Release notes

Daniel Lesden, a name synonymous with excellence, returns to JOOF with his Surreal EP. Divided into two parts, this EP is mesmeric, stimulating, and trance-inducing. Contrasting his regular sound Daniel explores his deeper side which has awoken a groovy, tech-inspired monster of a release. Turn up the volume, dim the lights, and be prepared for a Surreal experience.

  1. Daniel Lesden – Surreal (Part 1)
  2. Daniel Lesden – Surreal (Part 2)
Surreal Download cover artwork
JPG, 1.6 MB, 3000×3000

Press mentions

“Surreal in every measure, this is truly an EP that every dance music fan should have in his collection.” Music Talk blog review of Surreal
“It’s deep, it’s dark and I’ll be damned if Surreal isn’t the perfect word to describe the atmosphere of Daniel’s latest opus!” Vand Sunete review of „Surreal“ EP

Artists feedback

Whoa! Awesome, nice to hear a lower BPM psy type prog trance. I love the fact that Daniel is a diverse artist. Great job!

“Love this. 10 out of 10!” Steve Birch
“Beautiful release.” Solarstone
“Like this release so much! It is fantastic.” Airwave
“This sounds really hypnotic!” Jon Cockle
“Love this track, Some brilliant sounds going on in this production. and love the layered sounds.” Dan Ascherl
“Love it! Full Support. Great work Daniel.” Jonathan Allyn
“Quality as always from Daniel Lesden!” Magnus
“Each of these tracks has it's own beauty. Part 1 is more dreamy and relaxed while Part 2 is the choice for the dancefloors!” Chris Oblivion
“Super awesome tracks! Will support :)” Cj Art
“Great stuff!” Jordan Suckley
“Pure class as always.” Indecent Noise

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