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Live In Moscow

You’ve probably seen pictures and listened to my recorded live sets from my gig in Moscow by now, and here comes the video as promised. Special thanks to A.B. for filming this.

2018   Astrix In Moscow   Gigs   Russia   Video
2017   Russia   Talks   Video
2017   Gigs   Greece   Video

Shankra Festival: aftermovie

As being promised, here’s a little aftermovie I’ve put together from my gig at Shankra Festival 2017 earlier this month:

Shout-out to Jovan and Juan for helping me filming. Quite surprised how good a phone camera can be for a video shooting, slow-mo especially. Next time I’ll try to get more footage to make a longer video.

What a camera can’t do, however, is to show the real atmosphere and the vibe of this place, this music, and these people, because it was truly amazing.

2017   Gigs   Switzerland   Video

The new album is complete!

Half year ago I announced my second album production. And today, I’m totally delighted to say that the album is complete!

It’s a full-length album with eight previously unreleased brand new tracks and one remix. The album will be released on my home label, Digital Om Productions, in early 2017 — in few months from now. And just in few weeks I’ll start sharing the album’s title, cover artworks, and course audio previews.

Being an introvert person I hate doing public appearances, but for this occasion I’ve recorded a video announcement with short teaser:

2016   2000 Years Ahead   Teaser   Video
2016   2000 Years Ahead   Studio   Teaser   Video

Second album: production announcement

Guys, I have a video message for you with some important announcement about my productions. And a sneak peek of something that I currently working on as a bonus. Are you excited same as I am? Let me know what do you think about it!

2016   2000 Years Ahead   Teaser   Video

Surreal teaser

As you know I’m not sitting in the borders of a single genre and always trying new things to get “out of comfort zone” to express myself musically. Here is something that I was working on. In fact, it is the most experimental thing I have ever done: one track made in two parts, one slower, deeper and trancy, while another one is darky and more aggressive. Here comes a studio teaser of the Part 2. To be released soon on JOOF Recordings.

2016   Studio   Surreal   Teaser   Video

A new single’s teaser

Hey folks, I’d like to bring you an update from the studio to let you know what comes next.

I listen to a lot of music, Progressive and Psytrance in particular, and I’ve noticed that the majority of tracks miss something what I call a “magic moment”, those melodies and tension that awake emotions. I wanted to make a track with these euphoric feelings, while keep dark and mysterious atmosphere. Yes it may sounds kinda oldschool, but I always put musical content at the first place.

So here is a little teaser for you, out soon on JOOF Recordings.

2015   Enuma Elish   Studio   Teaser   Video

Prometheus Viral

For some reason I missed the viral campaigns that went prior to the Prometheus launch. These videos are great example of proper marketing teasing. The content is good too, Michael Fassbender and Guy Pearce play outstanding.

Michael Fassbender, a perfect android

“I have a Masters in Communications from Shippensburg University and I am convinced this is the finest example of public speaking I have ever seen. Yes, it is scripted and edited and Guy Pearce probably had to do several takes, but if you want to be a master of public speaking, STUDY THIS TAPE (caps deliberate). Each nuance in the tone of the voice, the connection with the audience, every pregnant pause is nothing but absolute perfection.”

I’m not a master of communication, but totally agree.

2015   Marketing   Video
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