Pharmacy Phase 5

Release notes

Pharmacy Music has been unstoppable over the past year. No matter where you go in the underground trance world, there it is – with chart topping releases in the worlds most influential DJs sets, featured in the press, on the airwaves and with label boss Christopher Lawrence taking Pharmacy label nights on tour globally, the movement continues to spread at lightning pace. The word of mouth isn’t just good.. it’s bloody amazing! After years of plugging away and carefully developing a roster of talented artists, Pharmacy is now recognized as one of the world’s premiere underground labels and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. So much so that a new imprint, Pharmacy Plus, was recently launched which explores the hard trance and tech trance sides of underground trance.

  1. Frost Raven – Becoming Different (Original Mix)
  2. Orpheus – Heaven (Original Mix)
  3. Microsis – Anno Machina (Original Mix)
  4. Orpheus & Mirson – First Light (Original Mix)
  5. Ikerya Project – Magic Flute (Original Mix)
  6. Acid Syndrome – Common Man (Original Mix)
  7. Reaky – Through The Cosmos In 7 Minutes (Original Mix)
  8. Stephane Badey – Pandora's Box (Mark L Remix)
  9. Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn – The Human Element (Daniel Lesden Remix)
  10. Orpheus – Sleepy Land (Original Mix)
  11. Jens Jakob – Rogue Planet (Original Mix)
  12. Jens Jakob – Dark Energy (Original Mix)
  13. 2Komplex – Available Information (Original Mix)
  14. Jens Jakob & Diego Morrill – Titan (Original Mix)
  15. Orbiteck – The Wicked Rabbit Movement (Original Mix)
  16. Orbiteck – The Wicked Rabbit Movement (Seven & Haze Remix)
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