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Len Faki @ Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum for Cercle

A fresh video from Cercle — Len Faki at the naval history museum in New York. Quite a neat venue for a Techno rave, I mean, why not?

Unlike of Monika Kruse’s set, this one is pretty rough sometimes:

Favourite moments: 4:35, 10:09 (watch closely how he brings ride cymbals from another channel; Len works very technically in general, I love it), 14:21, 17:41, 30:50 (trancey tune, bubbling acid, and cymbals – that is Steve Parker’s awesome track), 36:20 (hard), 43:15 (love it), 1:21:05.

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Monika Kruse @ Montparnasse Tower Observation Deck for Cercle

I continue to share my favourite videos (see the previous note about it).

This time it’s a techno set on the Montparnasse tower from the owner of Terminal M – Monica Cruz. I don’t even remember when I would have been so enjoying a techno set; This is exactly the kind of techno that I really like right now.

Take a look and listen:

Favourite moments: 7:32, 13:50 (a terrific track and later on the eighteenth minute), 42:08 (Victor Ruiz, and then another stellar track from him along with Thomas Schumacher). Then everything is fine too, so I don’t even write timing.

I’ll leave the audio version here too, I will listen in on my runs:

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The Science Of Sound

Wow, Boiler Room and Genalec made stunning and hilarious videos on reverb, delay, and distortion, full of the rave spirit of the nineteenth. Think of ‘Human Traffic’ etc.

I wasn’t sure which one to share at first, but damn it, they all are just so good!




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Artbat @ Bondinho Pão de Açúcar for Cercle

I like listening to DJ sets, and sometimes I like to watch live videos as well. I usually keep them in the background when doing things, dancing to the beat.

And when it comes to videos, no one can compete with Cercle. I’m sure you heard about them, but if you don’t — definitely scroll through their YouTube channel. These guys organise performances is breathtaking places of France (and more recently, outside of it too) and stream live videos with insane production quality.

Anyway, I’m going to put some of my such videos here, and maybe some of you gonna like it too.

Today’s — Artbat’s set on a mountain in Rio de Janeiro:

Favourite moments: 7:48, 16:40, 21:55, 33:54, 58:10, 1:03:30.

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Video from OTC

There were some video fragments from my Open To Close uploaded over Instagram, and I’ve combined them into a single YouTube clip. The video, of course, doesn’t show the awesome vibe that was on the party, but still take a look:

Many thanks to @ilayonair и @dashnrave!

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Water Chapter Video

A tiny after-video of my recent gig at Trance Chapters in Pravda Club. Thank you once for all of your support.

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Video from Izvestia Hall

You’ve probably seen pictures and listened to my recorded live sets from my gig in Moscow by now, and here comes the video as promised. Special thanks to A.B. for filming this.

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A new single is coming on Iono Music

I keep my promise to make more music for you, and today I’m delighted to announce that my new single is signed on Iono Music, a label that needs no introduction among Psytrance fans.

This track is quite unusual, in terms of both ideas and production-wise. Here’s a short studio teaser with no spoiler, a longer preview will follow in the coming weeks. Watch this space!

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