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Audience location

Do you remember Apple Music for artists that I’ve written about a few days ago? Turns out, there is something useful, and I’d like to share my observations.

Just out of curiosity I looked at the top countries where the most plays come from, and then I looked at the same stats on SoundCloud. Here are the numbers:

Top countries where people listen to my music from. A coincidence? I don’t think so

Just look at how similar the data is between two different services. Top three rows are exactly identical, even the ratio is very close. How cool is that! I mean, it’s one thing when you see top countries at some particular platform, but when countries match across few sources it’s a whole another thing.

So, I’ve got a pretty accurate geographical picture. The numbers are basically telling me: “your audience is concentrated here”. The fact that I already played in four of these countries indirectly confirms this.

From now I think to use this data to target my promo campaigns more accurately. Clearly, I had to check that before any media planning, but I haven’t done it before (and thus potentially miss some of the key markets) is a mystery to me.

Fellow producers, where are your listeners from? Would be curious to compare the stats taking a music genre into account.

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The most idiotic content protection system

Today I tried to upload my guest mix recently aired on Tenzi FM to Soundcloud, and that is what I’ve got:

Of course, I contacted the label manager. Of course, I sent the dispute form. But with no additional email notifications, they just closed my case:

So, I’m a DJ, with a legal copy of the track, with written permission directly from the label manager, still got my set blocked because ‘Our automatic content protection system has detected that your sound may contain the copyright content’. Stupid robots!

I love Soundcloud as a sound sharing platform with a beautiful design, but seriously, guys, your content protection system just sucks!

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SoundCloud pricing update

Alert: SoundCloud revising their pricing policy and now premium account will cost €9/month instead of €59/month. I feel it’s not quite fair to the old users like myself, but either way I’m happy with these changes.

DJs and producers! From now, you have no excuses why you keep uploading your music to Mixcloud, PromoDJ and other mediocre services. Start your premium SoundCloud account today!

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