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Shankra Festival

🇨🇭 Switzerland, July 12–16, 2017

Excited to announce that I’ll be playing at Shankra Festival at a jaw-dropping beautiful location among the Alps with an incredible lineup: Brainiac, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Djantrix, Ectima, Etnica, Filteria, Sonic Entity, Space Tribe, Maitika, Mad Maxx, Middle Mode, and Vibrasphere just to name a few.

Tickets, location, lineup, and more info at shankrafestival.ch.

May 8   Gigs   Switzerland

Hungary photos

I’ve just added a few photos from my Hungarian gig to the photo album. Unfortunately, there was no photographer on the party, so these shots were taken on my phone. I’ll add some photos later if I find some.

On this photo: Side Effects rocking the morning dancefloor
2015   Gigs   Hungary

Bulach, Switzerland

Trip report in photos


Last weekend I played in Bulach on Audio Design: Pure Progressive Power and it was great!

Since it was my first time in Switzerland, I decide to tell a bit more about that trip in “photo report” format. Watch out, bad quality mobile shots below :-)

I met with Hanan Vertical Mode, Dima NitroDrop and Shahaf Freedom Fighters in airport as they was lined up on same event, so we were flight together. Such a nice guys! Being a very well-known artists and playing all around the world, they still are very pleasant and simple guys with no arrogance, I really enjoyed time with them.

Ben Gurion airport: straight way to flight
Swiss Air Lines’ cute (and tasty!) mini-chocolate
Train in Zurich Airport from one terminal to another one

We was picked up by the party promoter and club owner Marco. He one of the few promoters I know who really care about technical side of the event — sound, Dj equipment, light. Full respect!

A few days before that weekend was rainy days, but I was lucky for a good weather and clear sky to see the Sun fall down in mountains:

Although Zurich airport supposed to be near Zurich, it’s actually around 30 minutes drive to it, while location of the club in Bulach — just in 5 minutes.

Hotel building looks exactly how I imagined the word “Europe”

The club calls “UG Bulach”, where UG is the bottom level on the elevators, the underground. Truly underground club, love that!

Corridors in the club fully in UV arts
The club logo

Later in the club I met with another fantastic guys: Daniel from the organizers crew and Slobodan Shogan. I had an absolutely amazing time with them, so good persons!

From left to right: me, Daniel, Hanan, Slobodan
Soundcheck prior to the doors open — good chance to shoot decoration
Finally — my set time

I want to say a huge thanks to Daniel, Marco, Michael and all organizers team, to colleagues artists and of course to all party people to came to hear us. Definitely was a great night and I looking forward to come back again!

P.S. I have recorded my set, gonna upload it in few days. Also I’ll try to add some more photos and videos once they will be available.

Update: here is the set — http://daniellesden.com/mixes/bulach-06-09-2014
Update 2: and here is the tiny video — http://youtu.be/TsMBL7co8wc

2014   Gigs   Switzerland

Live in Tel Aviv

A small video report of what happened last night:

Full set and picture will be available on the website soon.

2014   Gigs   Israel   Video

Magic dates

March 6, 2013 — the day when I moved to Israel
March 6, 2014 — the first gig I got in Israel

Magic :-)

2014   Gigs   Israel

Tel Aviv — Moscow: flashback trip

Pretty strange feelings when you come back to hometown after 7 months. On a one hand, it’s great to visit family and meet with friends. On another hand, Moscow is still cold and rainy city, and I’m very happy that I not live there anymore.

But good thing is that I had the best flight ever — I slept all way long with a short break for food, don’t even remember take off and landing. Like a teleportation :-)

I’m thankful to Promodj TV musical channel for the invitation, I had a great time and got a lot of fun there. By the way, recorded video is already on Youtube. Hope to perform there again once I’ll be in Moscow.

2013   Gigs   Russia