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Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast is a radio show that I host on Digitally Imported radio every first Tuesday of a month at 7 PM UK. It showcases some of the finest Psytrance music and features guest artists from all over the world. Subscribe on iTunes to never miss a new episode.

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Rave Podcast 080

Special guest of the month: Spectro Senses

Rave Podcast January edition is up online on the main website, SoundCloud, and iTunes. This month’s show featuring tracks from Cosmithex, Lyktum, Thenaria, Brainiac, Voyager, and more. And special producer’s guest mix from Spectro Senses for the second hour.


0:00:00 Cosmithex – Cold Fusion (Original Mix)
0:04:43 Zentura – Come With Us (MVMB Remix)
0:10:38 Thenaria – Acceleration (Original Mix)
0:15:59 Lyktum – Cosmic Web Cut 2 (Original Mix)
0:21:05 Ace Ventura & Captain Hook – The Jolly Roger (Future Frequency Remix)
0:23:03 Somnia – Insola (Original Mix)
0:27:18 Doppler Shift & Genetrick – Individual Experience (Original Mix)
0:32:30 Brainiac – Monstrum (Original Mix)
0:38:02 Voyager – The Source (Original Mix)
0:43:00 Lupin – Dreamblaster (Original Mix)
0:48:17 Daniel Lesden – Technological Singularity (Original Mix)

Spectro Senses guest mix

0:55:30 Spectro Senses – Voyager One (Original Mix)
1:02:31 Spectro Senses – Psychology Analysis (Original Mix)
1:08:58 Spectro Senses – Sacred Tree (Original Mix)
1:11:43 Spectro Senses – Atoms Vibrations (Original Mix)
1:17:39 Spectro Senses – Human Culture (Original Mix)
1:23:36 Spectro Senses – The Illusion of Time (Original Mix)
1:30:37 Spectro Senses – Close To Reality (Original Mix)
1:35:25 Spectro Senses – Om (Original Mix)
1:41:29 Spectro Senses & Synthetic Vision – Bansuri (Original Mix)
1:47:25 Spectro Senses – Elements of Nature (Original Mix)
1:53:22 Spectro Senses & Synthetic Vision – Encode Message (Original Mix)
1:58:51 Spectro Senses – Sacred Geometry (Original Mix)
2017   Progressive Psy   Progressive Trance   Psytrance   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast 079

Special guest of the month: Beat Bizarre

Rave Podcast December edition is up online on the main website, SoundCloud, and iTunes.

I’m really honored to have Mr Beat Bizarre (Iboga Records) as a special guest for this month’s show, I love his music since his album “Somersault Industries” released back in 2005 and he still delivers an outstanding hypnotic, tripy Progressive Psy trance.

This episode also features new tracks from Subliminal Codes, Waveform, Sideform, Suduaya, Artificials and more, including exclusive preview of my new single “Arrival” that is coming out on Digital Om Productions on December, 19.


0:00:00 DJ Jon Doe – Drastic Comedown (Komm Unity TW Remix)
0:03:52 John Gibbons – 1984 (Full Tilt Remix)
0:04:50 Ivan Nikusev – Aurora (Relaunch Remix)
0:07:58 Subliminal Codes – Acid Memories (Original Mix)
0:12:17 Atmos – Soundglider (Yestermorrow Remix)
0:17:04 Waveform – Hallucinations (Original Mix)
0:18:57 Tripy – Chemical EQuation (Original Mix)
0:24:07 Sonic Entity – Superposition (Original Mix)
0:29:01 Emok & Suntree – Catching the Moment (Sideform Remix)
0:34:23 Zorak – Futuristic Portal (Original Mix)
0:36:43 Artificials – Human Emotions (Original Mix)
0:41:21 Suduaya – Spirit World (Original Mix)
0:46:02 Sean Tyas – Matter Of Time (Original Mix)
0:52:01 Nertum – Perpetual Science (Original Mix)
0:55:42 Daniel Lesden – Arrival (Original Mix)

