Release notes

Daniel Lesden has solidified his sound in recent years and is a name that is rising rapidly. Having successful releases on labels such as JOOF Recordings, Perfecto Fluoro, Borderline Music and Ovnimoon Records, now Daniel Lesden is happy to present his debut EP for Digital Om Productions. Being fascinated by the Cosmos, Daniel Lesden brings new EP with the two Sci-Fi Progressive and PsyTrance tracks, showcasing the whole new level of quality. „Thru The Stars“ EP tells a two stories, each with their unique storyline and culmination. Let it be your guide throughout the Space and dancefloors around the globe!

  1. Daniel Lesden – Thru The Stars On Autopilot (Original Mix)
  2. Daniel Lesden – Mysteries Of Time (Original Mix)
Thru The Stars Download cover artwork
JPG, 800 kB, 1500×1500

Press mentions

“This EP is undoubtedly an epic space journey for your mind and feet.” Generate Project review of Thru The Stars EP
“Thru The Stars is a great example of Psytrance done right, with great emphasis on the atmosphere, and lots of teasing that goes on throughout.” Vand Sunete review of Thru The Stars EP

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