Release notes

Our next single comes from Russia's Daniel Lesden. After his enormous collaboration with Cosmithex comes Enuma Elish, a jaw-dropping track with a haunting bassline and leads. Expect pure, unadulterated, and intense psychedelic trance.

  1. Daniel Lesden – Enuma Elish (Original Mix)
Enuma Elish Download cover artwork
JPG, 700 kB, 1400×1400

Press mentions

“I have to admit that I haven't really kept up with the whole Psy Trance movement of late but I better start paying attention as this is a work of art!” Zone Magazine review of Enuma Elish
“This is Psy-Trance at its finest!” Music Talk blog review of Enuma Elish
“The driving psy arrangement, with its decidedly heavy base and quite subtle vocal accents, manages to give this production a slight aura of mystery, serving as even more of a catalyst for pushing that replay button.” Vand Sunete review of Enuma Elish

Artists feedback

Top quality as expected from Daniel! Excellent work!


Awesome, really love this!


This sounds amazing!

Jon Cockle
“Superb track from Daniel! Love it!” Cj Art
“Nice one!” Moon Tripper
“Another top quality production with inspired sounds.” Chris Oblivion
“Nice!” Aly & Fila
“Great stuff!” Jordan Suckley
“Amazing once again from Daniel! ” Airwave

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