28.12.2012 The Guest Mix @ Trance Renaissance on Impulse Radio 26.12.2012 Rave Podcast January edition: special guest announced 11.12.2012 New track preview: Daniel Lesden – Mars One (Original Mix) 06.12.2012 The Guest Mix @ Electronic Vibes on DI.FM 05.12.2012 Rave Podcast 031: guest mix by Sonic Entity (Serbia) 20.11.2012 Rave Podcast December edition: special guest announced 17.11.2012 Daniel working on a new track 14.11.2012 Rave Podcast radio show — from now on DI.FM 06.11.2012 Rave Podcast 030: guest mix by Relaunch (Germany) 03.11.2012 Recorded live set @ Moscow, Parade Of Planets party 01.11.2012 Rave Podcast November edition: special guest announced 25.10.2012 Progressive Textures is out on Ovnimoon Records 11.10.2012 Testing new setup for a gigs 08.10.2012 Science 2.0 is #35 on PsyShop Top-100 04.10.2012 V.A. PsyTrance Open Air Vol.4 — coming on November 8th 02.10.2012 Rave Podcast 029: guest mix by Sonic Species (UK) 30.09.2012 Magnus feedback on the remix 28.09.2012 Rave Podcast October edition: special guest announced 26.09.2012 New track preview: Magnus – Signal Strength (Daniel Lesden Remix) 20.09.2012 „Contact“ featured by Juno 18.09.2012 Illusion Of Reality EP climbing up in Beatport Top-100 chart 11.09.2012 Illusion Of Reality EP is out on Synergetic Records 08.09.2012 New Rave Podcast cover design 05.09.2012 Rave Podcast 028: guest mix by Lyctum (Serbia) 01.09.2012 New track preview: Daniel Lesden — Illusion Of Reality (Original Mix) 30.08.2012 Forthcoming EP signed on Synergetic Records 28.08.2012 Rave Podcast September edition: special guest announced 27.08.2012 Contact is #7 on PsyShop Top-100 chart 24.08.2012 A T-shirts with the artist logo 23.08.2012 Debut EP released on Ovnimoon Records 17.08.2012 New track preview: Daniel Lesden – Science 2.0 (Original Mix) 08.08.2012 Rave Podcast 027: guest mix by Adam Antine (Russia) 04.08.2012 A new track is almost done 31.07.2012 Rave Podcast August edition: special guest announced 25.07.2012 V.A. Progressive Textures — coming soon on Ovnimoon Records 09.07.2012 Daniel explains his Ableton setup 07.07.2012 Working on a remix of Magnus 06.07.2012 Podcast reviews on iTunes 27.06.2012 Rave Podcast July edition: special guest — Via Axis 20.06.2012 New business cards 13.04.2012 Live Set @ Little Friday party, Moscow 22.03.2012 The Guest Mix @ Vibrosphere on GTI Radio 08.03.2012 Forthcoming release signed on Ovnimoon Records 04.03.2012 The Guest Mix @ Mix Style on Sunlife FM

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