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Rave Podcast 086

Special guest of the month: Tim Bourne

This month’s show features new music from Cosmithex (yes, he’s back!), Vertex, StarLab & Genesia, Dual Resonance, Djantrix, Zatzak & Exolon, and more. And Tim Bourne’s guest mix for the second hour. Enjoy!


0:00:00 The Digital Blonde – Earth Tone (Original Mix)
0:06:16 Slam Duck – Anxiety Dream (Cosmithex Remix)
0:10:35 Echotek – Kula Chakra (Original Mix)
0:14:23 Tristan, Avalon, Vini Vici – Colors (Original Mix)
0:19:55 Vertex & Interpulse – Galactic Frequency (Original Mix)
0:25:32 Freaked Frequency & Zyce Feat. Modern8 – Perfect Harmony (Original Mix)
0:30:19 Symbolic – Grim Sleeper (Original Mix)
0:35:53 Zen Mechanics & Egorythmia – Dragonfruit (Dual Resonance Remix)
0:41:12 Starlab & Genesia – Access To Consciousness (Original Mix)
0:46:56 Zatzak & Exolon – Out of Order (Original Mix)
0:50:16 Djantrix & Spirit Architect – Vortex (Original Mix)

Tim Bourne guest mix

0:57:35 Tim Bourne – Hadrenaline (Original Mix)
1:01:17 Ace Ventura & Lifeforms – Royal Rumble (Original Mix)
1:07:29 Protoculture – Music Is Forever (Original Mix)
1:11:46 Tim Bourne – Akasha (Original Mix)
1:17:30 Liquid Soul – Cydonia (Original Mix)
1:21:48 Ritmo & Astrix – Ziran (Original Mix)
1:26:28 00.db – Melatron (Original Mix)
1:32:12 Tim Bourne – Creatures Within (Original Mix)
1:38:05 3 Of Life – Be Square (Original Mix)
1:41:52 Morten Granau – Fuzzy Monkey (Invisible Reality Remix)
1:44:32 Ticon – Bird Of Prey (Original Mix)
1:49:13 Ritmo & Sphera – Immediate Moment (Original Mix)
1:51:35 Animato & Freedom Fighters – Nocturnal (Original Mix)
1:53:57 Sphera – Everybody Is Nobody (Original Mix)
2017   Progressive Psy   Progressive Trance   Psychedelic   Psytrance   Rave Podcast

Track of the week: Slap It

Fantastic piece of a proper Progressive Trance known as a soundtrack to the Zion party scene in Matrix Reloaded. This track doesn’t have that level of details as nowadays’ production, but it certainly has some magic feeling. Or maybe it just a nostalgia? Well, I hope I’m not that old yet.

Artist Fluke
Title Slap It (Untitled No.3)
Label Appalooso
Year 2001
BPM 135
Key Em
2017   Progressive Trance   Track of the week

Rave Podcast 083

Special guest of the month: Neodyne

The first hour of the show features my past set at GTG, and for the second hour we are privileged to have Mr Sean Tyas’ guest mix under his new Psytrance alias, Neodyne.


0:00:00 Daniel Lesden – Deep Haze (Original Mix)
0:05:08 Coming Soon – Fear (Original Mix)
0:06:36 Freedom Fighters – Recycled (Original Mix)
0:06:36 John 00 Fleming – Tik Tok (Part 2)
0:09:30 ID – ID
0:15:03 Ritmo – The Way We Are (Lifeforms Remix)
0:16:01 Prosper – On Wheels (Original Mix)
0:17:20 Daniel Lesden & Cosmithex – Genesis (Original Mix)
0:23:17 Liquid Soul & Zyrus 7 – The Future (Liquid Soul Mix)
0:26:08 Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn – The Human Element (Daniel Lesden Remix)
0:31:33 Vandeta & Atacama – Lost In Space (Original Mix)
0:35:48 Manmachine – Synthesize (Original Mix)
0:39:33 Daniel Lesden – Ignition (Original Mix)
0:45:08 ID – ID
0:51:38 Relativ – Hyperspace (Original Mix)
0:55:34 Astral Projection – Let There Be Light (Outsiders Remix)
0:58:06 Electric Universe – Freedom (Original Mix)

