JOOF Anthology Vol.9

Release notes

A truly outstanding line up of some of the best artists in the World that are currently leading the electronic scene forward. Innovational producers such as Insert name, Airwave and Simon Templar that tear up the rule book and ignore the masses of whats epopular and simply put their heads down to do their own thing musically. This is the talent of the next century that were proud to have as part of the JOOF family, including Daniel Lesden’s original track „165 Earth Years“.

  1. Incolumis – Overshadowing (Original Mix)
  2. Insert Name – Alternate Dimension (Original Mix)
  3. Nicholas Bennison – Shattered Angles (Original Mix)
  4. Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan – Subway (Original Mix)
  5. John 00 Fleming – The Beast From The East (The Darkside Mix)
  6. Airwave – Zen City (Original Mix)
  7. Relaunch – Allure (Original Mix)
  8. Gary Delaney – The Nightmother (You Are My Salvation Remix)
  9. You Are My Salvation – Ode To Ethena (Original Mix)
  10. The Digital Blonde – Six Strings Singing (Original Mix)
  11. Steve Birch – 2709 (Original Mix)
  12. Simon Templar – Phenomenal (Original Mix)
  13. Kalden Bess – 300 Warriors (Original Mix)
  14. Alex Di Stefano – Metamorphosis (Original Mix)
  15. Daniel Lesden – 165 Earth Years (Original Mix)
  16. Mekka – Emergence (Original Mix)
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