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Live @ Trance Chapter

Last Saturday I played at Trance Chapter party with a quite unique lineup: ten Russian artists, each with his own vision of Trance music. The audience was quite mixed, so as was my set — with mashups on Trance classics and more surprises.

See also some pics from there.

Listen to my set on SoundCloud:


00:00 Faders – Flying Objects (Original Mix) + Protoculture – Out Of Reality (Shadow Chronicles Remix) [Daniel Lesden Mashup]
06:21 AudioFire, Relativ — Balearic Dawn [Daniel Lesden Edit]
10:42 Daniel Lesden, Mechanimal — Confront Reality [Original Mix]
15:39 Protonica — Northern Storm (Faders Remix) + Lost Tribe — Gamemaster (Original Mix) + X-Cabs – Neuro 99 (Original Mix) + Lyctum — Bright Lights (Original Mix) + Mac & Monday — Yoruba (Original Mix) + The Age Of Love — The Age Of Love (RAM 2017 Rework) [Daniel Lesden Mashup]
20:36 Pixel — Weekend (3 Of Life Remix) + Push — Strange World (2000 Remake) [Daniel Lesden Mashup]
23:46 AudioFire — Charaka (Yeke Yeke Edit) + Protonica — Floating Point (Original Mix) + Nick Callaghan, Will Atkinson + Blizzard (Liquid Soul Remix) [Daniel Lesden Mashup]
27:57 Audiotec, Symbolic — Definition Of Happiness [Daniel Lesden Edit]
32:08 Cosmic Tone, Freak Control, Static Movement — Inevitable [Daniel Lesden Edit]
35:47 Relativ, V-Society — Enigma (Original Mix) + Lostly — Take This Acid (Original Mix) [Daniel Lesden Mashup]
40:38 Sonic Species, Vertical Mode — Man Becomes God [Daniel Lesden Edit]
44:48 Sideform — The Ritual [Daniel Lesden Edit]
50:13 Sundose — Mind Delights [Original Mix]
53:56 CPU, Mad Maxx — Shiva On Acid (V-Society Remix) + SpaceNoiZe, Vertical Mode + Psychological Biological (Original Mix) [Daniel Lesden Mashup]
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Track of the week: Salvation Slumberland

Whirloop is one of those artists whose music doesn’t fit any particular subgenre’s standard, it’s a musical journey that flows in a beautiful and unpredictable way. Such a shame Whirloop no longer in business, I would keen to hear more from him.

Artist Whirloop
Title Salvation Slumberland (Original Mix)
Release Watch The Skies And Keep Looking
Label JOOF Recordings
Year 2008
BPM 140
Key Fm
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Surreal is out now

A new single in two parts · JOOF Recordings

Daniel Lesden, a name synonymous with excellence, returns to JOOF with his Surreal EP. Divided into two parts, this EP is mesmeric, stimulating, and trance-inducing. Contrasting his regular sound Daniel explores his deeper side which has awoken a groovy, tech-inspired monster of a release. Turn up the volume, dim the lights, and be prepared for a Surreal experience.

It’s deep, dark, and I’ll be damned if Surreal isn’t the perfect word to describe the atmosphere of Daniel’s latest opus!

... or buy on iTunes

Written and produced by Daniel Sokolovskiy
Mastering by Milos Modrinic @ Sideform studio
Artwork by JOOF Recordings

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Enuma Elish is out now

A new single · JOOF Mantra

Our next single comes from Russia’s Daniel Lesden. After his enormous collaboration with Cosmithex comes Enuma Elish, a jaw-dropping track with a haunting bassline and leads. Expect pure, unadulterated, and intense psychedelic trance.

The driving arrangement, with its decidedly heavy base and quite subtle vocal accents, manages to give this production an aura of mystery, serving as even more of a catalyst for pushing that replay button.

... or buy on iTunes

Written and produced by Daniel Sokolovskiy
Mastering by Milos Modrinic @ Sideform studio
Artwork by JOOF Recordings

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As The Horizon Comes Closer is out now

A remix on You Are My Salvation · Research & Development

The original piece of music is a hypnotic piece of progressive trance, as deep as it is vibrant with colour. Daniel Lesden sharpens the knife and lends his trademark psychedelic angle to the theme, whilst Will Rees & label boss Alan Ruddick converge to create an evolving and tumultuous example of driving melodic techno.

A beautiful example of creatively constructed psy that stays true to the original material, while giving off its own unique vibe.