Beat Bizarre guest mix

1:01:25 Beat Bizarre – Magical Realism (Original Mix)
1:10:44 Beat Bizarre – Red (Original Mix)
1:18:51 Beat Bizarre – Tarantismus (Original Mix)
1:24:16 Beat Bizarre – Aphrodite’s Drop (Original Mix)
1:29:11 Beat Bizarre – Antikythera Mechanism (Original Mix)
1:38:32 Beat Bizarre – Chrysanthemum (Original Mix)
1:43:30 Beat Bizarre – Pure (Original Mix)
1:48:37 Beat Bizarre – Abrikosmos (Original Mix)
1:54:00 Ambush – RetroCinema (Beat Bizarre Remix)
2016   Progressive Psy   Progressive Trance   Psytrance   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast 078

Special guest of the month: Shinta

November’s Rave Podcast edition is up online on the main website, SoundCloud and iTunes. This episode features tracks from Owntrip, Pura Vida & Oscar Effective, GeneTrick, Mindwave, Atacama and more. And full producer’s guest mix from Shinta for the second hour.


0:00:00 Most Wanted – Secret Place (Original Mix)
0:04:56 Neuropipes & Twelve Sessions – Machine Man (Original Mix)
0:08:42 Owntrip – Human Evolution (Original Mix)
0:13:23 Pura Vida & Effective – Warriors Calling (Original Mix)
0:17:24 Genetrick – Mongol (Original Mix)
0:21:57 Oberon – Spoonbender (Original Mix)
0:26:35 Sonic Sense – Sophia’s Culture (Original Mix)
0:31:27 Mindwave – Systematic Numbers (Original Mix)
0:38:57 Ilai – Breakfast With Tiffany (Original Mix)
0:41:36 Robert Vadney & Chris Oblivion – Lost Language (Original Mix)
0:44:35 Electric Universe & Symbolic – Science & Spirit (Original Mix)
0:50:09 Ital & Innershade – Mysteries Of Hyperspace (Original Mix)
0:53:48 Atacama & Jakaan – Etro’s Protector (Original Mix)
0:57:29 Contineum & Mechanimal – Free Will (Sabretooth Remix)

Shinta guest mix

1:02:45 Shinta – Dragon Skin (Original Mix)
1:09:14 Shinta – See You on the Otherside (Original Mix)
1:16:41 Shinta – Moment (Original Mix)
1:23:11 Shinta – Mente Intensa (Original Mix)
1:30:12 Shinta – Vida (Original Mix)
1:36:41 Shinta – Multiverse (Original Mix)
1:45:10 Shinta – The Scientist (Original Mix)
1:53:30 Shinta – Open Heart (Original Mix)
2016   Progressive Psy   Psytrance   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast 077

Special guest of the month: Steve Birch

Rave Podcast October edition is up online on the main website, SoundCloud, and iTunes. This month show features tracks from Sabretooth, Flegma, Protonica, Skyfall, Lifeforms and more. And fantastic Progressive guest mix from Steve Birch.


0:00:00 Phaxe – Street Lights (Atmos Remix)
0:05:38 Protonica & Tristate – Source Code (Original Mix)
0:10:40 Flegma & Out of Jetlag – Mush Monk (Original Mix)
0:16:38 Starlab – Tokyo Teleport (Sabertooth Remix)
0:22:21 Tripy – Ground Energy (Original Mix)
0:27:35 Zentura – Sonic Masala (Lifeforms Remix)
0:32:00 Zen Mechanics & Audiotec – Telemetry (Original Mix)
0:37:34 Liquid Soul & Talla 2XLC – The Future (DigiCult Remix)
0:41:30 Magnus – Sinelock (Original Mix)
0:49:21 Vertical Mode & Oforia – Billy Boy (Original Mix)
0:55:14 Mad Maxx – Monster (Skyfall Remix)