Neodyne guest mix

0:59:57 Liquid Soul & Dj Dream – Liquid Dream (Neodyne VIP Remix)
1:06:37 Bitmonx – Bug Spencer (Original Mix)
1:10:16 Sean Tyas – Matter Of Time (Original Mix)
1:16:12 Marmion – Schöneberg (Sean Tyas Remix)
1:21:07 Skyfall – Dream State (Original Mix)
1:26:17 Sean Tyas – Vagabond (Original Mix)
1:31:17 Magik & Waio – gan Jar (Original Mix)
1:37:11 Circuit Breakers – New Horizons (Original Mix)
1:41:44 Liquid Soul & Neodyne – Believe (Original Mix)
1:46:16 Symbolic – Grim Sleeper (Original Mix)
1:50:48 Liquid Soul & Neodyne – Cherub (Original Mix)
1:56:02 Outsiders & Imagine Mars – We Are In The Shadows (Original Mix)
2017   Progressive Psy   Progressive Trance   Psychedelic   Psytrance   Rave Podcast

Track of the week: Papua New Guinea (Satoshi Tomiie Main Path)

A stunning deep remix to the classic track by a Japanese producer, loving it. I think it sums what a proper Progressive Trance music should be like.

Artist The Future Sound Of London
Title Papua New Guinea
Remixer Satoshi Tomiie
Release Papua New Guinea 2001
Label Jumpin’ & Pumpin’
Year 2001
BPM 130
Key Fm
2017   Progressive Trance   Track of the week

Rave Podcast 081

Special guest of the month: Sabretooth

Rave Podcast February edition is up online on the main website, SoundCloud, and iTunes with full tracklistings. The show features new music from The Digital Blonde, Voyager, One Function, Tim Bourne, Beat Bizarre, and more. And for the guest mix we have producer’s live set from Ben Fraser aka Sabretooth with his fantastic productions. Enjoy!


0:00:00 Lost Shaman – Twilight Turtle (Original Mix)
0:05:33 Bernie Allen – Late Reflections (Manmachine Remix)
0:08:18 Beat Bizarre – Magical Realism (Original Mix)
0:14:52 The Digital Blonde – The Witches (Original Mix)
0:20:32 One Function – Holistic Transform (Original Mix)
0:25:56 Liquid Soul – Revolution (Future Frequencies Remix)
0:31:50 Voyager – Voyageur (Original Mix)
0:36:16 Lostly – Take This Acid (Original Mix)
0:42:31 Cambium – The Power of Now (Original Mix)
0:45:58 Kopel – Shanghai (Original Mix)
0:50:47 Daniel Lesden – The Dream of Electric Sheep (Original Mix)
0:56:16 Tim Bourne – The Wounded Healer (Original Mix)

Sabretooth guest mix

1:00:49 Sabretooth – Covering Ground (Original Mix)
1:07:00 Daniel Lesden – Enuma Elish (Sabretooth Remix)
1:11:36 Manmachine – Sharks & Laser Beams (Sabretooth Remix)
1:16:39 Zen Mechanics & Future Frequency – Naked Stoned Exalted (Sabretooth Remix)
1:22:35 Starlab – Tokyo Teleport (Sabretooth Remix)
1:27:42 Block Device – The Earth, the Moon, the Sun (Sabretooth Remix)
1:32:27 Sabretooth – Designated Driver (Original Mix)
1:36:30 Sabretooth – Pro Funghi (Original Mix)
1:42:27 Sinerider & Escape – Aftermath (Sabretooth Remix)
1:46:41 Spirit Architect & Try2Fly – Keep Going (Sabretooth Remix)
1:52:22 Cosmosis – Gift Of The Gods (Sabretooth Remix)
2017   Progressive Psy   Progressive Trance   Psytrance   Rave Podcast

Track of the week: Harpoon (Alex Di Stefano Remix)

As a follow-up to the last week’s track, here is another crossover between Techno and Trance worlds. Hypnotic, emotional, I like that. I haven’t played this track in a club, but I bet at a proper underground party the crowd would go nuts at 5:14.

I’m sure you’ll hear more of Alex Di Stefano in this blog.

Artist Spektre
Title Harpoon
Remixer Alex Di Stefano
Release Casting Shadows Without Light (Remixes Part 2)
Label Respekt Recordings
Year 2010
BPM 128
Key Fm
2017   Progressive Trance   Techno   Track of the week

Rave Podcast 080

Special guest of the month: Spectro Senses

Rave Podcast January edition is up online on the main website, SoundCloud, and iTunes. This month’s show featuring tracks from Cosmithex, Lyktum, Thenaria, Brainiac, Voyager, and more. And special producer’s guest mix from Spectro Senses for the second hour.


