Goa Trance Vol.34

Release notes

Since the beginning, the GOA TRANCE Series has been compiled most of time by Yellow Sunshine Explosion Label DJ Tulla and ecpect amazing new material on GOA TRANCE VOL.34. Tulla's approach always has an objective focus on the whole Trance Movement, selecting the best releases from well-known record labels. Volume 34 impresses with 18 stunning tracks on Double CD and is again a perfect journey into the world of our Goa Trance Movement. In more than 140 minutes running time DJ Tulla presents you the whole spectrum of this Genre.

  1. Future Frequency – Shut Your Eyes (Original Mix)
  2. Yestermorrow – Building Realities (Original Mix)
  3. Protonica – Reactor (One Function Remix)
  4. Daniel Lesden – Arrival (Original Mix)
  5. Phanatic – Crystal Clear (Original Mix)
  6. Aioaska & Gipsy Soul - Deepest Level (Original Mix)
  7. Ekahal – State Of Trance (Original Mix)
  8. Zephirus Kane & Ajja - Completely Funked (Original Mix)
  9. Shiva Tree – The Core (Original Mix)
  10. Impact – Utopia (Original Mix)
  11. Liquid Soul - Synthetic Vibes (Sonic Entity Remix)
  12. Serenity Flux – Senses Expended (Original Mix)
  13. Static Movement - Light And Love (Original Mix)
  14. Champa vs. Mechanimal – Imagine (Ellinio & Orisma Remix)
  15. Mindbenderz – Cosmic Dancer (One Function Remix)
  16. Spectro Senses vs. Carina – Quantum Theory (Original Mix)
  17. Drukverdeler & DJ Bim – Into The Vortex (Original Mix)
  18. Altered State – Hypnotic (Original Mix)

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