Life Simulation

Release notes

The rising star of JOOF Recordings Daniel Lesden has made quite an impact in his short time here, but enough to be having support by many A list DJ’s. Not falling quite into the Full on Psy Trance camp, his sound floats nicely in between both world of Trance and Life simulation is testament to this. We know this is going to be a big success in the underground Trance scene.

  1. Daniel Lesden – Life Simulation (Original Mix)
  2. Daniel Lesden – One Way Journey (Original Mix)
Life Simulation Download cover artwork
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Press mentions

“Daniel demonstrates the diversity he has as an artist in the fullest measure. Testament to the above statement is his new EP which completely redefines him as it happens to be a trip towards him more progressive side.” Generate Project review of Life Simulation EP
“Dense, creamy melodies and intuitive, detailed conversations within its own, intricate instrumentations. We find this new sound to be a deeper side of Airwave‘s current sound with a modern twist of sprightly sewn creativity integrated into the mix, and while there are other artists that are actively exploring this style, we find that Lesden‘s depth and total expansion of thematic characterizations actively trumps what is currently being created.” Your EDM Sunrise Session: One Way Journey
“Seeing as trance is predominantly about the ratio between tension and release, Life Simulation has sufficient crescendos and releases to satisfy even the pickiest of fans.” Vand Sunete review of Life Simulation EP
“Both tracks will be a great addition to an underground trance DJ’s arsenal.” Dj Vernski review of upcoming Life Simulation EP

Artists feedback

Cool, thanks!

Basil O'Glue

Great release from Daniel!

Simon Templar

Love Life Stimulation! Both tracks sound really well produced though.

Wes Straub

Love both tracks. Another super release by Daniel!

Steve Birch

Full support on this one! Love it!

Dan Ascherl

Great stuff here, One Way Journey is my favorite.

Cj Art

Another great one from Daniel!


Great EP.

Alex Di Stefano

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