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Track of the week: “Little Earth”

My track of the week series would not be complete without a track from Lyktum (formerly Lyctum), this guy’s production is outstanding. The sound design and the musical components are so good and refreshing.

As far as I know he’s currently working on a new album which I can’t wait to hear, and in the meantime, here is the track from his debut album back from 2012.

Artist Lyctum
Title Little Earth (Original Mix)
Release Tales From The Universe
Label Yellow Sunshine Explosion
Year 2012
BPM 136
Key Fm
Jul 1   Progressive Psy   Track of the week

Track of the week: “Mutation”

I’m not a big fan of Offbeat Progressive, but this track so masterfully crafted so I couldn’t resist. The production quality, the groove, and the dark theme are amazing.

Artist Egorythmia & Static Movement
Title Mutation (Original Mix)
Label Iono Music
Year 2017
BPM 140
Key D#m

Listen also to this track in the latest Rave Podcast.

Jun 10   Progressive Psy   Track of the week

Track of the week: “Afro Samurai”

This track is weird. It doesn’t have a regular Psytrance bassline nor crazy-modulated leads, yet it has some hypnotic and unique feeling that attract my ears.

Artist Datacult
Title Afro Samurai (Original Mix)
Release V.A. Psychedelic Revolution
Label BMSS Records
Year 2015
BPM 138
Key F#m
May 6   Progressive Psy   Track of the week

Track of the week: “Monstrum”

Love the mechanical feeling in this track. These hats, snares, acid bleeps, and sidechained pads in particular are so good!

Artist Brainiac
Title Monstrum (Original Mix)
Label Sourcecode Transmissions
Year 2016
BPM 140
Key A#m
Apr 29   Progressive Psy   Track of the week

Track of the week: “Systematic Numbers”

Mindwave style has also been slightly different from the mainstream Progressive Psy. I like his deep, hypnotic, yet melodic music, and “Systematic Numbers” is one of these tracks. I also like the length of this track allowing to slowly build up the atmosphere.

Artist Mindwave
Title Systematic Numbers (Original Mix)
Label TechSafari Records
Year 2016
BPM 138
Key Em

If you like this track, check also Mystify.

2017   Progressive Psy   Track of the week

Track of the week: “Ground Tracer”

Here is another crossover between Psytrance and Techno worlds. Dalibor Delic and Nikola Kozic aka Ectima masterfully crafted percussions and hypnotic atmosphere in this track, I love it.

I also recommend checking out their entire album “The Clash Of Civilization” if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s totally badass. I’m sure we’ll see more of Ectima in this blog in the future.

Artist Ectima
Title Ground Tracer (Original Mix)
Release Ground Defense
Label 2010
Year TesseracTstudio
BPM 138
Key F#m
2017   Progressive Psy   Techno   Track of the week

Track of the week: “Zlow”

This track is weird. It doesn’t sound like a typical Progressive Psy and even sound a little bit “dirty”, and strangely enough, this is probably what attracted my ears when I heard it for the first time. That YouTube video is just a 3-minutes long preview, be sure to check out the full-length version.

Artist Duotekk
Title Zlow (Original Mix)
Label TIP Records
Year 2011
BPM 136
Key Fm

Listen also this track in my mix on Sunlife FM.

2017   Progressive Psy   Track of the week

Track of the week: “Synthesize”

I’ve been playing this track at some parties and every time the dancefloor went nuts. Love the long progression and the dark vibe here. Miroslav’s style is unique, once you get familiar with his music you’ll always recognise it.

Things are starting to get serious at 2:30.

Artist ManMachine
Title Synthesize (Original Mix)
Release Goa Culture Vol.9
Label Yellow Sunshine Explosion
Year 2013
BPM 137
Key D#m

Listen also Manmachine guest mix on Rave Podcast.

2017   Progressive Psy   Psytrance   Track of the week

Track of the week: “Who We Are”

A gorgeous blend of Techno and Progressive from Martin Vice and Michael Banel. The main theme is a little bit cheesy but the track’s progression and overall production quality are outstanding.

Play it loud.

Artist MVMB
Title Who We Are (Original Mix)
Release The Sleeper Must Awaken
Label Iboga Records
Year 2016
BPM 137
Key Em
2017   Progressive Psy   Techno   Track of the week

Track of the week: “Black Essence” (Nerso Remix)

Nerso did a great job remixing this track, I like its simplicity in an old-fashioned way: no triplets, no 2-minutes long breakdown, no pitch-rising vocals. Just a straight melodic Progressive Psy, it sounds almost like a slowed-down Full-on from 2004~2005 but much more polished in details.

The things kicks off at 2:19. Notice how the bassline velocity pattern changes at 2:48.

Artist Aquafeel
Title Black Essence
Remixer Nerso
Label: TesseracTstudio
Year 2016
BPM 136
Key F#m
2017   Progressive Psy   Track of the week
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