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Dance:Love:Hub 2019 @ Five Miles Warehouse

A few pics from my gig in London two weeks ago at the amazing Dance:Love:Hub party at Five Miles Warehouse. Wow, so many smiles, absolutely loved it!

Photo © Robert Stainforth

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Photos from Ace Ventura

I am pleased to share photos of my past weekend performance at Izvestia Hall:

Photo © Alpaca Agency

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Photos from Izvestia Hall

Wow, what a night was last Saturday at Izvestia Hall! Absolutely packed dancefloor, stunning visuals, and fantastic energy! Thanks to Globalclubbing and Space Music for making it happen.

It was also a very special night because I played two sets, both opening and closing — something that practically never happens in the DJs world! It allowed me to express myself with a broader musical palette, and in return, the crowd’s response to every track I played was phenomenal. Thank you for dancing with me for 4 hours and until the very end (it’s 5–7 AM on the photos!)

Photo credit: © Pavel Tzimisce and Alexander Shervyakov

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Prog Doc Comoscow Photos

Here are a few photos from my set last Friday at Prog Doc, a dark packed underground venue with heads-down Psytrance, just the way we like it! Thanks everyone for the vibe.

Photo credit: © Pavel Tzimisce

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No stress

It’s been almost two months since I’ve put Rave Podcast on hold and said that I won’t be as active in social media as I usually am. And you know what, it actually feels great.

It’s great to not be worried about the deadlines and all those public activities that music producers are kind of have to have nowadays.

In return, it allows me to win some time to do what I love to do as a DJ and music producer — to actually make music and work on my music library. Things will get even better, bear with me.

Working on my music library
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Bye-bye, Israel!

It’s been amazing five years. Now it’s time for a new chapter.

At Ben Gurion airport. Feeling optimistic

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