Steve Birch guest mix

0:59:06 Steve Birch – Drift (Original Mix)
1:05:30 Steve Birch – Folktale (Original Mix)
1:11:05 Steve Birch – Ourobourus (Original Mix)
1:16:53 Steve Birch – Close Encounters Of An Alien Circus Kind (Original Mix)
1:21:42 Steve Birch – 2709 (Original Mix)
1:27:42 Steve Birch – Snake Chamer (Original Mix)
1:33:38 Steve Birch – Paths (Original Mix)
1:39:39 Steve Birch – The Journey (Original Mix)
1:45:30 The Vs – Virtual Symmetry (Steve Birch Bootleg)
1:51:39 Li Kwan – Point Zero (Original Mix)
2016   Progressive Psy   Progressive Trance   Psytrance   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast 076

Special guest of the month: Dual Resonance

Rave Podcast September edition is ready for download on the main website, SoundCloud, and iTunes. This month show features tracks Aquila, Redrosid, Relativ, Satinka, Ovnimoon, Oforia, and more. And for the guest mix we have an incredible 1-hour producer’s mix from Dual Resonance also known as Spirit Architect.


0:00:00 Zyce – Star Dust (Original Mix)
0:05:30 Redrosid – Triangle (Original Mix)
0:12:43 Aquila & Drukverdeler – Magnetic Signals (Original Mix)
0:17:47 Airwave – The Moment Of Truth (Satinka Remix)
0:20:47 Face Off – Machine Mind (Original Mix)
0:26:25 Ovnimoon, Ascent, The Key – Trance Mantra (Sound Control Remix)
0:32:43 Oforia – Mad DMA (Original Mix)
0:38:27 Zen Mechanics & Audiotec – Mechanical Dreams (Original Mix)
0:44:16 Liquid Soul – Liquid Dream (Neodyne Remix)
0:49:51 Relativ – The Impact (Original Mix)

Dual Resonance guest mix

0:56:14 Dual Resonance – We Are Universe (Original Mix)
1:03:45 Dual Resonance – Burning Motion (Original Mix)
1:11:24 Suntree – Back To the Source (Egorythmia & Dual Resonance Remix)
1:16:51 Dual Resonance – Hydrogen (Original Mix)
1:23:17 Dual Resonance & Egorythmia – Into the Darkness (Original Mix)
1:29:21 Dual Resonance & Ascent – Spirits (Original Mix)
1:35:48 Dual Resonance – Dune (Original Mix)
1:42:47 Dual Resonance – ID
1:57:29 Dual Resonance – Spacey Flow (Original Mix)
2016   Progressive Psy   Psytrance   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast 075

Special guest of the month: Artsense

Rave Podcast August edition is ready for download on the main website and iTunes with full tracklistings. This month show featuring tracks from Robert Elster, Genesia, Shinta, Ritmo, Lyktum and more, and a full-power Psychedelic guest mix from Artsense for the second hour.

You probably noticed that now I start each episode with a small voice introduction at the beginning, and I’m wondering what do you think about it? Despite my terrible accent, do you like hearing some voice from me or it annoys you?


0:00:00 Robert Elster – Apollo 303 (Original Mix)
0:06:39 Alter Nature – Bursting With Life (Original Mix)
0:10:13 Ritmo & Gaudium – Keep It Minimal (Original Mix)
0:14:49 Red Sun & Radial – Back In Time (Original Mix)
0:19:28 Xahno – Yakruna (Original Mix)
0:21:56 Daniel Lesden – Ignition (Waveform Remix)
0:25:42 XV Kilist & Rocco – Who Would You Call (Bitmonx Remix)
0:31:26 Shinta – Moment (Original Mix)
0:36:06 Simon Patterson – Smack (Waio Remix)
0:42:09 Genesia & Subverso – Phenomorphia (Original Mix)
0:47:02 Faders & Lyktum – Blueprints of Creation (Original Mix)
0:51:10 Aho – Universo Infinito (Original Mix)
0:56:51 Alfoa – Pray (Under This Remix)

