Chronicles Of The Universe

Release notes

Daniel Lesden is thrilled to announce the most important release in his musical career which he working on for the last half year — full-length studio album titled „Chronicles Of The Universe“. This album is a story of our Solar System, a complete journey that guides you to infinity universe! It includes 8 absolutely brand new tracks, 70 minutes of playtime. The album is released on JOOF Recordings on February 10th, 2014.

  1. Daniel Lesden – Mercurian Night (Original Mix)
  2. Daniel Lesden – Ishtar Terra (Original Mix)
  3. Daniel Lesden – The Gaia (Original Mix)
  4. Daniel Lesden – Cydonia (Original Mix)
  5. Daniel Lesden – Vortex (Original Mix)
  6. Daniel Lesden – Shadow Of Collisions (Original Mix)
  7. Daniel Lesden – Deep Haze (Original Mix)
  8. Daniel Lesden – 165 Earth Years (Original Mix)
Chronicles Of The Universe Download cover artwork
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Press mentions

“Chronicles Of The Universe is a life-affirming Progressive PsyTrance album. Highly recommended.” TFI review of „Chronicles Of The Universe“
“Chronicles Of The Universe is a really great psy-trance album, built entirely for psy-trance fans. If psy is what you’re into, you will absolutely love this.” Electronic Night Life review of „Chronicles Of The Universe“
“Daniel Lesden’s album is another example of how alive and vital is the Psy-Trance scene today. His album includes 8 ultra massive productions with solid kick drums, razor sharp basslines, strong melodies, cinematic strings and sound effects and ethnic voices too. All tracks are sealed together with strong concept and they promise to offer you a sonic experience that will be scanned and saved in your memory for long.” Flux BPM Online review of „Chronicles Of The Universe“
“I get my biggest inspirations, which really made me want to start working on my album during my evening running near the sea where I live. Every time I saw a sunset it made me wonder how the Sun could be so far (150 millions km away!) but still look beautiful and warm, so I guess the Planets, which we can’t see through the naked eye must look amazing too.” Interview for TranceFamily: album behind the scenes
“A brilliant debut album that definitively showcases one of the best technical talents in Trance today. It’s wonderfully detailed with countless hidden nuances and its intricate, thorny orchestration bring out some of the best work that I’ve seen from Daniel.” Your EDM in-depth review of „Chronicles Of The Universe“

Artists feedback

The three last tracks are truly superb.


Good stuff!

Lisa Lashes

Excellent release! So many good track here.

Wes Straub


Jonathan Allyn

Loving the album!

Suzy Solar

Been waiting for this. Best album so far this year!

Dan Ascherl

What an amazing release! Huge tracks here! Will support many of them for sure!

Cj Art

Love it!

Christopher Lawrence

Excellent and top quality work here Daniel! Nice work man, really awesome to hear how far you've come in your productions!


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