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The Guest Mix @ DI Summer Solstice Festival 2014

For the second year in a row I was participating in the online festival hosted by Digitally Imported, and here the mix I made for it. Besides a couple of tracks from myself and banging Psy-Prog, this set also includes one of my all-time favourite track from 1996, Radiotrance’s “Plasma” but in a modern Breaks reworks. Love it!


00:00 Daniel Lesden – Shadow Of Collisions (Original Mix)
08:06 Copycat – Voyager One (Original Mix)
13:05 Vandeta – Limited Options (Original Mix)
17:32 Radiotrance – Plasma (Breaks Mix)
23:28 Black Mesa & Genetrick – Nzt48 (Original Mix)
29:51 Vini Vici – Expender (Original Mix)
33:58 Side Effects & Lyctum – Fantasy (Original Mix)
38:13 Ritmo – The Way We Are (Lifeforms Remix)
41:38 Fire Starter – Mantra (Original Mix)
43:30 Major7 & D-Addiction – From The Speakers (Original Mix)
48:57 Arhetip – Random Walk (Original Mix)
55:02 Daniel Lesden feat. Spinney Lainey – Mirai (Original Mix)
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The Guest Mix @ United States Trance Movement

Looks like this month I overdose you with new mixes, but I hope you don’t mind :-) Here is my a yet another guest mix, this time recorded specially for USTM — United States Trance Movement’s mix session. Read also my interview for USTM if you haven’t yet.


0:00:00 J&B Project – Rabbits Redemption (Original Mix)
0:05:05 Zyce – Apollo 13 (Original Mix)
0:09:34 Daniel Lesden – Ancient Civilization (Cristo Disto Remix)
0:12:53 Lyctum – Bright Lights (Original Mix)
0:17:36 Sub6 – D.T.N.F. (Vertical Mode Remix)
0:22:05 Reaky – Katarza (Original Mix)
0:27:15 Hedflux – White Nights (Original Mix)
0:30:47 Yahel – Other Side In You (Audio Control & Avant Garde Remix)
0:32:54 Simply Wave & Opposite8 – Fill The Void (Original Mix)
0:37:49 Shanko – Mental Mind (Original Mix)
0:42:02 Daniel Lesden – Mars One (Original Mix)
0:47:18 Senseye – Psychotic Hallucination (Original Mix)
0:50:52 Lifeforms – Dream Catcher (Original Mix)
0:55:09 Avant Garde & Oniro – The Borgs (Original Mix)
0:59:14 Lyctum – Galactic Society (Daniel Lesden Remix)
1:06:41 Darma – State Of Flux (Original Mix)
1:08:59 Ace Ventura – Presence (Daniel Lesden Remix)
1:15:00 Unicode – Queen Tatyana (Original Mix)
1:18:43 Daniel Lesden – Illusion Of Reality (Original Mix)
1:24:03 Sonic Entity – Gravity Control (Original Mix)
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Live @ PDJ TV

And here’s also the same set available on SoundCloud:


00:00 John 00 Fleming – WKO (Cosmithex Remix)
04:41 Zyce – Apollo 13 (Original Mix)
08:27 Born Sleepy – Wanted (Original Mix)
10:19 Vertical Mode – Deep Vibrations (Astrix Remix)
13:01 E-Clip – Moonsight (Original Mix)
16:18 Roger Rabbit – Bed Politics (Original)
19:37 Lupin – Melodrama (Sonic Entity Remix)
22:53 ID – ID
26:38 Flegma & Nerso – Sensei (Original Mix)
30:22 Daniel Lesden – Mars One (Original Mix)
34:41 Senseye – Psychotic Hallucination (Original Mix)
38:18 Hedflux & Grouch – Lumination (Original Mix)
40:38 Ace Ventura – Presence (Daniel Lesden Remix)
46:13 Symbolic – Crystal Clear (Side Effects Remix)
49:00 Pop Art & Omiki – Lets get Started (Original Mix)
51:20 Daniel Lesden – Space Form (Original Mix)
54:35 ID – ID
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Rave Podcast 039

Special guest of the month: Space Hypnose

Rave Podcast August edition, aired yesterday on Digitally Imported, is now available on the main website, Soundcloud and iTunes.

