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Track of the week: “Human Being”

Drasko Radovanovic make fantastic tracks under his alias Relativ, they have those melodic components of the Full-on music from the mid-2000’s which I like a lot, but at the same time wrapped in a modern arrangement with a top-notch quality.

It’s safe to say I like every single track of Relativ, this is just one of his recent works. I would highly recommend more of this productions.

Artist Relativ
Title Human Being (Original Mix)
Label Digital Om Productions
Year 2016

Mar 4   Psytrance   Track of the week

Track of the week: “Synthesize”

I’ve been playing this track at some parties and every time the dancefloor went nuts. Love the long progression and the dark vibe here. Miroslav’s style is unique, once you get familiar with his music you’ll always recognise it.

Things are starting to get serious at 2:30.

Artist ManMachine
Title Synthesize (Original Mix)
Release Goa Culture Vol.9
Label Yellow Sunshine Explosion
Year 2013

Listen also Manmachine guest mix on Rave Podcast

Feb 18   Progressive Psy   Psytrance   Track of the week

Track of the week: “Science & Spirit”

I love Boris Blenn’s music for almost two decades in a row since his early Goa trance releases. But I also respect him that he constantly improving his sound and not stuck in the 90s.

This collaboration with Symbolic is a truly modern top-notch Psytrance.

Artists Symbolic & Electric Universe
Title Science & Spirit (Original Mix)
Label Nano Records
Year 2016

Feb 11   Psytrance   Track of the week

Track of the week: “Orba”

As you probably know, I’m using star rating system in iTunes to organize my music library. There are about 11000 tracks at the moment with 803 of them (and counting) rated as ★★★★★. These are my all-time favorite tracks.

Organizing music library

And starting from today, I would like to share some of these tracks, each one at a time every Saturday. You can find all further posts like this by the “Track of the week” tag.


John 00 Fleming and Ricky Smith beautifully crafted the dark atmosphere in this track with twisted leads and haunting voices. I suggest listening to from start to finish with no distraction to really get it. The climax is just mind-blowing.

Artist 00.db
Title Orba (Original Mix)
Release Heaven & Hell
Label Fektive Records
Year 2009

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