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Guest mixes

The mixes I recorded for various radio shows, podcasts, showcases, and special occasions.

The Guest Mix @ Prostranstvo on Megapolis FM

Music genres often exist in parallel worlds. Ask psy-heads what they think of Progressive House and most say it’s pop and cheesy; for the Techno people ‘Psytrance’ is a bad word, and so on.

But I have a love and passion for all kind of underground music: from groovy and hypnotic to driving and heads-down. I believe that Progressive House, Trance, Techno, and Psytrance can be blended together within one DJ mix, or even within one event, ultimately creating a whole new level of musical journey.

Yesterday I had a privilege to play my guest mix on a Russian nationwide radio Megapolis FM in Prostranstvo show, hosted by Michael Demos and Miss YoYo, and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to showcase my vision.

You’ll see me doing more of this later this year at my 5-hours open-to-close set, but for now, enjoy a sort of ‘condensed’ version of Progressive-to-Psy in this 1-hour guest mix aired yesterday:


00:00 Boris — Can You Hear Me (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)
03:02 Emok, Human Element, MVMB — Bao Bao (Original Mix)
06:34 John 00 Fleming, Eeemus — Drop From The Vile (Original Mix)
09:50 Eeemus — Yunzjah (Original Mix)
14:11 Subliminal Codes — Acid Memories (Original Mix)
17:06 Allaby — Hiding To Nothing (Original Mix)
20:42 Hedustma — Existence (MVMB Remix)
25:01 John 00 Fleming — The Dark Ranger (Original Mix)
26:27 Yoake, Doppler — Imagination (Original Mix)
29:03 E-Clip — Dreamcatcher (Original Mix)
33:26 Redrosid — Infra.Red (Original Mix)
38:07 SpaceNoiZe, Vertical Mode — Psychological Biological (Original Mix)
41:52 Aioaska, Gipsy Soul — Space Of Being (Original Mix)
46:27 Cambium — Infinity (Original Mix)
50:52 AudioFire — A Billion Neurons (Original Mix)
54:38 One Function, Yestermorrow — Microdose (Lyktum Remix)
Jan 29   Guest mixes   Progressive House   Progressive Psy   Psytechno   Psytrance   Techno

The Guest Mix @ Artelized Visions

Last night my guest mix has been aired on Digitally Imported on Artelized Visions radio show hosted by Cj Art, and today I’d like to share it with everyone who wasn’t able to join in. Artur aka Cj Art is awesome, I’ve been listening to his music for years so it was a pleasure to make a mix for his show.

This guest mix has a quite unusual selection of tracks with a reminiscent of old-school vibe and even includes a couple of all-time favourite classics which I like a lot. Let me know what do you about it?


00:00 ON3 – Step One (Original Mix)
04:13 Modus – Strange Modulation (Original Mix)
08:26 Ticon – Chicken Shaker (Sub6 & ON3 Remix)
10:31 Freedom Fighters & Rocky – Stranger Things (Original Mix)
14:49 Off Limits – Artattack (Original Mix)
19:54 Ticon – Bird Of Paradise (Original Mix)
23:17 Astral Projection – One (Original Mix)
28:48 Astrix & Avalon – Moonshine (Original Mix)
32:55 GeneTrick – Being Human (Original Mix)
35:46 Asteria & Harmonic Rush – Joanne In Wonderland (Original Mix)
38:17 Static Movement & Mindwave – Sources (Original Mix)
43:39 Modus – Inner Experience (Original Mix)
47:36 Union Jack – Two Full Moons and a Trout (Domestic & Pixel & Freedom Fighters Remix)
52:48 Daniel Lesden – The Last Of Our Kind (Original Mix)
2018   Guest mixes   Psytrance

The Guest Mix @ Trance Psyberia

It’s been a while since I was doing guest mixes, so here’s a fresh one I’ve made for Trance Psyberia, lovely fellows and Psytrance enthusiasts based in LA.

There are a couple of cool tricks with extra loops and effects, for example at 13:30. Quite intense and fast-paced mix, overall, I find it satisfying. Hope you’ll do, too.


