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A questions to you guys

2017   Question

DJs don’t dance?

When I’m on tour, usually I don’t have much time to fully enjoy the party from the dancefloor’s perspective as I have to rush back to the hotel or even straight to the airport otherwise I miss my flight.

But the last two gigs at PLUR Festival and The Egg London things were aligned in such way so I had a spare time after playing my set and I enjoyed the sets of other DJs playing after me. The funny thing is, last weekend in London when I was having a great time on the dancefloor listening to Hypnocoustics set, a guy came to me and said and he never saw a DJ just dancing like that with the crowd.

This actually made thing about it. I don’t often see a DJ dancing on the dancefloor among the crowd, indeed. DJs don’t dance? Or they find it not cool to hang out on the other side of the decks? Do you find it unprofessional? Why?

I’m curious what do you guys think when seeing a DJ just dancing on the dancefloor after playing a set?

2017   Music industry   Question

Bad stage name?

I had an interesting conversation today, I’ve been told that my stage name “Daniel Lesden” is associated with Trance or Techno music but not with Psytrance, and this is why I presumably don’t get enough attention from the Psychedelic community (despite the fact my album is currently #1 at Psytrance CDs charts).

What do you think about it guys? Is this really the case? It seems that for Psytrance producers it’s become a habit to use superheroes or famous characters’ names, but I don’t get what’s wrong in having a real name as a part of the alias? After all, aren’t musicians supposed to be judged by... well, you know, music?

2017   Music industry   Psy scene   Question

Why Israeli pick such stage names?

I love Israeli trance scene since early Goa Trance in the 90s. This small country contributed to the Psy scene probably more than any other. But I can’t understand only one thing: why do they choose such stage names?

I’m talking about popular characters or common things like: Coming Soon, Captain Hook, Rocky, DaVinci Code, Ace Ventura, Born Sleepy, Easy Riders, Roger Rabbit, Fire Starter, Freedom Fighters, Ghost Rider, Royal Flush... and there are more I guess.

Lineup of the biggest events

Why? What the point of naming yourself by the name of worldwide-known characters? You can’t even it find such artist in Google because all search results you get are those characters or cartoons. Can someone explain me, please?

2015   Psy scene   Question   WTF

Who is still making Progressive Psy parties in Moscow?

Since I moved to Israel I lost the connection with the Moscow Psy scene, but I’m curious to know: are there any promoters who still making Progressive Psy parties in Moscow? Who are those brave guys? Is anybody bringing to Moscow artists like E-Clip, Sideform, Egorythmia, Protonica, Lyctum, Zyce, Mindwave, and the list goes on?

As far as I can see by the flyers, Moscow promoters make only Full-on parties with the same headlines for a second decade in a row. Am I wrong?


We’ve got a little discussions on my page in Vkontakte, I’ll put a link here, just in case.

2015   Psy scene   Question   Russia

“EDM” — a bad word?

I used to call all electronic music as “EDM” (electronic dance music). Trance, Techno, House, Drum’n’Bass, Hardcore, whatever — it’s all was EDM to me, like an opposite to Pop and Rock music.

Seems time has changed as some certain genres of electronic dance music are now actually Pop music — like Big Room and all such commercial “Trause” which sounds on biggest festivals.

If so, how we should call a real electronic dance music then, I mean underground one — “UDM”? What do you think about it?

2014   Music industry   Question

Ads on SoundCloud are coming?

This morning SoundCloud introduced a brand new account type called “Premier”:

“At the Premier partner level, creators will have the opportunity to make money from their tracks through advertising. It also includes Pro features and more benefits. At launch, entry to the Premier tier is by invitation. Monetization occurs only on content when it’s played in the US. We’ll open up the program to more creators and more countries as fast as we can.

The introduction of advertising is an important step for creators. Every time you see or hear an ad, an artist gets paid. If you’re in the US, you’ll start to experience occasional ads from our brand partners. We’re bringing ads on gradually. In addition to supporting creators, ads will keep the service free and open for people to listen to SoundCloud.”

We’re all know how annoying video ads on YouTube are, so I bet something similar will happen with SoundCloud as from now we will be forced to listen to ads.

What do you think about that changes?

2014   Music industry   Question   SoundCloud
2014   Music industry   Question

Side projects

I was wondering how many Psy producers has changed their main style and created side projects?

To name a few:

Ananda Shake Osher
Beyondecliptica E-Clip
BLT Perfect Stranger
Broken Toy Sad Paradise
Freaked Frequency Molok
Hipnotix Darma
Illumination Born Sleepy
Magneto Ghost Rider / Class A
Prospect Lyctum
Psysex Ace Ventura
Sundose Aquaspace
SynSUN Jackie White
Switch & Cycle Sphere Coming Soon
Timelock Weekend Heroes
Ticon & Emok Critical Choice
Ultravoice & Dj Bog Double Click
X-Noize Major7
Xerox Vertical Mode

Who else do you know?

2013   Psy scene   Question