This month we have banging tracks from Lyctum, Ovnimoon, MartOpetEr, Side Effects, E-Clip, Micky Noise and more superb artists at the first hour, while the second hour is another killer DJ-mix from Space Hypnose.


0:00:00 Lyctum – Subatomic (Original Mix)
0:08:16 Ovnimoon & Lupin – Hooponopono (Original Mix)
0:13:56 Timewave – Relentless (J Michael Kobers Unrelenting Remix)
0:17:17 Chris Voro – Dark Seed (MartOpetEr Remix)
0:20:35 Expect – F1F Bless Bass (Drukverdeler & DJ Bim Remix)
0:24:06 Egorythmia – S.M.O.T.U (Side Effects Remix)
0:27:37 E-Clip – Reactor (Original Mix)
0:31:08 Dan Ascherl – Maza Chante 6.0 (Original Mix)
0:34:52 Miro – By Your Side (Ovnimoon Instrumental Mix)
0:39:32 Zyce & Nerso – Unimation (Micky Noise Remix)
0:44:26 Darma – Deep Hole (E-Clip Remix)
0:49:22 Pop Art vs Omiki – Lets Get Started (Original Mix)
0:52:23 Daniel Lesden – ID

Space Hypnose guest mix
To be added soon.

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The Guest Mix @ Open Up

Thanks a lot to Simon Patterson for hosting my guest mix on Open Up last night. And a massive thanks to all the listeners, so many feedback and good words! I had never ever got so many tweets :-)

A great up and coming Psytrance producer!


00:00 Daniel Lesden – Mars One (Original Mix)
06:10 Lyctum – Galactic Society (Daniel Lesden Remix)
12:42 Hedflux & Grouch – Lumination (Original Mix)
14:33 Ace Ventura – Presence (Daniel Lesden Remix)
19:22 Side Effects – My People (Original Mix)
22:00 Daniel Lesden & Argonnight – Imitation Of Life (Original Mix)
23:24 Relativ – Universal (Original Mix)
26:25 Daniel Lesden – Illusion Of Reality (Original Mix)
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Rave Podcast 038

Special guest of the month: Phoma

Rave Podcast July edition is available on the main website, SoundCloud, and iTunes. This month we have tracks from Timewave, Kingpink, Copycat, Lyctum, Argonnight, myself and more artists. And a superb tripy guest mix from Phoma.


0:00:00 E-Click – Symbiosis (Original Mix)
0:04:12 Relaunch – Suspense (Basil O Glue Remix)
0:08:23 Timewave – The Reaper (Original Mix)
0:14:00 Airwave – Atlas Winds (Original Mix)
0:16:25 Aerospace & Kingpink – Trancemitter (Original Mix)
0:19:02 Kingpink & Mr Suspect – 21 Gramms (Original Mix)
0:24:28 Protonica – Motion Control (Original Mix)
0:28:18 Ovnimoon – The Source (Lyctum Remix)
0:33:05 Copycat & Lyctum – Wormhole (Original Mix)
0:38:05 Simply Wave & Opposite8 – Fill the Void (Original Mix)
0:43:45 Nok, DJ Fabio & Moon – Head Cheka (Original Mix)
0:47:39 Will Marshall – Circuit Funk (Original Mix)
0:50:00 Ace Ventura – Presence (Daniel Lesden Remix)
0:55:37 Symbolic – Crystal Clear (Dickster Remix)
0:57:43 Argonnight & Daniel Lesden – Imitation of Life (Original Mix)

Phoma guest mix
To be added soon.

Rave Podcast 036

Special guest of the month: Manifestor

Rave Podcast 036 is already available for you to download. This episode featured latest tracks from Zyce, Skaivox, Lish & SpaceCat, Symbolic, Sonic Sense and more artists. Also, there is an exclusive preview of a yet unreleased remix on my track “Ancient Civilization” by Cristo Disto.


