcast 057: guest mix by Mr. Suspect (Greece) 01.02.2015 Video teaser — a collaboration with Cosmithex 28.01.2015 The Guest Mix @ Psynotized With Mouchy Mora 28.01.2015 Daniel has joined JOOF Recordings as an A&R manager 27.01.2015 Daniel Lesden will be playing @ Hungary on April 30 21.01.2015 The Guest Mix @ Digital Emotions with Fonarev 14.01.2015 The Guest Mix @ Rush Hour with Christopher Lawrence 13.01.2015 „Aurora“ is out on Borderline Music 10.01.2015 YouTube channel updated with more music with a nice visuals 08.01.2015 Vand Sunete recommends „Aurora“ 07.01.2015 Rave Podcast 056: guest mix by NitroDrop (Israel) 04.01.2015 Flux BPM Online reviewed „Aurora“

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