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Existence preview

I kept my promise to make more music, and today I’m happy to introduce you a preview of my new single that is coming out on Digital Om Productions later this month.

I took some time to experiment and try a lot of production techniques which I haven’t used before: bass, leads, glitchy textures, vocal processing, and pretty much everything else here made fresh rather than being carried-over from some older projects.

2017   Existence   Preview

More tracks on the way

I’m excited to reveal previews of my next EP which is coming out next week on JOOF Recordings.

After receiving a huge feedback on my deeper tracks released back in 2014 as a part of Chronicles Of The Universe album, it was natural for me to proceed working on this direction.

Life Simulation is a 2-tracks EP on the edge of Progressive, Trance and even House blended together. Unlike of my PsyTrance releases, these tracks are not clearly made for the dancefloors, but just the way how I express myself as a musician.

2015   Life Simulation   Preview
2015   Preview   Thru The Stars
2015   Preview   Thru The Stars

Aurora preview

I’m glad to present a preview of my forthcoming track. JOOF Recordings’ resident Mekka and myself are teamed up to create a lush melodic Progressive track with a slightly uplifting feelings. Imagine you are on some exotic planet watching the sunrise... the Aurora!

Our collaboration will be released on Borderline Music on January 13, 2015.

2014   Aurora   Preview

Feel The Effect

I’m pleased to present you a preview of my remix for one of my favourite tracks — Feel The Effect by Whirloop’. To be released on JOOF Recordings on April, 7.

2014   Feel The Effect   Preview

165 Earth Years

Illustration by Greg Martin

Orbiting the Sun slower than any of the other planets in our visible solar system, Neptune sits at the outer reaches of our space. It’s blue hue is brought about by the absorption of infrared particles through its atmosphere, giving it the distinctive look of a beautiful swirling ocean.

The slow rolling bass line leads us into the ever changing spatial synths, giving us the feeling of a planet peacefully existing. As we are drawn closer the pressure builds with a plucky melody and vocal underline that may just question the illusion we have asked ourselves for time and eternity.

Could this planet hold the key and be a jumping point to understanding if the life exists in other Universes...

2014   Chronicles of the Universe   Preview

Deep Haze

Concept art by Mirai Art Studio

Hiding behind the impenetrable deep haze of charged particles is the coldest planetary atmosphere in our solar system. Intuition leads us beyond the bounds of conventional thought as this ice giant is not only complex, it breaks the norm.

The molecular layered approach leads us to believe there is something more to this planet than meets the eye. It has a peculiar magnetism with its gradual build in tempo and solid pads. Its tortuous cloud structure creates an expectation of something extraordinary beyond.

As the melody expands our awareness, the cold undertones and vocal chops disregard convention. A primal heavy bass shudders with such capacity, it reverberates and echoes its personification of heaven. The Gaian influence has produced a Titan of mythical proportion.

2014   Chronicles of the Universe   Preview

Shadow Of Collisions

The shadow of what was once a gaseous nebula dating from the fiery beginnings of the Solar System sets the scene for what is a mysteriously dark and eerie track. The melody gives us the feeling of an immense gravitational force about to be unleashed.

The heavenly bodies that once orbited its central mass are drawn towards it, as the unbalanced force in the baseline initiates an onslaught. Satellites, asteroids and comets collide with each other and the immense energy produced strips back the icy outer layers.

As the elements slowly start to disintegrate they are pulled into an orbital path. With their physical composition reforming, the parts heavy enough to survive start to manifest themselves into a wondrous rotating system of rings we see today.

2014   Chronicles of the Universe   Preview


Appearing in our night time sky is arguably the most beautiful planet in our solar system. This enormous, rapidly rotating gaseous giant certainly lives up to its deadly Jovian reputation as the King of the Gods. The inertial force of this track’s viscous flow and high pressure approach has all the complex elements and turbulent sounds of a giant. Its churning skies, ferocious storms and clouds are ever changing as its winds howl around this seething mass.

The maelstrom of vortexes provides an unbelievable undercurrent, as it stirs our imagination into a truly hypnotic state. Seething in and out the complex turbulence bringing together the individual elements giving us the feeling of dark light, leaving us to question how something so beautiful can be so treacherous.

2014   Chronicles of the Universe   Preview
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