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Website 4.5

A huge update for mobile users

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I’ve been in the music business for 5 years and know for certain that I will continue pursuing the passion for music production for the rest of my life. For me, this is a journey, not a destination.

People keep asking why I care about my website so much and spend hours tweaking and improving it. Well, it’s quite simple: I want to have a perfect place to log all of my career accomplishments while giving the visitors and the fans the best user experience. And the same as with my music, I’m doing my best in this field.

Website 4.5
Website 4.0
Website 3.0
Website 2.0

Today, I’m excited to introduce the new 4.5 version of the website with huge improvements for mobile users. It’s not just desktop and mobile templates, it so much bigger than that. The whole website adapts and changes its layout to help you focus on the content, whether you’re using a large desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone. It almost as if the website is alive and it’s absolutely fantastic.

I would also like to highlight some important changes in the «Advice» section. Every week I answer the questions you send me on various topics, from music production to music industry insights — basically, that’s how the «Advice» works. I sincerely want you to find these blogs useful for years to come. The problem was, each time new posts came out, the older ones would go down, blocking new users from discovering useful articles.

From now on “Advice” section has spotlights — fixed places for the most important articles, grouped by topics: music production, DJ’ing, marketing, music industry, and the special «Getting started spotlight» for newcomers. But no worries, all other posts are still there and available as usual.

It should help you find relevant articles much easier, whether you are a first-time visitor or a follower. I think it’s a nice little feature. Do you?

There are more cool little updates across the whole website, but I’ll leave them for you to discover.

Welcome here:

2016   Design   My websites and blog

Website 4.0

Introducing a major website update

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It’s easy to make something new, much harder task is to take existed product and precisely improve every aspect of it. This is a huge update that changes pretty much everything, while overall look remains nearly the same. Like iPhone 6s.

Key highlights:

  • More compact, simple, and neat design;
  • Every section got an updated feel and look;
  • Brand new section added, Advice: a new place for the weekly posts;
  • Navigation menu got smooth animation.

Home page:

Brand new advice section:

Updated release page:

Updated press section:

Explore more:

2015   My websites and blog

Musical scale frequencies

During the music production process I look at a musical scale of frequencies pretty often. It helps me to do one of the most important things — equalization — much more precisely.

But the problem is that most websites with frequencies charts look terrible. I’ve tried to print this chart on a piece of paper, but it didn’t look better. So far I’ve used a table in Google Docs, yet still I wasn’t fully satisfied.

So after all such fails I’ve decided to make my own musical scale frequencies online:

The goodies:

  • Nothing extra distracting on the page;
  • Frequencies available in two tunings: 440 and 432 Hz;
  • Numbers are rounded to the decimal for convenience;
  • Table heading highlight on mouse hover;
  • Table row highlight on mouse click.

It’s a very simple tool, and thus super handy. Feel free to use it too. Remember this address or add to your favorites:

2015   Music production   My websites and blog

Website 3.0

Introducing a major website update

cover transparent white

It is here, as being promised.

It may look pretty the same as before, but there are some nice solutions in design and functionality has been added. Let’s take a look deeper.


On a release page, all new “Press”, “Feedback” and “Related” tabs has been added:

Now you can see at a glance all connected press reviews, artists’ feedbacks and more releases from this category. Really handy, I love it.

Call-to-action buttons:

Bright and big buttons let you download releases easily.

Photo albums

All-new photo albums with a nice image gallery and shortcuts navigation by pressing ← → keys. Works well on mobile devices too.

There are not much photos at the moment, but will be added over time.


Press section got an updated look and from now have a subcategories for your convenience: “Reviews”, “Interviews” and “Articles”.

Podcast, mixes

Some other pages got an updates too:


— New elegant menu on top .
— Bigger font size.
— New look of social buttons (thanks to Ilya Birman).
— New “404” page.

Under the hood

— All-new new engine built from scratch to make website works better and faster.


2015   Design   My websites and blog

RSS, or how to subscribe to my blog

Taken from Ilya Birman’s blog

Some people don’t know what is RSS or how to use it. You may think it’s quite geek-thing, but actually, it’s very easy to use.

So what is RSS

RSS is a mechanism of subscriptions for blogs and websites with content updates on a regular basis. Rather than go to all of your favorite sites and make 20 open tabs in your browser, let the machine do this job. It will grab all latest articles directly to you.

How to subscribe to someone using RSS

Most RSS-readers allows you to subscribe directly, but I’d not recommend to do it: all data will be stored locally on your computer, so other RSS-readers, like on your laptop or iPad, will not be synced. Much better to use news aggregator services, which collect all content from your subscriptions, and then push it your RSS-readers — in that way, everything will be synchronized.

Feedly is a good one — it’s free and works properly. Once you registered, click to “Add content” in the top left corner and type or just copy-paste blog/website URL, for example, my — That’s it, you subscribed, new content will be there, pushed to your RSS-reader applications. It’s like Gmail: you can have a mail account, but you don’t need to read emails within Gmail interface, right? Instead, more pleasant to use Mail, Thunderbird or other clients. So same with RSS.

How to read it

To use RSS, you need a client, so-called RSS-reader application.

Here is how my RSS-reader looks like:

By Ilya’s advice, I’m using Reeder app — looks gorgeous, I like it. But you can find tons of other similar ones.

That’s it. Enjoy the new world!

2014   My websites and blog

Major website updates

It took a bit more than I thought, but It finally happened — a few nice updates on the website.

Quick overview:

1) Although my musical career has started just a few years ago, I already have a full-length album, 4 singles/EPs, 5 remixes and numerous compilations. And there will be more and more! To sort all my discography, from now “Releases” section have a nice filter for subsections: you can view either all releases at once, either albums, singles/EPs, remixes & collaborations and compilations:

2) A thin balance of usability, functional and clear design is what I like in the web. Inner pages of each release has been modified to new, fresh and stunning view:

Same layout will be made for “Mixes” section soon.

3) Introducing all-new “Gigs” section. Although I don’t have an upcoming gigs at this moment, there are definitely will be soon! From now it’s a new home for all of my past and future gigs lists:

And of course there are hundreds of small changes under the hood.

In case of bugs, or if you’d like to share your thoughts, please feel free to write in comments below.

2014   Design   My websites and blog