00:00 Daniel Lesden – Ignition (Waveform Remix)
04:51 Egorythmia & Static Movement – Mutation (Original Mix)
08:23 Daniel Lesden – Enuma Elish (Sabretooth Remix)
12:05 Future Frequency – Freakuencies (Original Mix)
15:47 Daniel Lesden – Technological Singularity (Original Mix)
22:00 Manmachine – Sharks & Laser Beams (Manmachine Remix)
26:22 Daniel Lesden – Arrival (Original Mix)
31:53 Nertum – Metaphysical Energy (Original Mix)
35:33 Divination – Sourcecodes Of Reality (Original Mix)
37:23 Tristate & Aioaska – Lost In Modulation (Original Mix)
41:12 Ranji – We Are One (Original Mix)
45:10 Kopel – Shanghai (Original Mix)
47:41 Daniel Lesden & AudioFire – Sacred Space (Original Mix)
52:15 Daniel Lesden – The Dream Of Electric Sheep (Original Mix)
55:25 Tristan, Avalon, Vini Vici – Colors (Original Mix)
2017   Guest mixes   Mashups   Psytrance

Album Showcase @ RadiOzora

I’ve recorded the album showcase mix for Digital Om Productions label series at RadiOzora. The mix includes seven brand new tracks from my album as well as some of my favorite tracks by other producers — Ben Fraser, Artificials, and Braniac. Enjoy!


00:00 Daniel Lesden – Pangea Proxima (Original Mix)
06:57 Daniel Lesden – Machinery (Original Mix)
13:12 Daniel Lesden – Enuma Elish (Sabretooth Remix)
16:54 Daniel Lesden – Structured Chaos (Original Mix)
22:27 Daniel Lesden – Technological Singularity (Original Mix)
29:37 Brainiac – Monstrum (Original Mix)
35:37 Daniel Lesden – Arrival (Original Mix)
43:27 Artificials – Human Emotions (Original Mix)
47:09 Daniel Lesden & AudioFire – Sacred Space (Original Mix)
52:40 Daniel Lesden – The Dream Of Electric Sheep (Original Mix)
2017   2000 Years Ahead   Guest mixes   Psytrance

The Guest Mix @ TranceMag Sessions

Hey folks, last Sunday I’ve played a guest mix for TranceMag Sessions and now it’s available for streaming and downloading. The mix includes some of the best tunes around, as well as few yet unreleased IDs.


00:00 Amygdala – Soaring Flux (DJ Friendly Mix)
05:11 ID – ID
08:56 Talpa – Perfect Psychopath (Original Mix)
12:00 One Function – Yantra (Original Mix)
17:08 ID – ID
21:48 Lostly – Take This Acid (Original Mix)
25:59 Ectima – Immortalize (Original Mix)
30:27 Daniel Lesden – Surreal (Part 2)
35:20 Eddie Bitar & Javier Bussola – Absorb (Original Mix)
39:16 Daniel Lesden – Thru The Stars On Autopilot (Original Mix)
44:36 Side Effects – Mind Control (Original Mix)
48:45 Dual Resonance – Dune (Original Mix)
53:22 Nertum – Portal (Original Mix)
2016   Guest mixes   Psytrance   Techno

The Guest Mix @ Global Trance Grooves

I was privilege to make a guest mix for John 00 Fleming’s Global Trance Grooves. Being an avid GTG listener for almost a decade, and really happy for about this. And once again, a massive thanks to John 00 Fleming for having me and for all kind words. Such an honour!

Daniel is definitely a 100% one of those artists, pure genius. Also he’s such a lovely guy, and passion about JOOF Recordings. He is now responsible for taking JOOF to direction where is going today. He truly deserves it as the artist, as the producer.


00:00 Daniel Lesden – Deep Haze (Original Mix)
05:08 Coming Soon – Fear (Original Mix)
06:36 Freedom Fighters – Recycled (Original Mix)
06:36 John 00 Fleming – Tik Tok (Part 2)
09:30 ID – ID
15:03 Ritmo – The Way We Are (Lifeforms Remix)
16:01 Prosper – On Wheels (Original Mix)
17:20 Daniel Lesden & Cosmithex – Genesis (Original Mix)
23:17 Liquid Soul & Zyrus 7 – The Future (Liquid Soul Mix)
26:08 Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn – The Human Element (Daniel Lesden Remix)
31:33 Vandeta & Atacama – Lost In Space (Original Mix)
35:48 Manmachine – Synthesize (Original Mix)
39:33 Daniel Lesden – Ignition (Original Mix)
45:08 ID – ID
51:38 Relativ – Hyperspace (Original Mix)
55:34 Astral Projection – Let There Be Light (Outsiders Remix)
58:06 Electric Universe – Freedom (Original Mix)
2015   Guest mixes   Progressive Trance   Psychedelic   Psytechno   Psytrance

The Guest Mix @ Digital Om Showcase Series

My exclusive mix for Digital Om Productions showcase series hosted by RadiOzora is up online and ready for downloads. It includes my new productions as well some other tracks from the label.


