24.12.2013 Rave Podcast January edition: special guests announced 13.12.2013 The Guest Mix @ TFIx3 on Tenzi FM 11.12.2013 New remix announced: Whirloop – ’Feel The Effect’ 09.12.2013 The Guest Mix @ Tenzi FM Anniversary 2013 08.12.2013 Daniel Lesden’s remix of ’Galactic Society’ has been listed as Top-20 remixes of the year 06.12.2013 The Guest Mix @ Trance Sound Festival 2013 on ETN.FM 04.12.2013 Rave Podcast 043: guest mix by Reaky (Slovenia) 29.11.2013 „Space Form“ is out on Tandava Records 26.11.2013 Rave Podcast December edition: special guests announced 11.11.2013 Behind the scenes: album concept 08.11.2013 V.A. Full On Fluoro Vol.1 featuring Daniel’s track 07.11.2013 Album is finished: 70 minutes of a new tracks 06.11.2013 Rave Podcast 042: guest mix by Drukverdeler & Dj Bim (Netherlands / Germany) 01.11.2013 The Guest Mix @ United States Trance Movement 30.10.2013 Live @ PDJ TV Music Channel 29.10.2013 Rave Podcast November edition: special guests announced 28.10.2013 Live @ Promodj TV is now available on YouTube 23.10.2013 New single preview: Space Form (Original Mix) 16.10.2013 Daniel will be playing @ Moscow, PDJ TV Musical Channel, on October 26 14.10.2013 Interview for United States Trance Movement 01.10.2013 Rave Podcast 041: guest mix by Tripy (Malta) 24.09.2013 Rave Podcast October edition: special guest announced 07.09.2013 The 7th track from forthcoming album is finished 03.09.2013 Rave Podcast 040: guest mix by Psytellite (Russia) 27.08.2013 Rave Podcast guest mix competition — the winner is announced! 21.08.2013 On the half-way for the album 16.08.2013 Daniel Lesden’s interview for TranceFamily Community 15.08.2013 Ace Ventura – Presence (Daniel Lesden Remix) is now available for download 12.08.2013 Rave Podcast — guest mix competition 07.08.2013 Rave Podcast 039: guest mix by Space Hypnose (Israel) 01.08.2013 Rave Podcast August edition: special guest announced 01.08.2013 The Guest Mix @ Open Up with Simon Patterson 31.07.2013 „Yoruba“ chart and feedbacks 29.07.2013 The Guest Mix @ Earthquake Sound System 26.07.2013 Studio session and video teaser 22.07.2013 Mac & Monday – Yoruba (Daniel Lesden Remix) is out on Borderline Music 18.07.2013 Studio upgrade 16.07.2013 Introducing all-new blog 14.07.2013 Two brand new tracks are finished 04.07.2013 Mac & Monday – (Daniel Lesden Remix) will be released on July 22 02.07.2013 Rave Podcast 038: guest mix by Phoma (Denmark) 01.07.2013 Studio teaser 27.06.2013 Forthcoming album status update 25.06.2013 Rave Podcast July edition: special guest announced 23.06.2013 The Guest Mix @ DI Summer Solstice Festival 2013 20.06.2013 New track preview: Ace Ventura – Presence (Daniel Lesden Remix) 19.06.2013 New track preview: Argonnight & Daniel Lesden – Imitation Of Life (Original Mix) 17.06.2013 A storyline behind the tracks 16.06.2013 Studio teaser 14.06.2013 Remixing Ace Ventura 08.06.2013 Working on a tracks for the album 04.06.2013 Rave Podcast 037: guest mix by Darma (Israel) 24.05.2013 Daniel Lesden is going to write a full-length album 21.05.2013 Rave Podcast June edition: special guest announced 19.05.2013 The Guest Mix @ Event Horizon on DjStation Radio 13.05.2013 The New Land is climbing up in Beatport Top-100 chart 07.05.2013 Rave Podcast 036: guest mix by Manifestor (Russia) 07.05.2013 Galactic Society (Daniel Lesden Remix) is out on Synergetic Records 02.05.2013 New track preview: Lyctum – Galactic Society (Daniel Lesden Remix) 26.04.2013 Daniel Lesden’s 3rd EP “Mars One” is out on Synergetic Records 23.04.2013 Rave Podcast May edition: special guest announced 19.04.2013 DailyPsy Magazine article about Daniel Lesden 16.04.2013 Working on a remix of Lyctum 04.04.2013 New track preview: Daniel Lesden – The New Land (Original Mix) 02.04.2013 Rave Podcast 035: guest mix by Suduaya (France) 26.03.2013 Rave Podcast April edition: special guest announced 20.03.2013 Working on a new track 16.03.2013 New studio in Israel is built up 06.03.2013 Rave Podcast 034: guest mix by Relativ (Serbia) 03.03.2013 Daniel Lesden has changed residency from Russia to Israel 01.03.2013 Magnus – Signal Strength (Daniel Lesden Remix) — free download! 26.02.2013 Rave Podcast March edition: special guest announced 19.02.2013 Promo mailing list 17.02.2013 New track preview: Mac & Monday – Yoruba (Daniel Lesden Remix) 07.02.2013 Welcome to the new website 06.02.2013 Rave Podcast 033: guest mix by Cosmithex (Estonia) 01.02.2013 New track announced: Mac & Monday – Yoruba (Daniel Lesden Remix) 28.01.2013 Rave Podcast February edition: special guest announced 14.01.2013 Ancient Civilization will be remixed by Cristo Disto 02.01.2013 Rave Podcast 032: guest mix by Starfall (Russia)

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