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Why Israeli pick such stage names?

I love Israeli trance scene since early Goa Trance in the 90s. This small country contributed to the Psy scene probably more than any other. But I can’t understand only one thing: why do they choose such stage names?

I’m talking about popular characters or common things like: Coming Soon, Captain Hook, Rocky, DaVinci Code, Ace Ventura, Born Sleepy, Easy Riders, Roger Rabbit, Fire Starter, Freedom Fighters, Ghost Rider, Royal Flush... and there are more I guess.

Lineup of the biggest events

Why? What the point of naming yourself by the name of worldwide-known characters? You can’t even it find such artist in Google because all search results you get are those characters or cartoons. Can someone explain me, please?

2015   Psy scene   Question   WTF


Soundcloud has blocked my own track, again:

2014   SoundCloud   WTF

The most idiotic content protection system

Today I tried to upload my guest mix recently aired on Tenzi FM to Soundcloud, and that is what I’ve got:

Of course, I contacted to the label manager. Of course, I sent the dispute form. But with no any additional email notifications, they just closed my case:

So, I’m a DJ, with a legal copy of the track, with a written permission directly from the label manager, still got my set blocked because ‘Our automatic content protection system has detected that your sound may contain the copyright content’. Stupid robots!

I love Soundcloud as a sound sharing platform with a beautiful design, but seriously, guys, your content protection system just sucks!

2013   SoundCloud   WTF