0:00:00 Cosmithex – Cold Fusion (Original Mix)
0:04:43 Zentura – Come With Us (MVMB Remix)
0:10:38 Thenaria – Acceleration (Original Mix)
0:15:59 Lyktum – Cosmic Web Cut 2 (Original Mix)
0:21:05 Ace Ventura & Captain Hook – The Jolly Roger (Future Frequency Remix)
0:23:03 Somnia – Insola (Original Mix)
0:27:18 Doppler Shift & Genetrick – Individual Experience (Original Mix)
0:32:30 Brainiac – Monstrum (Original Mix)
0:38:02 Voyager – The Source (Original Mix)
0:43:00 Lupin – Dreamblaster (Original Mix)
0:48:17 Daniel Lesden – Technological Singularity (Original Mix)

Spectro Senses guest mix

0:55:30 Spectro Senses – Voyager One (Original Mix)
1:02:31 Spectro Senses – Psychology Analysis (Original Mix)
1:08:58 Spectro Senses – Sacred Tree (Original Mix)
1:11:43 Spectro Senses – Atoms Vibrations (Original Mix)
1:17:39 Spectro Senses – Human Culture (Original Mix)
1:23:36 Spectro Senses – The Illusion of Time (Original Mix)
1:30:37 Spectro Senses – Close To Reality (Original Mix)
1:35:25 Spectro Senses – Om (Original Mix)
1:41:29 Spectro Senses & Synthetic Vision – Bansuri (Original Mix)
1:47:25 Spectro Senses – Elements of Nature (Original Mix)
1:53:22 Spectro Senses & Synthetic Vision – Encode Message (Original Mix)
1:58:51 Spectro Senses – Sacred Geometry (Original Mix)
2017   Progressive Psy   Progressive Trance   Psytrance   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast 079

Special guest of the month: Beat Bizarre

Rave Podcast December edition is up online on the main website, SoundCloud, and iTunes.

I’m really honored to have Mr Beat Bizarre (Iboga Records) as a special guest for this month’s show, I love his music since his album “Somersault Industries” released back in 2005 and he still delivers an outstanding hypnotic, tripy Progressive Psy trance.

This episode also features new tracks from Subliminal Codes, Waveform, Sideform, Suduaya, Artificials and more, including exclusive preview of my new single “Arrival” that is coming out on Digital Om Productions on December, 19.


0:00:00 DJ Jon Doe – Drastic Comedown (Komm Unity TW Remix)
0:03:52 John Gibbons – 1984 (Full Tilt Remix)
0:04:50 Ivan Nikusev – Aurora (Relaunch Remix)
0:07:58 Subliminal Codes – Acid Memories (Original Mix)
0:12:17 Atmos – Soundglider (Yestermorrow Remix)
0:17:04 Waveform – Hallucinations (Original Mix)
0:18:57 Tripy – Chemical EQuation (Original Mix)
0:24:07 Sonic Entity – Superposition (Original Mix)
0:29:01 Emok & Suntree – Catching the Moment (Sideform Remix)
0:34:23 Zorak – Futuristic Portal (Original Mix)
0:36:43 Artificials – Human Emotions (Original Mix)
0:41:21 Suduaya – Spirit World (Original Mix)
0:46:02 Sean Tyas – Matter Of Time (Original Mix)
0:52:01 Nertum – Perpetual Science (Original Mix)
0:55:42 Daniel Lesden – Arrival (Original Mix)

Beat Bizarre guest mix

1:01:25 Beat Bizarre – Magical Realism (Original Mix)
1:10:44 Beat Bizarre – Red (Original Mix)
1:18:51 Beat Bizarre – Tarantismus (Original Mix)
1:24:16 Beat Bizarre – Aphrodite’s Drop (Original Mix)
1:29:11 Beat Bizarre – Antikythera Mechanism (Original Mix)
1:38:32 Beat Bizarre – Chrysanthemum (Original Mix)
1:43:30 Beat Bizarre – Pure (Original Mix)
1:48:37 Beat Bizarre – Abrikosmos (Original Mix)
1:54:00 Ambush – RetroCinema (Beat Bizarre Remix)
2016   Progressive Psy   Progressive Trance   Psytrance   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast 077

Special guest of the month: Steve Birch

Rave Podcast October edition is up online on the main website, SoundCloud, and iTunes. This month show features tracks from Sabretooth, Flegma, Protonica, Skyfall, Lifeforms and more. And fantastic Progressive guest mix from Steve Birch.


