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The Guest Mix @ JOOF Month by TFI

Here is the guest mix I did for JOOF Month, a radio event hosted by Trance for Infinity. Taking this opportunity I’ve decided to make entire mix of another kind of music I also have passion to — a deeper Progressive, not Psy-Progressive which I usually play. It includes tracks from Relaunch, F-act, 3 Access & You, Basil O’Glue, and more.


00:00 Steve Birch – Drift (Original Mix)
03:31 Monojoke – Begone (Original Mix)
06:31 Relaunch – A State of Full Consciousness (Original Mix)
10:48 SpaceBeat – Spiritus Spatium (Original Mix)
14:48 Spektre – Sense In Madness (Original Club Mix)
18:19 John Cosani – Second Life (Original Mix)
23:54 Ivan Nikusev – Legendary (F-Act Remix)
28:51 Subliminal Codes & Levellers – Night Sun (Original Mix)
32:47 Daniel Lesden – Deep Haze (Original Mix)
36:28 3 Access & You – Flow (Original Mix)
38:52 Daniel Lesden – 165 Earth Years (Original Mix)
43:18 Visua – Sonic Vision (Original Mix)
45:45 Alex Di Stefano – Yes Or Not (Original Mix)
50:10 Basil O’Glue – Sigil (Original Mix)
53:36 Daniel Lesden – Out Of This World (Original Mix)
2014   Guest mixes   Progressive Trance   Techno

The Guest Mix @ Trance Sound Festival

Here’s my latest guest mix recorded for Trance Sound Festival at ETN.FM. Unlike of most of my other sets, this mix is a kind of experimental one as I mixed here so House, Trance, and even a pinch of Techno.


00:00 Kay-D – Natural Touches (Relaunch Remix)
04:54 Ticon – Jinxed (Andrea Bertolini Remix)
06:30 Gaudium – Undercover (Original Mix)
09:47 Space Hypnose – Live My Dreams (Original Mix)
13:42 Kingpink – Dirty Val (Original Mix)
18:23 Spektre – Sense In Madness (Original Club Mix)
23:28 Paul Trainer – Quasar (Aaron Camz Remix)
26:08 Next aka Midimal – Celtic Boogie (Original Mix)
32:08 Rocky – Broken Water (Original Mix)
33:05 Aiodaya – Brothers of Revolution (Original Mix)
37:21 John 00 Fleming – Baphomets Horn (Mindwave Remix)
41:07 Solar Spectrum – Moving Onward (Original Mix)
45:48 Lish & SpaceCat – Gog & Magog (Original Mix)
51:28 Flowjob & O.T.B – Copenhagen Knights (Original Mix)
55:20 Vini Vici – Trust in Trance (Original Mix)

Rave Podcast 043

Special guest of the month: Reaky

The latest episode of Rave Podcast is now available on the main website, iTunes and Soundcloud. This month show features top-notch Progressive Psy bangers from Argonnight, Ascent, Zentura, Egorythmia, Sideform, Roger Rabbit and more. While at second there is absolutely crazy Psy/Techno/Trance guest mix from Reaky, a unique music producer and very talented DJ.


0:00:00 Argonnight – Random Force (Original Mix)
0:05:40 Akoustik – No Limits (Original Mix)
0:08:59 Ascent – Insomnia (Original Mix)
0:12:55 Liquid Soul & Captain Hook – Liquid Hook (Zentura Remix)
0:18:45 Ticon – Waiting for the Knights (Lish Remix)
0:22:33 Shanko – Light (Original Mix)
0:27:04 Hi Profile – Strange Personality (Sideform Remix)
0:31:16 Octagon & Lostoyz – Virtual Zoo (Original Mix)
0:36:51 Solar Spectrum & Egorythmia – Hallucinations (Original Mix)
0:39:38 Deedrah – Reload (Easy Riders Remix)
0:44:31 Darma & Egorythmia – Patterns Of The Universe (Original Mix)
0:49:50 Daniel Lesden – Space Form (Original Mix)
0:53:59 Roger Rabbit – Brainstorming (Original Mix)

Artist guest mix
To be added soon.

2013   Progressive Psy   Psytrance   Rave Podcast   Techno

Rave Podcast 032

Special guest of the month: Starfall

Here is the first Rave Podcast episode in 2013, aired yesterday on DI.FM. Lots of new tracks there, featuring Sideform, Zyce, Relativ, Major7, Gaudium, Symbolic and more. And a nice underground Progressive guest mix from Starfall.


0:00:00 Zyce & Sideform – Extacy Effect (Original Mix)
0:06:46 Aioaska – Final Arrival (Suduaya Remix)
0:13:00 Flegma & Zyce – Reanimation (Relativ Remix)
0:21:13 Darkboy – Darker Shades Of Black (Liquid Soul Remix)
0:26:16 Waveform – Reality (Original Mix)
0:31:28 Avshi – Humen Touch (Original Mix)
0:35:15 Major7 – Excision (Major7 & Egorythmia Remix)
0:38:47 Gaudium – Open Your Mind (Original Mix)
0:43:40 Roger Rabbit – Bed Politics (Original Mix)
0:46:30 Audiomatic – Windows of Our Souls (Symbolic Remix)
0:51:11 Sub6 – D.T.N.F (Vertical Mode Remix)

Starfall guest mix
To be added soon.

Rave Podcast 011

Progressive and Psytrance episode

Please keep in mind this episode no longer showcase author’s taste as an artist, nor his DJ skills. It’s uploaded here just for the archiving purpose. Make sure to check out some of the recent Rave Podcast episodes.


00:00 Mauro Picotto – Baguette (Original Mix)
04:45 Ectima – Ground Tracer (Original Mix)
09:18 Motion Drive – Complete Access (Original Mix)
15:48 Protonica – Floating Point (Original Mix)
22:31 E-Clip – Existence (Original Mix)
27:37 Ovnimoon – Turn Off The Light (2010 Mix)
33:44 Steve Birch – See Through (Original Mix)
39:17 Whirloop – Feel The Effect (Lazy Mix)
48:55 Ephedrix – Circle Of Life (Original Mix)
2011   Progressive Psy   Psytrance   Rave Podcast   Techno