Artsense guest mix

1:01:06 Artsense – Renovacio (Original Mix)
1:05:47 Artsense – Kidding Me (Original Mix)
1:10:21 Artsense – Consciousness (Original Mix)
1:15:29 Manmachine – Planets Came Back (Original Mix)
1:19:15 AudioFire – Charaka (Original Mix)
1:23:58 Artsense – Alien In My Head (Original Mix)
1:28:36 Artsense – Open Your Mind (Original Mix)
1:32:14 Circuit Breakers – Rumblicious (Original Mix)
1:39:37 Artsense – ID
1:43:25 Imaginarium & Djantrix – Reconnect (Original Mix)
1:49:52 Astrix & Tristan – Awake The Snake (Original Mix)
1:53:01 Burn in Noise & Earthspace & Shekinah – Loco (Original Mix)
2016   Progressive Psy   Progressive Trance   Psychedelic   Psytrance   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast 074

Special guest of the month: Jon Cockle

Rave Podcast July edition is ready for streaming and download on the main website and iTunes. This month show features tracks from Sabretooth, Fonarev, Artsense, Christopher Lawrence, Spinal Fusion, Arhetip and more. And a fantastic deep Progressive guest mix from DJ Jon Cockle for the second hour.


0:00:00 Oberon – The Red String of Fate (Original Mix)
0:05:45 Fonarev & Second Sine – Lucid Logic (Original Mix)
0:09:59 Indoor – Trip Advisor (Original Mix)
0:14:33 Block Device – The Earth, The Moon, The Sun (Sabretooth Remix)
0:20:24 Indecent Noise & Christopher Lawrence – Zulu Magic (Original Mix)
0:25:39 Arhetip – Introspection (Original Mix)
0:28:27 Artsense – Alien in My Head (Original Mix)
0:32:42 Wrecked Machines – Bandbox (Symbolic & Waio Remix)
0:38:38 Stryker & Javier Bussola – Ederlepsy (Original Mix)
0:42:56 Alpha & Omega – Transcendental (Original Mix)
0:47:35 SpaceCat & Volcano – Nuclear Medicine (Original Mix)
0:53:16 Spinal Fusion & Mystic – A Better One (Original Mix)

Jon Cockle guest mix

0:58:46 Akshan – Antinea’s Secret (Original Mix)
1:05:01 Beat Maniacs – Bogota (Anthony G Remix)
1:09:06 C-Jay – Neumagen Drohn (Original Mix)
1:13:55 Audio Noir – Transfiguration Highway (Airwave Remix)
1:19:25 Insert Name – Diapasons (Original Mix)
1:24:35 Gary Delaney – Nymeria (Original Mix)
1:30:48 Styller – Vensa (Original Mix)
1:35:25 Vince Aeon – Lilliun (Blufieds Dark Poisen Remix)
1:39:55 Critical Choice – Nylon (Original Mix)
1:47:19 Ticon – Either (Original Mix)
1:52:35 John 00 Fleming – Tour De Trance (Insert Name Remix)
2016   Progressive Psy   Progressive Trance   Psytrance   Rave Podcast

Interview with Trance Magazine

TranceMag is a leading Trance music site who shares the latest reviews, interviews, and hosts TranceMag Sessions every Sunday. After making the guest mix, Daniel Lesden has been invited to chat with TranceMag stuff writer Florin about his background, second album, expectations, and opinion on the Psytrance scene.

Hi, Daniel. We’re glad you’re able to take some time to talk to us. Hope you’re doing well.
Hello and thank you for having me here. I hope you’ve enjoyed the guest mix I did for TranceMag Sessions recently.

