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2013   Gigs   Photo   Russia

Live @ PDJ TV

And here’s also the same set available on SoundCloud:


00:00 John 00 Fleming – WKO (Cosmithex Remix)
04:41 Zyce – Apollo 13 (Original Mix)
08:27 Born Sleepy – Wanted (Original Mix)
10:19 Vertical Mode – Deep Vibrations (Astrix Remix)
13:01 E-Clip – Moonsight (Original Mix)
16:18 Roger Rabbit – Bed Politics (Original)
19:37 Lupin – Melodrama (Sonic Entity Remix)
22:53 ID – ID
26:38 Flegma & Nerso – Sensei (Original Mix)
30:22 Daniel Lesden – Mars One (Original Mix)
34:41 Senseye – Psychotic Hallucination (Original Mix)
38:18 Hedflux & Grouch – Lumination (Original Mix)
40:38 Ace Ventura – Presence (Daniel Lesden Remix)
46:13 Symbolic – Crystal Clear (Side Effects Remix)
49:00 Pop Art & Omiki – Lets get Started (Original Mix)
51:20 Daniel Lesden – Space Form (Original Mix)
54:35 ID – ID
2013   Gigs   Live sets   Mashups   Progressive Psy   Psybreaks   Russia
2013   Gigs   Russia   Video

Upcoming gig: PDJ TV livestream

🇷🇺 Russia, Moscow, October 26, 2013

On October 26, I will perform in Moscow on Promodj TV with a livestream video recording. Even if you are in a different part of the globe, you could enjoy and watch my set live online. Gonna prepare a special mashup set for this one!

2013   Gigs   Russia   Tour dates

Live @ Parade Of Planets

This set is quite unique: I played over 30 tracks in 1.5 hours in crazy mashups with 2-3 tracks playing simultaneously. Frankly, I don’t know anyone doing anything similar in the Psy scene.


0:00:00 Cymbalta vs. F-Act vs. Hypnotic Duo – Beyond Blizzard (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:03:17 Lifeforms vs. Copycat – Sex & Prox (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:05:52 Hipnotix – One Night Stand (Daniel Lesden edit)
0:07:16 Zen Mechanics & Ace Ventura vs. Symbolic vs. Lish vs. Hedflux – Digital Blink Cake (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:10:33 Ace Ventura & Rocky – Dr Lupo (Symbolic Remix)
0:11:58 Sonic Entity – Quantum (Daniel Lesden edit)
0:15:01 Protonica vs. Liquid Soul vs. Brian Cameron vs. Eshericks vs. Marco V – Floating Simulated Overdose (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:19:28 Gary Maguire & Stereo Wildlife – Always Different (Daniel Lesden edit)
0:21:53 Vertical Mode vs. Astrix vs. Mac & Monday – Deep Yoruba (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:24:13 Daniel Lesden vs. Sideform – Contact Of Life (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:28:12 Lyctum – Little Earth (Original Mix)
0:31:28 Sideform vs. Side Effects vs. Rigel & Unika Libela – 7th Sense Of The Dawn (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:33:47 Copycat vs. Hedflux – Elixir Is My Weapon (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:38:27 E-Clip vs. John 00 Fleming – Salva The Darkness (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:42:10 Lyctum – Consciousness (Daniel Lesden edit)
0:46:13 Lupin vs. Sonic Entity vs. Isma-Ae Remix – Melo Be Free (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:49:22 Daniel Lesden – Science 2.0 (Live Mix)
0:53:33 Soulearth – TerraTrance (Original Mix)
0:56:23 Symbolic & Vertical Mode vs. Symphonix – Time You Want (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:59:22 Side Winder vs. Sideform vs. Clufe vs. Hanzo – Dropper and Light (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
1:03:06 S-Range & Synaptic – Buffer Of Time (Original Mix)
1:05:53 Relativ vs. Easy Riders – Space Hamburger (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
1:10:04 John 00 Fleming – The 10th Life (Artifact303 Remix)
1:13:19 Daniel Lesden vs. Symphonix vs. Gaudium – Illusion Of Acid Box (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
1:18:38 Daniel Lesden vs. Magnus – Signal Velvet (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
2012   Gigs   Live sets   Mashups   Progressive Psy   Psybreaks   Psytrance   Russia

Upcoming gig: Parade Of Planets

🇷🇺 Russia, Moscow, November 2, 2012

Excited for my next gig at Parade of Planets party which will take place at Mona Club. I’m going to record my set and dedicate it to 5000 followers on my Facebook page, gonna make something very special for this occasion.

