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2000 Years Ahead album is out now

Second studio album · Digital Om Productions

Dear friends, fans, and colleagues!

Today, my second studio album is released. It’s the result of my work throughout the whole last year and an important milestone in my music career. I don’t want to pat myself on the back, so I’ll just put here what John 00 Fleming said about it:

A really sterling amazing album, well done. You have just slammed an injection of something fresh and unique with musical moments, I love it and I’ll 100% support this!

During the last two weeks, I shared all tracks previews one by one and I hope you enjoy it. Below are all nine previews all together, and a magic button:

or buy a CD copy on Psyshop

Special thanks to: Nishan for professional management; to Marc for the excellent track we’ve made together; to Drasko, Jovan and Ivan for the opportunity to remixing your track; to Bart for the top-notch mastering; to Ryche for the vivid artwork. You guys rock!

 No comments    4   2017   2000 Years Ahead   Psytrance   Release   Remix

Another Earth: Remixed is out now

Remixes EP · Digital Om Productions

Another Earth EP has been originally released on Digital Om Productions in 2015, and now this Sci-Fi saga returns packed with outstanding remixes. Each with his own unique style, on remix duties we have Trance legend Christopher Lawrence, label regulars Maitika and Waveform as well as Daniel Lesden’s own rework. This massive remixes EP brings you fierce, hi-tech and psychedelic vibe, a real treat to the underground trance lovers out there.

... or buy on iTunes

Written and producers by Daniel Sokolovskiy
Remixed by Christopher Lawrence, Jocelin Varlet, Nicolas Lavenue, and Nazar Iogkanson
Mastering by Barthelemy Bayona @ Stryker studio
Artwork remake by Digital Om Productions

 No comments    4   2016   Another Earth   Progressive Psy   Psytrance   Release   Remix

As The Horizon Comes Closer is out now

A remix on You Are My Salvation · Research & Development

The original piece of music is a hypnotic piece of progressive trance, as deep as it is vibrant with colour. Daniel Lesden sharpens the knife and lends his trademark psychedelic angle to the theme, whilst Will Rees & label boss Alan Ruddick converge to create an evolving and tumultuous example of driving melodic techno.

A beautiful example of creatively constructed psy that stays true to the original material, while giving off its own unique vibe.

... or buy on iTunes

Written and produced by John Eriksson
Remixed by Daniel Sokolovskiy
Mastering by John Dopping
Artwork by Research & Development

 No comments    2   2015   As The Horizon Comes Closer   Release   Remix   Trance

Genesis is out now

A collaboration with Cosmithex · JOOF Mantra

Daniel Lesden & Cosmthex, two of our grandest artists at JOOF. They come together in style and spirit to form ’Genesis’. Genesis is a track that incorporates dazzling melodies, bewitching soundscapes, and beauteous effects. On remix duties, we have Steve Birch and You Are My Salvation, whom without fail, embellish their mixes with their own alluring sounds.

If anything can be said about the masterminds behind the music it would be that the duo is certainly Trance masters of the Cosmos!

... or buy on iTunes

Written and produced by Daniel Sokolovskiy and Tanel Kurnim
Mastering by Milos Modrinic @ Sideform studio
Artwork by JOOF Recordings

 No comments    3   2015   Collaboration   Genesis   Psytrance   Release   Remix

The Human Element is out now

A remix on Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn · Pharmacy Music

The Human Element is a beast of a track with its pounding kick and bass but what really sets it apart are the huge melodies that lift and propel it. The melodies are powerful without being euphoric — a fine balancing act that turned out brilliantly with not just one but two lead lines that break out of the drop. A true feast for the ears on the dance floor.

On the remix duties is Daniel Lesden, one of the most respected names in the new breed of Psytrance producers. Daniel has already earned major respect for his releases on JOOF, Perfecto Fluoro and many more. The Daniel Lesden Remix completely reworks the original into a lush and technically impressive progressive psy track that creates a completely immersive world of its own.

The clash of wondrous, mysterious melodies and full-on, almost industrial styled main phrases show us the growing maturity of this class producer and shows us just how much he stands out from the rest of the pack within the Psy Trance genre.

... or buy on iTunes

 No comments    1   2014   Psytrance   Release   Remix   The Human Element

Healing is out now

A remix on John 00 Fleming · JOOF Recordings

I’m very proud to present you my remix for John 00 Fleming’s new single, Healing.

A bit earlier than expected, it’s already available on Beatport. The pack also includes amazing remixes from You Are My Salvation, Insert Name, and Simon Templar, very recommend checking them all.

... or buy on iTunes

Written and produced by John Fleming
Remixed by Daniel Sokolovskiy
Mastering by Drasko Radovanovic @ Sideform studio
Artwork by JOOF Recordings

 No comments   2014   Healing   Release   Remix   Trance

Feel The Effect is out now

A remix on Whirloop · JOOF Recordings

New JOOF team member Daniel Lesden took it upon his own shoulders to remix one of the JOOF Recordings all-time great tracks, Whirloop’s Feel The Effect released in 2010. The result is absolutely outstanding and bought this track bang up to date. Off the back of his debut JOOF album Chronicles Of The Universe, there is no arguing Daniel is certainly the man of the moment.

... or buy on iTunes

Written and produced by Daniel Swahn
Remixed by Daniel Sokolovskiy
Mastering by Drasko Radovanovic @ Sideform studio
Artwork by JOOF Recordings

 No comments    1   2014   Feel The Effect   Psytrance   Release   Remix
 No comments   2013   Free download   Release   Remix

Yoruba is out now

A remix on Mac & Monday · Borderline Music

Borderline Music have a year of specials for you in 2013 that continues with a fantastic psy tinged remix of Mac & Monday’s debut monster track, Yoruba! Daniel Lesden is making waves within the progressive psy scene with his melodic touches on top of the grunt and drive of psy kicks and basslines. Here he works his style to amazing effect on Yoruba!

Great take on an already great original!
Paul Trainer

...or buy on iTunes

Written and produced by Norbert Darvas & David Nemeth
Remixed by Daniel Sokolovskiy
Mastering by Drasko Radovanovic @ Sideform studio
Artwork design by Borderline Music

Added in 2017: it seems that all Borderline Music releases no longer available in stores due to the label being shut down. If you would like to get a copy of this track, feel free to drop me a message.

 No comments   2013   Psytrance   Release   Remix   Uplifting Trance   Yoruba

Galactic Society is out now

A remix on Lyctum · Synergetic Records

New monster single by Lyctum titled “Galactic Society”, including a remix by yours truly, is out today. Grab your copy!

... or buy on iTunes

Written and produced by Dejan Jovanovic
Remixed by Daniel Sokolovskiy
Mastering by Drasko Radovanovic @ Sideform studio
Artwork design by Thomas Vitali

 No comments    4   2013   Galactic Society   Psytrance   Release   Remix
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