We most certainly have! Thank you :-) Let’s start off with a little introduction for our readers. When did you get interested in electronic music, PsyTrance in particular?
Formally speaking, my music career began five years ago with the debut release on Ovnimoon Records, but my love and passion for electronic music has started long before that — around the age of 11.

Could you tell us more about your early musical background? How did it all start for you as a producer, and what were some of your influences?
Since childhood, I knew for sure I wanted to connect my life with music, and to encourage my initiative, mom bought me a Yamaha keyboard. The best present I could ever dream about! The same year (1999) I got my first ever PC, and that was a starting point of my experiments with music. In fact, I have written about my first music production experience — an article in two parts with all the behind the scenes details and even samples of my earliest music (spoiler alert: it sounds terrible, you’d better not listen to this).

As for influences, well, you have to realize that a 13-year old kid had very limited access to music at the end of 99—early 00’s. I desperately tried to find any piece of electronic music, so overall my musical taste was very broad: from Prodigy’s Breakbeat and Scooter’s Happy Hardcore, to Nitzhonot of Cyan, Goa Trance of Astral Projection, ‘Classic’ Trance of M.I.K.E. Push, and even some really crazy 180-BPM Trancecore stuff, like Beyonder and Rebellion. But I get used to calling all these diverse genres by one simple word — Rave.

I get used to calling all these diverse genres by one simple word — Rave.

What was the first track you heard that you instantly fell in love with? What about the first record you bought?
Speaking of Psytrance music, Astral Projection’s “Mahadeva”, Yahel’s “Last Man in the Universe” and Man With No Name’s “Floor-Essence” were definitely some of these tracks.

Taking a look at your productions from last year, one is treated to an outstanding line-up. However, Enuma Elish seemed to steal the show, due to it being widely supported by both well-known Trance artists and listeners, catapulting you into the limelight. What’s the story behind the track title and production? Could you share your experience while making it?
I’m glad you like Enuma Elish, and thanks for asking because there was an interesting story, indeed. I received a personal request from John 00 Fleming to make a “138-140 BPM driving monster”, the kind of real Trance he’s been hungry for. And that was perfect timing as I felt the same.

You know, all those modern dancefloor tricks like build-up and drops that we hear in today’s Psytrance music are fine, but sometimes I feel that ‘Psytrance’ misses the ‘Trance’ component. I wanted to make a straightforward track with a hypnotic vibe, a track that awakens emotions, even if it’s considered as old-school today. So, inspired by the old 00.db tracks, as well as by many of my personal all-time favorite Progressive and even Goa Trance tracks, “Enuma Elish” was born.

And just to tease you a little bit, “Enuma Elish” is gonna be remixed by a UK artist.

I wanted to make a straightforward track with a hypnotic vibe, a track that awakens emotions, even if it’s considered as old-school today.

Your work has appeared on some of the world’s best Trance labels (specifically those more underground Trance oriented) like JOOF Recordings, Pharmacy Music and Digital Om Productions. How important, do you think, is their support for a young and talented artist like yourself? How hard is to maintain the consistency and authenticity of your sound?
JOOF Recordings, Pharmacy Music, and Digital Om Productions are some of the best labels in underground music with a huge cult of followers. But what’s most important is the people behind label names: they are truly passionate about what they do, real professionals. Their support means a lot. And it is an honour for me to work and learn from them.

It is nice to have a unique signature sound of course, but when an artist uses the same sounds over, and over and over again with no any development, to me it’s more like laziness rather than “signature sound”. That’s why, from time to time, I go out of the comfort zone to make something totally different, and Surreal, released earlier this year, is a testament to this.

You are one of the most versatile producers nowadays, managing to successfully balance Progressive and Psy, integrating a lot of melodies, and pushing your sound in an exciting direction. What is most important to you when making music? What message do you want to spread with your sound?
I think the most important thing is to stay true to yourself, regardless of trends. It may sound selfish, but first of all, I make music to express myself musically. If you try to please everyone, you won’t please anyone. And I am very grateful to all the people that follow me throughout this journey.