2012   Gigs   Russia   Tour dates

Live @ Underground Avant-Garde

Here is the set I played last week.


0:00:00 Protonica – Red Dust (Ectima Remix)
0:05:40 Nerso – Science (Sonic Entity Remix)
0:09:27 Simply Wave – Strange Wave (Original Mix)
0:13:30 Zyce – L’apstraction (Side Effects Remix)
0:18:17 Sonic Entity – Sub Pressure (Original Mix)
0:23:14 Zyce – Technology (Original Mix)
0:27:28 Daniel Lesden – Ancient Civilization (Original Mix)
0:34:03 Daniel Lesden – Contact (Original Mix)
0:39:27 Lyctum – Cassiopeia (Original Mix)
0:45:19 Vertical Mode – Deep Vibration (Original Mix)
0:49:18 Lyctum – Little Earth (Original Mix)
0:53:30 Relativ – Universal (Original Mix)
0:59:20 Side Effects – The Second LSDeep (Original Mix)
1:03:46 Lyctum – Greece 2000 (Original Mix)
1:08:54 Vertical Mode – Lucky Number (Original Mix)
1:14:01 Sphera & Symbolic – One Step Closer (Original Mix)
1:17:18 Sonic Entity – Alterswing (Original Mix)
1:22:51 Easy Riders – Once Upon A Time (Original Mix)
2012   Gigs   Live sets   Mashups   Progressive Psy   Psytrance   Russia

Promo video 2012

Many thanks to my friend and colleague A. B. for the amazing camera work, montage, and effects. The video recorded at Gate In Summer party.

2012   Gigs   Russia   Video

Live @ Forest Quest Festival

Here are some pictures and the set I recorded last weekend at Forest Quest Festival.

The set include two of my unreleased tracks as well as mashups from Ectima, E-Clip, Sideform, Ace Ventura, Zen Mechanics, Ovnimoon, and more.


0:00:00 Ectima – Black Humor (Original Mix)
0:02:52 John 00 Fleming & E-Clip – Symbolism (Daniel Lesden haunting voices live mashup)
0:08:30 Ritmo – Process (Sonic Sense Remix) (Daniel Lesden “Absurd” live mashup
0:12:36 E-Clip – Midnight Express (Original Mix)
0:18:13 Sideform & Middle Mode – Side Mode (Daniel Lesden “Govorit Moskva” live mashup)
0:23:03 Sonic Species & Zen Mechanics – Spice Travel (Daniel Lesden “Weapon” live mashup)
0:30:16 Sonic Entity – World Has Changed (Daniel Lesden “Soultrigger” live mashup)
0:35:23 John 00 Fleming feat. Sascha Cooper – Fight The Darkness (Ovnimoon Remix)
0:40:30 Sideform – Web Of Life (Lyctum Remix)
0:46:18 Daniel Lesden – Ancient Civilization (Original Mix)
0:53:15 Lyctum – Consciousness (Original Mix)
0:58:48 Zyce – Technology (Original Mix)
1:04:07 Daniel Lesden – Contact (Original Mix)
1:09:53 Vertical Mode – Deep Vibration (Original Mix)
1:13:55 Relativ – Universal (Original Mix)
1:19:41 Static Movement – Talking About Love (Original Mix)
1:23:35 Liquid Sound – In Motion To The Ocean (Daniel Lesden “Electric Love” live mashup)
1:29:48 Sideform – Shiva (Original Mix)
1:35:19 Egorythmia & Ace Ventura – White Tunnel (Original Mix)
1:42:11 Flegma & Nerso & Middle Mode – Awakening (Original Mix)
1:46:32 Vertical Mode – Lazer Shot (Original Mix)
1:51:34 Symbolic & Sphera – One Step Closer (Original Mix)
1:56:36 Ovnimoon ia Axis & Itomlab – Galactic Mantra (Ovnimoon 2011 Remix)
2012   Gigs   Live sets   Mashups   Progressive Psy   Psytrance   Russia

Upcoming gig: Forest Quest Festival

🇷🇺 Russia, Moscow, June 1, 2012

I just got confirmed another gig this June, it’s Forest Quest Festival — a 3-days festival in a beautiful location in 100 km away from Moscow City. The picture above is the actual photo of the dancefloor. Looking forward to!

2012   Gigs   Russia   Tour dates
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