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Guest mix competition

Rave Podcast — Guest Mix Competition 2015!

2015   Guest mix competition   Rave Podcast

Competition afterwords

Once again I want to thank everyone who joined our guest mix competition, I really enjoyed listening to all mixes.

In this “afterwords” I would like to cover most common mistakes to help sort it out and give hints for the next year competition.

#1 Same tracks
On the one hand, using latest tracks from your favorite artists showing you as a person who keep an eye on the scene and that’s good. But on the other hand, other DJs are doing the same! We had 22 mixes submitted and among them: 13 tracks from Symbolic, 10 tracks from Lyctum, 9 track from E-Clip, 8 tracks from Side Effects... I think you got the point.
My advice is to dig deeper, try to find similar tracks as you like but not so commonly used by others. For example, It could be earlier tracks by an artist or another releases from the same label. The best way to make your mixes unique is pretty obvious, although required different kind of skills: write your own tracks :-)

#2 Harmonic mixing
That’s what some mixes miss. Sometimes tracks were so good, but a lack of harmonics on transitions ruined all feelings. Harmonic mixing is so easy technique, it could bring your mixes to a whole new level. Just try it. If you haven’t heard about harmonics yet, you don’t even need to google it — I wrote about it here before.

#3 Attention
Rules were so simple, yet still, some people did not follow it. I recommend you to take more attention on the competition rules (which are just a few!), as it will demonstrate your serious intentions.

My congratulations one to the winner once again, keep rocking Mike!

2014   DJing and performance   Guest mix competition

Rave Podcast — Guest Mix Competition 2014!

2014   Guest mix competition   Rave Podcast

Rave Podcast — Guest Mix Competition!

As you know, each month Rave Podcast featuring the best guest artists from around the globe. And at the same time I receive a lot of requests to play a guest mix from amateur Djs and producers. I think the time has come to discover new names and to give you the chance to play a guest mix on Rave Podcast show. To make it fair way, let’s organize a guest mix competition!

The deadline for the submission is August, 26th. So you have a two weeks to show us your talent.

The winner will be aired on the next Rave Podcast edition (September, 3rd) on the best radio station — DI.FM.

Good luck guys :-)

2013   Guest mix competition   Rave Podcast