If you try to please everyone, you won’t please anyone.

From what you announced recently, we learned you are working on your 2nd artist album. Could you share some details about it? What inspired the album and what sound dominates throughout?
I am a huge fan of cosmic exploration and science fiction. Pretty much every track I’ve made so far was inspired by one of these themes, and the album I am working on at the moment is no exception. The album is still in the making, but I would say it gets a more full-on-ish type of sound, more aggressive, more “high-tech” if I may call it this way.

Does the album have a name yet? Also, will it be released on JOOF, like your previous one, Chronicles Of The Universe?
It has a couple of working titles, but the final name is yet to be decided. As for the label, I’d keep it in secret for now. Let it be a surprise!

You have mentioned a few collaborations and a remix will be featured on the album. Could you tell us with whom you have worked? What were you looking for when it came to picking the producer (or producers) to collab with?
AudioFire is an amazing producer I have worked with, perhaps you’ve seen my recent announcement about it. The remix was done for some folks from Serbia, producers I admire a lot. I’m afraid, that’s all I can say for now.

When picking a producer to collab with, I look for similarity and otherness at the same time. Both of us have to like each other’s music in the first place, that is for sure, but at the same time, we have to use a slightly different approach. What’s the point, otherwise? Same as in a dispute, I believe the best solutions are born from the collision of different opinions.

I believe that a track has to have some storyline behind it, some plot that would open up the listener’s imagination.

Is there one track on the album that perfectly describes your style and sound you want to present to the listeners?
I think the album production teaser I’ve shared recently sums up the overall album vibe perfectly. If you enjoy that teaser, I guess you should love the whole album, too.

What is the most important thing for you in a track? Do the listeners have to search for a deeper meaning?
I believe that a track has to have some storyline behind it, some plot that would open up the listener’s imagination. Someday, I want to make music while also accompanying it with a short film and written a story, so people can experience my vision as a whole. So yes, listeners certainly can find some deeper meaning in my music.

What are your expectations from the album in general? What message do you want to send?
I had expectations before, and it didn’t end up well. Expectations are no more than guessing of the outcome, and the outcome is something that you cannot control. What you can control, however, is your own actions. So rather than set high expectations for something that may or may not happen, set yourself a habit of doing your work well, do it on a regular basis, and on the best possible level you can. And this is exactly what I’m doing with music now — just doing my best.

Expectations are no more than guessing of the outcome, and the outcome is something that you cannot control. What you can control, however, is your own actions.

What is your opinion on the current Psy-Trance scene and the modern sound that people are attracted to?
We can certainly see a growing interest for Psytrance music these days, some Psytrance acts are now playing at the world’s largest festivals along with commercial Trance and House DJs in the lineup — something that wasn’t possible just several years ago. And I like it, because a growing audience opens up more possibilities to the scene. As you probably know, I grew up in Moscow, and what I remember is that many good party promoters gave up on organising Psytrance parties simply because there were not enough attendees to cover the costs for a venue rent, good equipment, artist fees etc.

I believe that since Psytrance has gone mainstream, more people will demand smaller underground parties as well, which would give a second breath to the clubs, party promoters, and artists. Commercial and underground music are two sides of the same coin, like light and darkness, they exist only because of each other.

What do you think needs to change about the scene? Any producers out there at the moment that you are really enjoying?
I like the fact that entry threshold for electronic music in general becomes easier, and more people can afford making music. More people in the scene means more ideas, more talents yet to be discovered. And this is great.

However, the professional side of music has many more questions than answers available. As a result, we see a lot of low-quality tracks flooding music stores, or up-and-coming artists who have no idea how record labels work. And I’m trying to change it by making knowledge more accessible and widespread. That’s the reason why in August 2015 I launched the “Advice” series, where every Wednesday I answer the questions people send me. Together we make the music scene better, and I’m very grateful for the massive feedback I receive from the music community, fellow DJs, and producers.