... or buy on iTunes

Written and produced by John Eriksson
Remixed by Daniel Sokolovskiy
Mastering by John Dopping
Artwork by Research & Development

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Rave Podcast 065

Special guest of the month: 3 Access & You

Rave Podcast October edition is up online on the main website, iTunes, Soundcloud. This month episode featuring tracks from Gaudium & Bakke, Protonica, AudioFire, Sam Jones, Eddie Bitar, Darma, Nertum, and more. Enjoy!


0:00:00 Bahar Canca & Özlem Tekin – Time Prog (Remix)
0:03:47 Gaudium & Bakke – Therapy Comedown (Original Mix)
0:07:20 You Are My Salvation – As The Horizon Comes Closer (Daniel Lesden Remix)
0:13:14 Activa & Orkidea – Z21 (Original Mix)
0:17:07 AudioFire – Girls & Boys (Original Mix)
0:20:53 Rewind – Criminal Mind (Original Mix)
0:26:20 Captain Hook & Astrix – Bungee Jump (Protonica Remix)
0:30:48 Coming Soon – Some Kind of Acid (Original Mix)
0:35:56 Sam Jones – Charlie Charlie (Original Mix)
0:38:06 Eddie Bitar & Javier Bussola – Absorb (Original Mix)
0:41:22 Daniel Lesden – Thru The Stars On Autopilot (Original Mix)
0:47:11 Darma & Anatomic – Indica (Original Mix)
0:51:02 Nertum – Portal (Original Mix)

3 Access & You guest mix

0:57:21 3 Access & You – Back To Love (Original Mix)
1:02:48 3 Access & You – Flow (Original Mix)
1:08:55 3 Access & You – Just Look at Me (Original Mix)
1:15:01 Miro – By Your Side (3 Access & You Remix)
1:21:34 3 Access & You – We Can Trance You (Original Mix)
1:26:10 3 Access & You – Violeta (Original Mix)
1:33:51 3 Access & You – The Energy (Original Mix)
1:40:20 3 Access & You – Natural Balance (Original Mix)
1:46:54 3 Access & You – We Are One (Original Mix)
1:53:15 3 Access & You – Insolent (Original Mix)

Life Simulation is out now

A new EP · JOOF Recordings

The rising star of JOOF Recordings Daniel Lesden has made quite an impact in his short time here, but enough to be having support by many A list DJ’s. Not falling quite into the Full on Psy Trance camp, his sound floats nicely in between both world of Trance and Life simulation is a testament to this. We know this is going to be a big success in the underground Trance scene.

Daniel demonstrates the diversity he has as an artist in the fullest measure. A testament to the above statement is his new EP which completely redefines him as it happens to be a trip towards him more progressive side.

... or buy on iTunes

Written and producers by Daniel Sokolovskiy
Mastering by Milos Modrinic @ Sideform studio
Artwork by JOOF Recordings

Mirai is out now

A new EP · JOOF Recordings

This EP is unique in many ways. “Mirai” is a morning Trance with an amazing live flute from Spinney Lainey, and “Out Of This World” — one of my the favourites fracks from myself — is a 130-BPM Deep Trance, something that I haven’t done before. I hope you’ll enjoy my little experiment.

... or buy on iTunes

Written and produced by Daniel Sokolovskiy, (2) featuring Spinney Lainey
Mastering by Milos Modrinic @ Sideform studio
Artwork by JOOF Recordings

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Healing is out now

A remix on John 00 Fleming · JOOF Recordings

I’m very proud to present you my remix for John 00 Fleming’s new single, Healing.

A bit earlier than expected, it’s already available on Beatport. The pack also includes amazing remixes from You Are My Salvation, Insert Name, and Simon Templar, very recommend checking them all.

... or buy on iTunes

Written and produced by John Fleming
Remixed by Daniel Sokolovskiy
Mastering by Drasko Radovanovic @ Sideform studio
Artwork by JOOF Recordings

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Signal Strength remix is out now

A remix on Magnus · Free download

Magnus and I are proud to present a special gift for the first day of the Spring: my Progressive remix on his amazing track “Signal Strength” available for free download! I tried to bring new melodies and arrangement while keeping the atmosphere and the vibe of the original track.

Really an awesome job on this! The basslines flow so well and roll very nicely. I love the new synths added while still keeping a lot of the original content.

Written and produced by Michael Lee
Remixed by Daniel Sokolovskiy
Mastering by Drasko Radovanovic @ Sideform studio
Artwork design by JOOF Recordings

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