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The 3rd Goa 2015 Edition is again a carefully selected journey into the world of Progressive tunes and Psychedelic Trance from the leading artists of that genre. Compiled by DJ Bim, Goa 2015 excites over more as 2 hours from "Hands In The Air" Morning Trance featured by into deep progressive and psychedelic Goa Trance material out there. Features artists are Suntree, Static Movement vs. Impact, Kristallklar, Protonica, Perceptors, Odd Sequence, E-Clip, One Function, Drukverdeler & DJ Exanimo, Mr. Suspect, Tristate, Tripy, DigiCult, Champa vs Profound, Daniel Lesden, Groove Addict & GMS, Outside The Universe (Outsiders & Electric Universe). All contributing to this fantastic double pack suitable for the lover of Progressive moods and Psychedelic excess.

  1. Suntree – 528hz (Original Mix)
  2. Static Movement & Impact – Atlantic Spirit (Vertex Remix)
  3. Kristallklar – Illusions (Original Mix)
  4. Protonica – Rise Of The Robots (Original Mix)
  5. Perceptors – Afterdark (Original Mix)
  6. Odd Sequence – The Replicant (Original Mix)
  7. E–Clip – Enchantment (Original Mix)
  8. One Function – Transient (Original Mix)
  9. Drukverdeler & DJ Exanimo – Universal Program (Original Mix)
  10. Mr. Suspect – Embrace The Darkness (Original Mix)
  11. Tristate – Zero 4 (Original Mix)
  12. Tripy – Meditation And Love (Original Mix)
  13. Man With No Name – Evolution (DigiCult Remix)
  14. Champa & Profound – See The Colours (Original Mix)
  15. Daniel Lesden – Another Earth (Original Mix)
  16. Groove Addict & GMS – Time Machine (Original Mix)
  17. Outside The Universe – Other Dimension (Original Mix)
  18. DigiCult – Lost In A Mental Universe (Original Mix)
Goa 2015 Vol.3 Download cover artwork
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