As for producers I really enjoying — oh yes, so many good artists around. Just listen to my radio show!

We see a lot of low-quality tracks flooding music stores and up-and-coming artists who have no idea how record labels work. And I’m willing to change it.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years, in terms of your music?
As I said above, I don’t want to fall into the trap of expectations, so hopefully I’ll just continue to follow my journey.

Let’s bring it a little closer to current events. This year marks the 5th anniversary of your monthly show, Rave Podcast, so congratulations! How does it feel to have reached this milestone?
Thanks! Frankly, it was unexpected. I was like, “okay let’s see what we have for the February edition… hold on, is it February 2016 now? I’ve launched the very first episode in February 2011, so this must be the five year anniversary, jeez!”. Time flies! I’m really amazed how many people became regular listeners of Rave Podcast throughout these years, and I really appreciate each and every one.

Staying on the subject of the podcast, what is the concept behind it? Following that, how do you choose your guests?
At first, I started the podcast just to share the music I love, and the basic concept was to show different music genres — hence the name, “Rave Podcast”. But Rave Podcast is more than just a show, reflecting my ever changing musical taste.

By the end of 2011, I had changed the concept to not stick only to Psytrance as the main genre, but also showcase artists from all over the world. At the moment, artists from 27 countries have made their guest mixes for Rave Podcast. Just imagine how big and diverse the Psytrance scene is!

Having a radio show with a loyal following is also a huge responsibility because at some point it affects people’s taste. When choosing a guest, I’m trying to showcase a very broad spectrum of musical beauty: from deep Progressive to uptempo Fullon, from mellow to harder sound, from up-and-coming producers to the world’s largest names. It’s a fine balance, and it looks like we’re doing well so far.

We’re curious, outside of DJing / Producing, what else do you do with your time? Besides the album, what else can we look forward to from you? Any confirmed gigs?
These days, artists have to do much more than just music, so when I’m not making music or DJing, I do everything else: business negotiations, work with the audience, marketing plans, website, blog, social media, dealing with the press, just to name a few. Speaking of personal time, I love running to keep my body healthy and mind clear.

Before the album, you’ll hear a remixes EP of my tracks, including my own 2016 mix for one of my older productions. This one is gonna be really interesting.

As for gigs, I have a lot of requests from both promoters and party people in USA, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Finland, Japan, Brazil and India, just to name a few, but none is confirmed so far. Maybe it’s for the best as I’m trying to use this time wisely to finish the album. Studio work and active travel are two things that can’t be be easily combined.

Is there a track in history you wish you would’ve written, or have been there to witness it being made?
No, I don’t think so :-)

Silly question, but do you have a pet? If not, what would your ideal pet be (you can even go with an imaginary one, if it’s more interesting)?
I don’t have a pet for now. I believe that a pet (whatever it may be) is not just a toy, it’s a living creature that needs attention no less than a person, and spending extra time is something I can’t afford at the moment. But if I had a pet, I think it would be a cat — I just can’t resist their cuteness!

Any last words for our readers and your fans?
I would like to thank all my fans, colleagues and the people I work with for their support and experience. I sincerely appreciate it. And thank you for the nice interview, TranceMag! Can’t wait to see you all on the dancefloors around the globe!

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Text — Florin Bodnărescu

Rave Podcast 073

Special guest of the month: Ilai

Rave Podcast June edition is up online on the main website and iTunes. This month show features tracks from Pop Art, Maitika, Bouncerz, Yner, Harmonic Rush, Relativ, Ovnimoon and more. And amazing guest mix from our special guest of the month, Ilai.


