18.12.2014 Daniel Lesden & Mekka’s „Aurora“ preview is online 09.12.2014 The Guest Mix @ JOOF Month by TFI 06.12.2014 Andrew Quigley from YourEDM reviewed „The Human Element“ 04.12.2014 Catch The Beat reviewed „The Human Element“ 03.12.2014 Rave Podcast 055: guest mix by Angel Esteban (Spain) 01.12.2014 The Human Element (Daniel Lesden Remix) is out on Pharmacy Music 21.11.2014 GDE blog post about „The Human Element“ 18.11.2014 The Human Element (Daniel Lesden Remix) — preview is online 06.11.2014 Daniel Lesden & Mekka’s collab is signed on Borderline Music 05.11.2014 Rave Podcast 054: guest mix by Mental Flow (Italy) 28.10.2014 Rave Podcast November edition: special guests announced 27.10.2014 The Guest Mix @ Lucid Fest 2014 17.10.2014 Two brand new tracks for upcoming EP are done! 13.10.2014 Daniel Lesden remixing Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn’s track 08.10.2014 Rave Podcast 053: guest mix by Major7 (Israel) 03.10.2014 Music for Epson Seiko Corporation 30.09.2014 Rave Podcast October edition: special guests announced 15.09.2014 Global Dance Electronic review on Daniel’s live set from Switzerland 10.09.2014 Live @ Bülach, Switzerland, UG Bülach Club 04.09.2014 Rave Podcast 052: guest mix by Satinka (Ireland) 26.08.2014 Rave Podcast guest mix competition — the winner announced! 15.08.2014 The Guest Mix @ Psychedelic Therapy 12.08.2014 Daniel Lesden runs the 2nd Rave Podcast guest mix competition! 11.08.2014 The Guest Mix @ Global Trance Fusion 06.08.2014 Rave Podcast 051: guest mix by Arhetip (Serbia) 04.08.2014 The Guest Mix @ Lisa Lashes Podcast 31.07.2014 Working on a new tracks 29.07.2014 Rave Podcast August edition: special guests announced 23.07.2014 The first international gig: Daniel Lesden will be playing at Switzerland 14.07.2014 The Guest Mix @ Suburban Parade Radio Show 09.07.2014 Your EDM reviewed „Mirai“ EP 07.07.2014 Mirai EP is out on JOOF Recordings 02.07.2014 Rave Podcast 050: guest mix by Static Illusion (Russia) 30.06.2014 V.A. — Abstract Vision Vol.2 28.06.2014 GTranceFamily reviewed forthcoming „Mirai“ EP 25.06.2014 Forthcoming EP previews are online 24.06.2014 Rave Podcast July edition: special guest announced 22.06.2014 The Guest Mix @ DI Summer Solstice Festival 2014 09.06.2014 V.A. — JOOF Anthology Vol.9 04.06.2014 Rave Podcast 049: guest mix by Aquafeel (Greece) 31.05.2014 Juno Recommends: „Healing“ 28.05.2014 Rave Podcast June edition: special guest announced 22.05.2014 A new EP announced 07.05.2014 Rave Podcast 048: guest mix by Seven Ways (Canada) 03.05.2014 The Guest Mix @ Vision Of Trance with Seven Ways 30.04.2014 Rave Podcast May edition: special guest announced 28.04.2014 The Guest Mix @ Trance In Philly 25.04.2014 Remix of „Healing“ is featured on Beatport 10 Must Hear Tracks chart 21.04.2014 John 00 Fleming – Healing (Daniel Lesden Remix) is out now 18.04.2014 Full On Fluoro Vol.3 is out now 16.04.2014 A new agency for bookings worldwide — Suburban Sound Bookings 15.04.2014 „Feel The Effect“ remix hits on Top-100 charts 10.04.2014 Major website updates 07.04.2014 Feel The Effect (Daniel Lesden Remix) is out on JOOF Recordings 02.04.2014 Rave Podcast 047: guest mix by You Are My Salvation (Sweden) 28.03.2014 Track support from Lisa Lashes 27.03.2014 New track preview: Whirloop – Feel The Effect (Daniel Lesden Remix) 25.03.2014 Rave Podcast April edition: special guest announced 20.03.2014 New EP announced featuring collaboration with Spinney Lainey 11.03.2014 Live @ Tel Aviv, Israel, Comfort 13 Club 08.03.2014 „165 Earth Years“ featured on Airwave’s March chart 07.03.2014 Recorded live video @ Comfort 13, Tel Aviv 05.03.2014 Rave Podcast 046: guest mix by Jackie White (Ukraine/Belgium) 03.03.2014 Daniel Lesden will be playing @ Tel Aviv, Israel, Comfort 13 Club 25.02.2014 Rave Podcast March edition: special guest announced 24.02.2014 „Chronicles Of The Universe“ in-depth review by Your EDM 19.02.2014 Trance For Infinity reviewed ‘Chronicles Of The Universe’ 18.02.2014 Daniel Lesden remixing John 00 Fleming’s new single 17.02.2014 „Chronicles Of The Universe“ is #11 on Beatport and #8 on Juno Top-100 charts 13.02.2014 reviewed Daniel’s album 12.02.2014 „Deep Haze“ featured in John 00 Fleming’s February chart 11.02.2014 „Ishtar Terra“ is featured on ’10 must hear Psy Trance tracks’ chart on Beatport 11.02.2014 Flux BPM Online’s review 10.02.2014 „Chronicles Of The Universe“ album is out now on JOOF Recordings 04.02.2014 Rave Podcast: 3 years anniversary! 23.01.2014 Album behind the scenes — interview for GTranceFamily 20.01.2014 „Chronicles Of The Universe“ — full album preview is now live! 15.01.2014 Album pre-release support from John 00 Fleming 09.01.2014 Forthcoming album: the label and release date announced 08.01.2014 Rave Podcast 044: guest mix by F-Act (Switzerland)

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