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Concept art by Joe Vinton

Many would suggest that Mars was once a vibrant and habitable planet where a highly sophisticated society more technologically advanced than our own once existed. Having unlocked the secret of infinite energy they created vast monumental cities, with complex transport systems and its entire civilization thrived.

All but a few of the highest intellectuals were unaware of the imminent apocalyptic event that was about to destroy their very existence. The mood within this group was anxious as they secretly battled against time to prepare an ark to send to a nearby planet with the necessary parts for life to evolve once again.

The planets magnetic field was depleting at a rate so fast the change in atmospheric conditions brought freezing thunderous storms that swept across it, causing catastrophic devastation on a global scale. Without an atmosphere to sustain oxygen, life was extinguished and the barren landscape we observe today and long to understand was once, Cydonia.

2014   Chronicles of the Universe   Preview

The Gaia

Concept art by Billelis

The only planet we know to hold the characteristics to sustain life in our Solar System is Earth. Our ancient ancestors perceived it as a mother figure in which everything co-evolves with the environment and affects each other. A single living organism itself, influencing the evolution of life with its stabilising force.

As the melody starts to build into a frenzy the tribal drums set the scene in trying to understand its true power. Calling out to the spirit world the Shamanic voice takes us into a higher state of consciousness as a gateway is opened.

With this increased energy being released everything begins to vibrate at a higher frequency and our perspective widens in understanding the complexity of life. Our intuition tells us something more powerful exists, something our earliest forefathers understood. The conscious evolution of the Universe. This is “The Gaia”

2014   Chronicles of the Universe   Preview

Ishtar Terra

Concept art by Max Mitrofanov

Although this planet is named after the Goddess of love and beauty, Venus is actually one hellish place. Ishtar Terra is the story of man’s quest to understand and explore one of the most dangerous and hottest places in our Solar System.

The pressure is unyielding under such a high density atmosphere, the feeling of which you get from the low-pitched pads as the first manned mission descends towards the planets surface. Passing through a shroud of clouds saturated with sulphuric acid drops, Venus’ voice lulls you into a false sense of security as the synth rains down its destructive force.

The terrain reveals a hostile and aggressive landscape of mountainous regions, steep ravines and deep craters. As the craft navigates these and touches down a radio message is sent back to earth confirming the explosive climatic conditions caused by the runaway greenhouse effect.

2014   Chronicles of the Universe   Preview

Mercurian Night

Photo credit: NASA

Orbiting the Sun faster than any other of the planets, Mercury is bathed in solar radiation and is the smallest planet in our solar system. This feeling of speed is the foundation of ‘Mercurian Night’ with it fast paced tempo. The constant bombardment by the solar winds and micro meteorites that formed the planet make for rocky terrain between vast plains undulating across its surface.

It’s immense molten core gives an insight into its technical formation and characteristics as well as the magnetism surrounding this terrestrial planet. As it rotates around its own axis very slowly, days and nights are in essence years and although it is the closest of the planets to the Sun, it’s nights are extraordinarily cold due to the lack of atmosphere setting the euphoric momentum for the lead melody.

With totally dark skies the melodic panic of such a forbidding place conjures up voices of things yet to be discovered. As the yearlong night takes an eternity to pass, we catch the first glimpse of the Sun’s’ chromospheres, as it rises above the horizon. The distinct lack of pads and strings in “Mercurian Night” carries the first glimmer of light as day starts to appear.

2014   Chronicles of the Universe   Preview

Chronicles Of The Universe — album presentation

Added in 2017: unfortunately, the special album website may not work properly as it’s been outdated.

I’m a very excited to present you my upcoming album special presentation website with all tracks preview

Chronicles Of The Universe’ is a story about tiny place in the Universe that we call our home — Solar System. Each track in the album is dedicated to one planet in the Solar System: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, so there are 8 track in total.

Follow this link to start your journey:

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

2014   Chronicles of the Universe   Preview

Space Form

Introducing my new single: Space Form. Groovy, emotive and extremely energetic tech/psy/progressive with a slightly dark atmosphere is ready to rock the dancefloors! The track will be released on fresh Serbian label Tandava Records in November 2013.

2013   Preview   Space Form

Imitation Of Life

I’m pleased to present you my collaboration with Argonnight titled “Imitation Of Life’”. It’s a morning and melodic Psytrance that will be released on Tandava Records as a part of Argonnight’s EP.

2013   Collaborations   Preview   Tandava Records

Galactic Society preview

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m happy to present you my remix for one of my favourite producers at the moment, Lyctum.

In this remix I’ve bring absolutely new vibrations and melodies. Galactic Society EP featuring original mix, my and Pop Art’s remixes will be released on Synergetic Records in May 2013.

2013   Galactic Society   Preview

The New Land

I’m thrilled to present you the preview of my newest track named “The New Land”. It continues the story about exploration of space, so it will be released along with “Mars One” on my forthcoming EP. Release date to be announced soon.

Also, this is the first track I made in my new studio in Israel. It might sound a bit different due to a different room acoustic, but either way I hope you’ll like it.

2013   Mars One   Preview


After weeks of non-stop work, I’m pleased to present you my remix on “Yoruba”. In this remix, I tried to put together atmospheric Psy sound, ethnic elements and Trance melodies. Also talking about the production quality, without a shadow of doubt, this remix is the best what I produced so far. Special thanks to two persons for that: Yan Mirenskiy for the consultancy and Drasko aka Relativ for the fat mastering!

2013   Preview   Trance   Yoruba
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