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Daniel Lesden & Cosmthex, two of our grandest artists at JOOF. They come together in style and spirit to form ’Genesis’. Genesis is a track that incorporate dazzling melodies, bewitching soundscapes, and beauteous effects. On remix duties we have Steve Birch and You Are My Salvation, whom without fail, embelish their mixes with their own alluring sounds.

Read also in the blog: «Genesis», a story of creation.

  1. Daniel Lesden & Cosmithex – Genesis (Original Mix)
  2. Daniel Lesden & Cosmithex – Genesis (Steve Birch Remix)
  3. Daniel Lesden & Cosmithex – Genesis (You Are My Salvation)
Genesis Download cover artwork
JPG, 200 kB, 1400×1400

Press mentions

“If anything can be said about the masterminds behind the music it would be that the duo are certainly Trance masters of the Cosmos!” Music Talk blog review of Genesis
“Genesis sees Daniel and Cosmithex join forces for what is for me one of the classiest examples of modern psy-trance.” Vand Sunete review of Genesis

Artists feedback

Great track!

Jordan Suckley

Very good trip, love the heavy leads and atmosphere. Well done!

Moon Tripper



This track was born in Heaven! Great work! Also the remixes were done with great respect to the original, while each remix has it's own character.

Chris Oblivion


Alex Di Stefano

Very nice production from Daniel once again.

Dan Ascherl


Judge Jules

Original Mix is really cool, big thanks!

Mark Sherry

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