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“2000 Years Ahead” album is out now 

Second studio album · Digital Om Productions


Dear friends, fans, and colleagues!

Today, my second studio album is released. It’s the result of my work throughout the whole last year and an important milestone in my music career.

I don’t want to pat myself on the back, so I’ll just put this quote here:

“A really sterling amazing album, well done. You have just slammed an injection of something fresh and unique with musical moments, I love it and I’ll 100% support this!”
John 00 Fleming

During the last two weeks, I shared all tracks previews one by one and I hope you enjoy it. Below are all nine previews all together, and a magic button:


... or buy a CD copy on Psyshop


Special thanks to: Nishan for professional management; to Marc for the excellent track we’ve made together; to Drasko, Jovan and Ivan for the opportunity to remixing your track; to Bart for the top-notch mastering; to Ryche for the vivid artwork. You guys rock!


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