0:00:00 Polaris – Earthcore (Itone Remix)
0:05:00 Pop Art – Disco Madness (Original Mix)
0:09:42 MVMB & Ticon – Something Sleeps Inside Us (Original Mix)
0:15:20 Doppler Shift & Maitika – Voices (Original Mix)
0:19:30 Bouncerz & OverdoZe – Recognize People (Original Mix)
0:22:44 Christopher Lawrence – Unbroken (Sonic Species Remix)
0:27:49 Yner – Paranormal Counsciousness (Original Mix)
0:31:38 Maitika – Line Control (Original Mix)
0:36:23 LocoWeed – Primal (Original Mix)
0:40:01 Asteria & Harmonic Rush – Joanne In Wonderland (Original Mix)
0:45:04 Freedom Fighters & Lifeforms – Spiral (Original Mix)
0:51:40 Relativ & Protheus – Nuclear Charge (Original Mix)
0:56:00 The Key – Spiritual Transformations (Original Mix)

Ilai guest mix

0:59:48 Ilai – Mechanical Dancers (Original Mix)
1:07:28 Ilai – Porphorescence (Original Mix)
1:13:04 Ilai – Delivering Waves (Original Mix)
1:17:45 Ilai – Drowing Electric Storms (Original Mix)
1:22:24 Ilai – Aura Planet (Original Mix)
1:26:37 Space Hypnose – Drum In The Depths (Ilai Remix)
1:29:52 Ilai – Walking in the Other Side (Original Mix)
1:34:33 Side Effects – Dream On (Ilai Remix)
1:38:45 Ilai – Scratch the Noize (Original Mix)
1:42:43 Ilai – Heart Confusion (Original Mix)
1:47:43 Ilai – Huma Errors (Original Mix)
1:52:47 Egorythmia – 100 Billion Galaxies (Ilai Remix)
2016   Progressive Psy   Psytrance   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast 072

Special guests of the month: Maitika

Rave Podcast May edition is up for downloading on the main website and iTunes. This month show features tracks from Sonic Entity, Cosmithex, Harmonic Rush, One Function, John 00 Fleming, Dual Resonance, and more. And for the second hour we’ve got an amazing guest mix from Maitika. Enjoy!


0:00:00 ZeoLogic – Intelligence (Original Mix)
0:05:13 Sonic Entity & Solar Kid – First Encounter (Original Mix)
0:10:09 Daniel Lesden – Surreal (Part 2)
0:15:32 Cosmithex – Cylinder (Original Mix)
0:19:02 Chris Voro – A Universe Inside You (Harmonic Rush Remix)
0:24:44 Lost Shaman – Vaccine Resistance (Original Mix)
0:27:04 Ilai – Sacred Places (Original Mix)
0:31:43 Funky Dragon – Highgrade (Original Mix)
0:34:02 GeneTrick & One Function – Dramatic (Original Mix)
0:39:15 NitroDrop – The Truth (Aho Remix)
0:44:20 John 00 Fleming – Protected by Karma (Original Mix)
0:50:20 Dual Resonance – Dune (Original Mix)
0:56:19 Black Marvin – Mind Bending (Bent Mix)

Maitika guest mix

0:59:49 Maitika – Dream Around Us (Original Mix)
1:07:35 Maitika & Starlab – Dissolve (Original Mix)
1:11:28 Maitika – Incredible Animals (Original Mix)
1:14:40 Maitika – Parallel Universe (Original Mix)
1:19:15 OddWave & Maitika – To Be One (Original Mix)
1:22:26 Maitika & Doppler Shift  – Voices (Original Mix)
1:26:33 Maitika – Story Told (Original Mix)
1:33:01 Maitika – Cosmosis (Original Mix)
1:37:21 Maitika – Don’t Be Afraid (Original Mix)
1:42:09 Makida & Maitika – Bad Manner (Original Mix)
1:45:49 Maitika – Reanimation (Original Mix)
1:48:02 Maitika – Communication (Original Mix)
1:55:39 Manmachine – Shark & Lazer Meams (Maitika Remix)
2016   Progressive Psy   Psytrance   Rave Podcast
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