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Track of the week

Random picks from my all-time favourite tracks, coming out on Saturdays.

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2017   Full-on   Psytrance   Track of the week

Track of the week: Glitches Of Perception

Imaginarium and Earthspace made a stunning collaboration, all those lasers and glitchy sounds is just a pure Psychedelic eargasm. Like the drops at 3:21 and 5:09.

And wow, what a nice cover artwork here as per from Digital Om Productions. If you curious why artwork is that important, watch my vlog episode 002.

Artist Imaginarium & Earthspace
Title Glitches Of Perception (Original Mix)
Label Digital Om Productions
Year 2017
BPM 145
Key F#m
2017   Psychedelic   Track of the week

Track of the week: Salvia Divinorum

E-Clip is no doubt one of my favourite artist and a big inspiration to me, his production always innovative. We’ll certainly see more of him later in this blog, but now I’ll post one of his first releases that became iconic.

Love this game of build-ups and drops here, that moment at 4:51 and another one 8 bars later especially.

Artist E-Clip
Title Salva Divinorum (Original Mix)
Release Press Hold
Label Iono Music
Year 2011
BPM 138
Key Fm
2017   Progressive Psy   Psytrance   Track of the week

Track of the week: Sharks & Laser Beams (Manmachine Remix)

You probably know by now that I’m a big fan of Manmachine. This track has been a secret weapon in my DJ sets for quite some time and I don’t think I’ll remove it from my crate anytime soon. Such a banger, loving it.

Artist Manmachine
Title Sharks & Laser Beams (Manmachine Remix)
Release Sharks & Laser Beams Remixes
Label Digital Om Productions
Year 2015
BPM 140
Key Fm
2017   Psytrance   Track of the week

Track of the week: Tempest (Union Jack Remix)

To me, there is no any other Trance producer and label that influenced me that much in the 90’s as Simon Berry and his Platipus Records. Both of his projects, Union Jack and Art Of Trance, are the definition of a proper oldschool Trance music to me.

I’ll certainly post more from Platipus later in this series, but for now let’s take a listen to this fact-paced Acid Trance classic.

Artist Salamander
Title Tempest (Union Jack Remix)
Label Platipus Records
Year 1995
BPM 146
Key Cm
2017   Acid Trance   Track of the week

Track of the week: Diablo

What a nice track here, love the slow build-up and that roaring sub-bass at 3:37. And those vox bits in the breakdown really adds some spicy. This is exactly the type of music I like to have on my running playlist.

It’s funny how Junodownload tagged it as “Minimal/Tech House” whilst to me it’s a proper Progressive House, perhaps even on the edge of Trance.

Artist Paul Thomas & Dylhen
Title Diablo
Label UltraViolet Music
Year 2017
BPM 122
Key Em
2017   Progressive House   Track of the week

Track of the week: Lucid Logic

You probably haven’t heard the names of Fonarev nor Second Sine before, but in Russia, they are well-known producers and DJs. Fonarev has pioneered the Russian Trance scene since the 90’s and considered one of the most influenced DJ, while Second Sine is an upcoming producer with a fantastic production that already proved his skills with releases on credible labels.

This collaboration floats in between Progressive Psy and the regular Trance worlds, and this why I like it so much.

Artist Fonarev & Second Sine
Title Lucid Logic (Original Mix)
Label JOOF Mantra
Year 2016
BPM 136
Key Gm
2017   Progressive Psy   Track of the week   Trance

Track of the week: 3D

Artist Xerox & Illumination
Title 3D (Original Mix)
Release Temporary Insanity
Label HomMega Productions
Year 2004
BPM 145
Key Fm
2017   Psytrance   Track of the week

Track of the week: Broken Promise

Sometimes I enjoy listening to music that doesn’t has gated leads, acid riffs, twisted squelches, and cinematic effects. Just some cheesy and straightforward tunes in an old-fashioned way. For the occasions like this, Shanti is perfect for me.

His music doesn’t fit to any particular genre, you can hear something from Balearic House, Euro-Trance, and Full-on. Maybe “Ibiza Full-on”? I’m still not sure, but I’ll put the Full-on tag down below.

Artist Shanti
Title Broken Promise (Original Mix)
Release FutuRetro
Label United Beats Records
Year 2015
BPM 138
Key G
2017   Full-on   Track of the week

Track of the week: The Force

I love Sonic Species since his massive debut album in 2012 and he never disappoints since then. The new track he delivered recently is another blast, a crossover between Psytrance and Fullon with great melodic elements, just the way I like it.

Artist Sonic Species
Title The Force (Original Mix)
Release Psy-Fi Book Of Changes (Compiled By Astrix)
Label Future Music Records
Year 2017
BPM 142
Key A#m
2017   Full-on   Psytrance   Track of the week
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