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Rave Podcast

I host Rave Podcast on Digitally Imported radio every first Tuesday of a month at 7 PM UK. It showcases some of the finest Psytrance music and features guest artists from all over the world. Subscribe on iTunes to never miss a new episode.

Rave Podcast October 2017

Special guest of the month: Dan Ascherl

This month show includes new releases from Tristate, One Function, Faders, Flowjob, Zyce, and more. And for the second hour we have a guest mix from a JOOF Editions resident, Dan Aschrel.

Speaking of Dan, don’t forget that you can catch me playing in London on October 14th along with Hypnocoustics, Jon Cockle, and today’s Rave Podcast guest — Dan Ascherl.


0:00:00 Jaia – Electricity (Mindwave Remix)
0:06:19 Flowjob – Leviathan (Original Mix)
0:10:00 Zyce & Zyrus 7 – Transmitter (Original Mix)
0:14:37 Owntrip – Re Create (Original Mix)
0:19:13 Liquid Ace – Neurochemistry (Yestermorrow Remix)
0:24:16 Ranji – Psychedelic Experience (Original Mix)
0:30:55 Timelock & ON3 – Universe Unfold (Original Mix)
0:33:41 Vertex & Norma Project – Rise Of The Flame (Original Mix)
0:38:16 Tristate & Aioaska – Lost In Modulation (Original Mix)
0:42:59 Orpheus & Osher – 1998 (Original Mix)
0:47:45 Relativ – Subreality (Original Mix)
0:54:57 Faders & Vertical Mode – Optical Illusion (Original Mix)

Dan Ascherl guest mix

1:00:39 Ivanshee – Iron Wave (Original Mix)
1:05:40 Airwave – The Unfinished (Original Mix)
1:14:01 Andromedha – Perpetuum (Original Mix)
1:19:06 Eeemus – Icarus (Gordey Tsukanov Remix)
1:24:23 Waveform – Intelligent Machines (Original Mix)
1:30:26 Visua – Wanna Dance (Original Mix)
1:36:20 Zen Mechanics, Flegma, Nerso – Flux (Original Mix)
1:44:35 James Monro – Expansion (Original Mix)
1:54:15 Visua – The Time Has Come (Original Mix)
Oct 5   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast September 2017

Special guest of the month: Mechanimal

Rave Podcast September edition is up online on the main website, SoundCloud, and iTunes.

The first hour of the show features one of my previously recorded DJ sets, and for the second hour we have a privilege to enjoy producer’s guest mix from one of my favourite UK Psy artists, Mechanimal.

Sep 6   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast August 2017

Special guest of the month: Brainiac

I know it’s a kind of weird to start posting something that starts with the number 87, but I was thinking: what if there are some people who read my blog only and don’t follow me on social media, and hence they know nothing about my radio show since I don’t post anything about it here?

Anyway, from now on I will post new Rave Podcast episodes here in the blog as well. Full tracklistings available on the website.

Aug 3   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast — Guest Mix Competition 2015!

2015   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast — Guest Mix Competition 2014!

2014   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast — Guest Mix Competition!

As you know, each month Rave Podcast featuring the best guest artists from around the globe. And at the same time I receive a lot of requests to play a guest mix from amateur Djs and producers. I think the time has come to discover new names and to give you the chance to play a guest mix on Rave Podcast show. To make it fair way, let’s organize a guest mix competition!

The deadline for the submission is August, 26th. So you have a two weeks to show us your talent.

The winner will be aired on the next Rave Podcast edition (September, 3rd) on the best radio station — DI.FM.

Good luck guys :-)

2013   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast on Digitally Imported

I’m happy to say that from now on Rave Podcast will be broadcasted on one of the most respected radio stations, Digitally Imported, or DI.FM for short.

It will be broadcasted every first Tuesday of a month at 7 PM UK time on Progressive Psy channel.

2012   Rave Podcast