00:00 Daniel Lesden – The New Land (Original Mix)
03:47 Whirloop – Feel The Effect (Daniel Lesden Remix)
07:03 ID – ID
12:40 Manmachine & Sonic Entity – Mr Jack (Original Mix)
16:44 Daniel Lesden – Ignition (Original Mix)
22:19 StarLab – Innerspace (Original Mix)
25:40 Side Effects – Time Bender (Arhetip Remix)
28:34 Daniel Lesden – Mysteries Of Time (Original Mix)
34:01 Daniel Lesden – Cydonia (Original Mix)
38:10 Daniel Lesden – Another Earth (Original Mix)
44:41 Sideform – Angaraka (Original Mix)
47:00 NitroDrop – You Know Us (Original Mix)
49:48 Zyce – Awakening Of The Slavic Spirits (Sonic Entity Remix)
53:32 Daniel Lesden – Thru The Stars On Autopilot (Original Mix)
2015   Guest mixes   Progressive Psy   Psytrance

The Guest Mix @ PsyDay 2015

For the second time I’ve been participating in the 24-hour Psy marathon on Afterhours.FM called “Psyday”. Here’s how it was.


00:00 Ikerya Project – Serbiana Melodica (Original Mix)
03:31 Ilai – Another Space (Original Mix)
07:44 Tristate – Time & Space (Original Mix)
10:23 Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn – The Human Element (Daniel Lesden Remix)
15:18 Captain Hook – Human Design (Ironhide Remix)
19:59 Astrix – Type 1 (Sideform Remix)
25:14 Daniel Lesden – Thru The Stars On Autopilot (Original Mix)
30:35 Atom Device – High Motivation (Original Mix)
33:22 Ace Ventura & Freedom Fighters – The Encounter (VIP Mix)
35:42 Sonic Entity & Lyctum – Entitum (Original Mix)
41:26 Daniel Lesden – Space Form (Original Mix)
45:08 Sub6 – Droid Save The Queen (Zyce Remix)
49:46 Reaky – History Repeating (Original Mix)
53:56 Nova Fractal – Perplexed (Original Mix)
2015   Guest mixes   Progressive Psy   Psytrance

The Guest Mix @ Synthetic Elements with Activa

My guest for Activa’s Synthetic Elements podcast, aired last Tuesday on DI.FM, is up online. Enjoy re-listening!


00:00 Cosmithex – Enigma (Original Mix)
06:19 Atmos & Human Element – Ponyhof (Original Mix)
09:28 Manmachine – Burner (Original Mix)
13:20 Gaudium & Bakke – Computer Kindergarten (Original Mix)
17:10 Andy Ling – Fixation (Chris Oblivion & Astro D Remix)
21:45 Daniel Lesden & Mekka – Aurora (Original Mix)
26:22 Ace Ventura & Symbolic – Prime Time (Sad Paradise Remix)
30:50 Daniel Lesden – The Gaia (Original Mix)
35:32 Ilai – Open My World (Original Mix)
39:38 GeneTrick – Insights (Original Mix)
44:54 James Dymond – Samples Of Silk (Activa Remix)
48:44 One Function – Back To My Roots (Original Mix)
53:23 Mac & Monday – Yoruba (Daniel Lesden Remix)

The Guest Mix @ Psynotized with Mouchy Mora

Here’s the guest mix I made for Psynotized podcast hosted by Mouchy Mora. This isn’t a typical from: I played some Progressive and almost Tech-House’ish tracks at the first half.


00:00 Klopfgeister – Meanwhile in Hamburg (Original Mix)
02:55 Liquid Soul – Love In Stereo (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
04:55 Daniel Lesden – 165 Earth Years (Original Mix)
08:24 Tegma – Crazyman (Original Mix)
12:52 Yotopia – Goosebumps (Original Mix)
17:48 Daniel Lesden – Out Of This World (Original Mix)
22:43 Behind Blue Eyes & Phaxe – Medusa (Sad Paradise Remix)
24:11 Interactive Noise – Play (Original Mix)
27:07 Nicholas Bennison – Shattered Angles (Original Mix)
30:45 Deedrah – Reload (Easy Riders Remix)
35:28 Talpa & Zyce – Black Sheep in a Herd of Geese (Original Mix)
39:04 Darma – Paradigma (Original Mix)
43:10 Sideform – Vahana (Original Mix)
49:23 Daniel Lesden – Space Form (Original Mix)
53:41 Kingpink – Fear Is Not Real (Original Mix)
2015   Guest mixes   Progressive House   Progressive Psy
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