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New single — done

Last month I’ve locked myself in the studio to win some time and finally finished a new track after a long break, as promised. Just get it signed on Digital Om Productions.

I still feel quite nervous when sending a new track for approval despite the fact I have dozens of releases behind, so I’m glad this one was accepted nicely. I’ll keep you posted on the updates.

For now, here’s a tiny work-in-progress clip I recorded earlier:

The new album is complete!

Half year ago I announced my second album production. And today, I’m totally delighted to say that the album is complete!

It’s a full-length album with eight previously unreleased brand new tracks and one remix. The album will be released on my home label, Digital Om Productions, in early 2017 — in few months from now. And just in few weeks I’ll start sharing the album’s title, cover artworks, and course audio previews.

Being an introvert person I hate doing public appearances, but for this occasion I’ve recorded a video announcement with short teaser:

2016   2000 Years Ahead   Teaser
2015   Genesis   Studio   Teaser   Video

Collaborating with Mekka

A brand new single, collaboration of Mekka and myself, is signed on Borderline Music. Stay tuned for more info and the preview.

2014   Aurora   Teaser

Remixing Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn

I’m excited to announce that I have done a remix for Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn’s brand new collaboration that will be out on Pharmacy Music pretty soon. I’ve got fantastic feedback from them, so I hope you guys will enjoy it too.

Stay tuned for preview and more information.

2014   Teaser   The Human Element

Collaborating with Spinney Lainey

While my album get supported by DJs such as John 00 Fleming, Airwave, Seven Ways, Dan Ascherl, and more, I’m pleased to announce that I working on a new EP. Two tracks, both not finished yet, but sounds nice so far.

Besides that, another good news is that one of these tracks is a collaboration with a talented flautist Spinney Lainey! Check her SoundCloud page, her flute is gorgeous! Looking forward to share it with you guys, stay tuned.

2014   Mirai   Teaser

Remixing John 00 Fleming

Dreams come true! Whilst my album climbed up in the charts, I’m delighted to announce that I’ve got an opportunity to remix a new single from the legend himself, Mr John 00 Fleming. Watch this space.

2014   Healing   Teaser

Remixing Whirloop

Since my album production is finished and waiting for release, I have a bit of free time to take something new. I’m excited to announce that I started working on a remix for my one of the most favorite track: Feel The Effect by Whirloop, released on JOOF Recordings in 2010. I think mr. Whirloop is one of the most underrated music producer, his talent is truly genial. I love his every single track, but I think “Feel The Effect” could sounds great with fresh Psy-Proggy touch, what do you think guys?

If you haven’t heard the original mix, make sure to do it. Keep on eye guys and stay tuned for the forthcoming preview.

2013   Feel The Effect   Teaser

The 7th track is finished

I love weekends because I can keep calm and work in my studio. Each step makes me closer to the final goal. And now I just finished the 7th track from my forthcoming album. Hurray!

This track is deepest and slowest I ever did before. 130 BPM, pure Progressive Trance. Can’t wait to share it with you guys!

2013   Chronicles of the Universe   Studio   Teaser

Album update: the forth track is complete

Each weekend I lock myself in studio, and today is yet another studio session. And it’s definitely worth it — the 4th track from my forthcoming album is done. This track have some nice techno-groove, percussions, pumping hi-hats and really driving bassline.

The most hard thing is that I can’t share SoundCloud preview yet. Although, I captured a tiny video teaser for you:

Stay tuned for more news on the album.

2013   Chronicles of the Universe   Studio   Teaser
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