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Goa Trance

Track of the week: Last Man In The Universe

I remember listening to this track in 2000 for the first time: it instantly become one of my favourites, and it still is today, seventeen years later. It has a magic moment in it, something that many nowadays’s track lacking.

Production standards changes over time, a bassline may sound not so “fat” or the mixdown not so clean, but these beautiful musical moments keep living in our hears even years later.

Artist Yahel
Title Last Man In The Universe (Original Mix)
Release Waves Of Sound
Label HomMega Productions
Year 2000
BPM 141
Key C#m
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Track of the week: Passing Clouds (Ovnimoon Remix)

Ovnimoon’s music certainly has a special place in my DJ collection and also such a huge inspiration for my productions as well. When I listening to Ovnimoon, I finally feel that the Psytrance genre has its name for a reason, it really puts you in a trance state.

Here is the remix is taken from his album in 2015:

Artist Dual Resonance
Title Passing Clouds (Ovnimoon Remix)
Release Holistic
Label Ovnimoon Records
Year 2015
BPM 140
Key Fm
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Track of the week: Plasma

This track is easily one of my all-time favourites records of the late ‘90s. Such an incredible energy and acid lines, I remember raving at this tune was insane. Surprisingly, not many people aware of it even among old Goa Trance fans, so hopefully this will shed some light.

Artist Radiotrance
Title Plasma (Original Mix)
Release The Russian E.P.
Label Transient Records
Year 1997
BPM 145
Key Gm

P.S. Listen also to Plasma (Unreleased Breaks Mix) in my Summer Solstice Mix at 17:30.

P.P.S. Watch also official video clip that has been broadcasted on a national TV in 97, filmed at the abandoned atomic reactor. I doubt you’ll see anything like that in today’s television.

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Rave Podcast 058

Special guest of the month: Mekka

Rave Podcast March edition is up online, ready for stream and download on the main website, SoundCloud, HearThis, YouTube and iTunes. This month we have a fantastic guest mix from a UK producer Mekka, regular of JOOF Recordings.


0:00:00 Daniel Lesden – Mysteries Of Time (Original Mix)
0:06:55 Sonic Entity – The Signal (Original Mix)
0:12:05 Angel Esteban – La Letra Escarlata (Original Mix)
0:16:52 One Function – Imagine Your Self (Original Mix)
0:20:36 Tristate – Yes To Life (Original Mix)
0:25:44 Nerso – Particles (Remix)
0:29:55 Talpa – Curiosity Killed The Cat (Original Mix)
0:34:11 Fasma – Life Extension (Original Mix)
0:39:19 Triceradrops – Absence Of Light (Original Mix)
0:41:57 GeneTrick – Open Your Eyes (Original Mix)
0:46:48 Zyce – Experience Of Life (Sonic Sense Remix)
0:50:50 Ovnimoon – Emotional Biodecodification (Original Mix)
0:57:44 E-Mantra – Distant Signals (Artifact303 Remix)

Mekka guest mix

1:03:29 Mekka – The Inner Light (Intro Mix)
1:09:00 Mekka – Legacy (Tron: Legacy Bootleg)
1:13:04 Mekka – Emergence (Original Mix)
1:19:40 Mekka – ID
1:27:04 3 Access and You & Ovnimoon – Natural Balance (Mekka Remix)
1:33:11 Mekka – Hack the Gibson (Original Mix)
1:38:22 Mekka – ID
1:43:11 Airwave – The Moment of Truth (Mekka Remix)
1:49:36 Mekka – Initiate (Original Mix)
1:54:18 Daniel Lesden & Mekka – Aurora (Original Mix)
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Rave Podcast 022

Special guest of the month: Astral Projection


0:00:00 Synthetic Pulse – Synthetic Pulse (Original Mix)
0:06:25 Airwave – Atlas Winds (Original Mix)
0:13:14 Oliver Prime – Hello World (Take 3)
0:19:45 Cristo Disto – Arabic Emotion (Original Mix)
0:25:26 Imago – Black God (Original Mix)
0:33:26 Chameleon & Temporal Coding – Tachyon Generator (Original Mix)
0:39:21 Braincell – Psychedelics (Original Mix)
0:44:43 Materia – Gate Down (Original Mix)
0:50:03 Eleusyn – Kosmodrom (Original Mix)
0:54:05 Nova Fractal – Perception (Original Mix)

Astral Projection guest mix
To be added soon.

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Rave Podcast 021

Special guest of the month: Artifact303 · 1-Year Anniversary


0:00:00 Biologik – Breaking Through (Weepee Remix)
0:06:47 Timewave – The Essence (Relaunch Remix)
0:13:04 Anton Chernikov – Sleeping Away (Original Mix)
0:19:18 Krama – Oceanic (Original Mix)
0:24:35 Quietman – The Sleeper (Man With No Name Remix)
0:31:19 Sonic Entity – World Has Changed (Original Mix)
0:36:23 John 00 Fleming feat. Sascha Cooper – Fight The Darkness (Ovnimoon Remix)
0:40:57 Manmachine – Combust (Original Mix)
0:47:49 Daniel Lesden – Contact (Original Mix)

Artifact303 guest mix
To be added soon.

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Rave Podcast 010

Goa Trance episode

Please keep in mind this episode no longer showcase author’s taste as an artist, nor his DJ skills. It’s uploaded here just for the archiving purpose. Make sure to check out some of the recent Rave Podcast episodes.


00:00 Solaris – Out There (Original Mix)
08:20 Cosmo Circle – In My Dream (Original Mix)
13:34 Eleusyn – Cosmodrom (Original Mix)
18:50 E-Mantra – Praying Forest (Original Mix)
26:11 Antares – Prophecy (Original Mix)
34:18 Artifact303 – Feelings (Original Mix)
42:36 Goasia – Transonic Fields (Original Mix)
49:50 Afgin – Astral Experience (Original Mix)
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