0:00:00 Phaxe – Street Lights (Atmos Remix)
0:05:38 Protonica & Tristate – Source Code (Original Mix)
0:10:40 Flegma & Out of Jetlag – Mush Monk (Original Mix)
0:16:38 Starlab – Tokyo Teleport (Sabertooth Remix)
0:22:21 Tripy – Ground Energy (Original Mix)
0:27:35 Zentura – Sonic Masala (Lifeforms Remix)
0:32:00 Zen Mechanics & Audiotec – Telemetry (Original Mix)
0:37:34 Liquid Soul & Talla 2XLC – The Future (DigiCult Remix)
0:41:30 Magnus – Sinelock (Original Mix)
0:49:21 Vertical Mode & Oforia – Billy Boy (Original Mix)
0:55:14 Mad Maxx – Monster (Skyfall Remix)

Steve Birch guest mix

0:59:06 Steve Birch – Drift (Original Mix)
1:05:30 Steve Birch – Folktale (Original Mix)
1:11:05 Steve Birch – Ourobourus (Original Mix)
1:16:53 Steve Birch – Close Encounters Of An Alien Circus Kind (Original Mix)
1:21:42 Steve Birch – 2709 (Original Mix)
1:27:42 Steve Birch – Snake Chamer (Original Mix)
1:33:38 Steve Birch – Paths (Original Mix)
1:39:39 Steve Birch – The Journey (Original Mix)
1:45:30 The Vs – Virtual Symmetry (Steve Birch Bootleg)
1:51:39 Li Kwan – Point Zero (Original Mix)
2016   Progressive Psy   Progressive Trance   Psytrance   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast 075

Special guest of the month: Artsense

Rave Podcast August edition is ready for download on the main website and iTunes with full tracklistings. This month show featuring tracks from Robert Elster, Genesia, Shinta, Ritmo, Lyktum and more, and a full-power Psychedelic guest mix from Artsense for the second hour.

You probably noticed that now I start each episode with a small voice introduction at the beginning, and I’m wondering what do you think about it? Despite my terrible accent, do you like hearing some voice from me or it annoys you?


0:00:00 Robert Elster – Apollo 303 (Original Mix)
0:06:39 Alter Nature – Bursting With Life (Original Mix)
0:10:13 Ritmo & Gaudium – Keep It Minimal (Original Mix)
0:14:49 Red Sun & Radial – Back In Time (Original Mix)
0:19:28 Xahno – Yakruna (Original Mix)
0:21:56 Daniel Lesden – Ignition (Waveform Remix)
0:25:42 XV Kilist & Rocco – Who Would You Call (Bitmonx Remix)
0:31:26 Shinta – Moment (Original Mix)
0:36:06 Simon Patterson – Smack (Waio Remix)
0:42:09 Genesia & Subverso – Phenomorphia (Original Mix)
0:47:02 Faders & Lyktum – Blueprints of Creation (Original Mix)
0:51:10 Aho – Universo Infinito (Original Mix)
0:56:51 Alfoa – Pray (Under This Remix)

Artsense guest mix

1:01:06 Artsense – Renovacio (Original Mix)
1:05:47 Artsense – Kidding Me (Original Mix)
1:10:21 Artsense – Consciousness (Original Mix)
1:15:29 Manmachine – Planets Came Back (Original Mix)
1:19:15 AudioFire – Charaka (Original Mix)
1:23:58 Artsense – Alien In My Head (Original Mix)
1:28:36 Artsense – Open Your Mind (Original Mix)
1:32:14 Circuit Breakers – Rumblicious (Original Mix)
1:39:37 Artsense – ID
1:43:25 Imaginarium & Djantrix – Reconnect (Original Mix)
1:49:52 Astrix & Tristan – Awake The Snake (Original Mix)
1:53:01 Burn in Noise & Earthspace & Shekinah – Loco (Original Mix)
2016   Progressive Psy   Progressive Trance   Psychedelic   Psytrance   Rave Podcast
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