0:00:00 Wes Straub – Moments (Original Mix)
0:05:12 Odd Sequence – Beat Cake (Original Mix)
0:10:36 Heaton – Northward (Skaivox Remix)
0:13:02 Reaky – When It All Began (Original Mix)
0:16:54 Zyce & Kingpink – Under the Tree (Original Mix)
0:21:56 Lish & SpaceCat – Dark Horizon (Original Mix)
0:26:43 Daniel Lesden – The New Land (Original Mix)
0:31:57 Symbolic & Ace Ventura – Prime Time (Original Mix)
0:37:50 Will Atkinson & Nick Callaghan – Blizzard (Liquid Soul Remix)
0:39:15 Quantanoize & Sonic Sense – Dark Memories (Original Mix)
0:45:06 Sonic Sense – Kids n Drugs (Original Mix)
0:49:18 48K – Shadowmen (Martopeter Remix)
0:52:34 Vertical Mode – Modular Pitch (Original Mix)
0:56:29 Daniel Lesden – Ancient Civilization (Cristo Disto Remix)

Manifestor guest mix
To be added soon.

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Rave Podcast 034

Special guest of the month: Relativ

Rave Podcast March edition, is already here! Two hours of high-quality blasting Progressive Psytrance music, featuring latest works from Cosmithex’s new single as well as his remix on John 00 Fleming’s “WKO”, Zyce, Lyctum, my remix for Mac & Monday (unreleased yet), Zentura and many more! And at the second hour we have a very special guest this month – Relativ!


0:00:00 Ectima – Info Stealer (Cristo Disto Remix)
0:04:05 Hedflux & Grouch – Lumination (Original Mix)
0:08:23 Cosmithex – Cylinder (Original Mix)
0:11:59 Lyctum – They Are Here (Original Mix)
0:15:05 Sideform – Deeper Unity (Terahert Remix)
0:17:42 Techyon & Dusters – Dustech (Original Mix)
0:21:45 Opposite8 – Electric Space (Original Mix)
0:25:18 Copycat – Sake & Prox (Original Mix)
0:30:03 Egorythmia – We Can Fly (Solaris Vibe Remix)
0:31:56 John 00 Fleming – WKO (Cosmithex Remix)
0:36:53 Subverso – Subculture (Original Mix)
0:42:11 Zyce – Magic Shrooms (Original Mix)
0:46:06 Mac & Monday – Yoruba (Daniel Lesden Remix)
0:52:39 Zentura – Light Mutation (Original Mix)

Relativ guest mix
To be added soon.

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Rave Podcast 033

Special guest of the month: Cosmithex

February edition of Rave Podcast radio show is already available on Soundcloud and iTunes. This month edition features latest tracks from Human Element, Flowjob, Anton Chernikov, Molok (a new side-project of Freaked Frequency) Funky Dragon and more. And a very special guest is on the decks at second hour: Cosmithex (JOOF Recordings resident from Estonia) with amazing 1-hour producers guest mix – only his own tracks full hour, including unreleased works!

Also, we have another good thing. Not everybody knows that first Rave Podcast episode was born in February 2011. It means what this month we celebrate a 2-year anniversary, yay!


0:00:00 Human Element – Trapped In Time (Original Mix)
0:06:35 Soulearth – Organic (Original Mix)
0:09:59 Darma – One Direction (Original Mix)
0:13:26 Flowjob – We Dont Wanna Scare Your Children (Original Mix)
0:18:21 Anton Chernikov – Distant Visitors (Original Mix)
0:23:22 Static Movement – System Overload (Original Mix)
0:26:55 Molok – Appetite For The Night (Original Mix)
0:31:53 Numb & Darma – SubZero (Original Mix)
0:36:34 Echotek – Fat Groove (Original Mix)
0:40:47 Egorythima & Hi Profile – Wake Up (Original Mix)
0:45:32 Molok, Nerso & Lyctum – Non Of This Is Real (Original Mix)
0:50:13 Hedflux – White Nights (Original Mix)
0:54:53 Funky Dragon – Remake (Original Mix)

Cosmithex guest mix
To be added soon.

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