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Upcoming event   🇷🇺 JOOF Showcase, August 10, 2019

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Live @ Psyler Room

Last Saturday I played a 1-hour set at Psyler Room — it’s a DJ live stream similar to Boiler Room, but with no people dancing around.

It turned out as a quite intense mix of Progressive, Techno, and Psytrance by the end, and this a glimpse of what you can expect from my Open-To-Close set next week on April 20th.

Listen to the set on SoundCloud:


00:00 Volto — Trepanation (Tesla Unstoppable Remix)
04:36 Antimatter, MVMB — Odyssey (Original Mix)
09:28 Reaky — Never Say Never Again (Reakson Remix)
12:28 Heerhorst — Substance (Original Mix)
15:34 A*S*Y*S, Dominik Schwarz — Destruction (Original Mix)
19:48 Raito — Acid Overflow (Original Mix)
24:15 Veerus — Apocalypse (Original Mix)
29:18 Eeemus — Yunzjah (Original Mix)
33:38 Subliminal Codes — Acid Memories (Original Mix)
36:31 Allaby — Black Sands (Original Mix)
39:06 Hedustma — Existence (MVMB Remix)
44:25 John 00 Fleming — Tik Tok (Part 1)
48:29 MVMB — Who We Are (Original Mix)
54:04 Freedom Fighters, Lifeforms — Spiral (Original Mix)
56:29 E-Clip — Aurorae Tales (Original Mix)
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Photos from Ace Ventura

I am pleased to share photos of my past weekend performance at Izvestia Hall:

Photo © Alpaca Agency

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Trance Universe tonight

Catch me playing tonight at Trance Universe in Moscow alongside MIKE Push, Richard Durand, and more. I’ll be closing the main stage at 5 AM, expect some driving basslines and stomping tunes.

See you on the dancefloor!

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Water Chapter Video

A tiny after-video of my recent gig at Trance Chapters in Pravda Club. Thank you once for all of your support.

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Dance:Love:Hub 2019

🇬🇧 London, June 15, 2019

I started clubbing hard around 2004, this is when I discovered my passion for the proper underground parties with heads-down music, dark club environment, great sound systems, and of course friendly like-minded people. Now I’m fortunate to perform as a DJ and producer around the globe on all different kind of events, but I still love and I appreciate my roots.

Probably one of the best parties I enjoyed the most that I’ve ever played has to be @dancelovehub in London, the UK in October 2017. I played a 2-hour set and the crowd and the vibe were absolutely phenomenal!

And now I’m delighted to announce that I’m returning to Dance:Love:Hub in London on June 15! It’s their 7-year​ anniversary party and I feel privileged to play along with Jamie Baggotts, Jon Cockle, Nkore, and Fin McLaughlin.

Join in the event page, the venue and the tickets link will be posted soon:

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Open To Close

🇷🇺 Moscow, April 20, 2019

I love high-quality underground music. Being a music producer at Digital Om Production roster and A&R at JOOF Recordings at the same time, I’ve been named the natural connecting link between the Progressive and the Psy worlds.

The problem is that I never had a chance to fully express myself as a DJ to showcase the full musical palette I’m passionate for as most of the times DJs play rather short sets.

That’s how I came up to the idea of performing with my first Open-To-Close set, a non-stop 5-hour musical journey with Progressive House, hypnotic Techno, atmospheric Trance, and of course some banging Psytrance just the way we like it.

April the 20th, Moscow, Gorod Club. See you there!

Tickets, event info, and video invitation in the Russian language are available at

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