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Rave Podcast 088

Special guest of the month: Mechanimal

The first hour of the show features one of my previously recorded DJ sets, and for the second hour we have a privilege to enjoy producer’s guest mix from one of my favourite UK Psy artists, Mechanimal.


0:00:00 Timelock & Side Effects – Nightwind (Original Mix)
0:02:44 Outsiders & Freedom Fighters – Dust (Original Mix)
0:06:14 Lyctum & Molok – Sharena (Original Mix)
0:11:08 Vini Vici – Veni Vidi Vici (Original Mix)
0:15:29 Senseye – Psychotic Hallucination (Original Mix)
0:17:45 Bouncers – Mood Swings (Original Mix)
0:22:25 Phaxe & Morten Granau – Long Story Short (Osher Remix)
0:24:02 Side Winder – Decay (Original Mix)
0:28:27 Liftshift – Amsterburg (Original Mix)
0:32:37 Deedrah – Sun For The World (Original Mix)
0:35:24 Yahel – Automatic (Relativ Remix)
0:40:01 Coming Soon & Vini Vici – Mad (Original Mix)
0:45:01 Daniel Lesden – Space Form (Original Mix)
0:49:36 Symbolic & Vertical Mode – Moving Forward (Original Mix)
0:54:27 Darma – Fire Source (Original Mix)

Mechanimal guest mix

0:59:54 Mechanimal & Lucas – The Impossible (Original Mix)
1:07:05 Mechanimal & James West – Get Messy (Original Mix)
1:11:31 Mechanimal & Lucas – Incredible (Original Mix)
1:15:58 Mechanimal & Lucas – Advanced Cultures (Original Mix)
1:20:24 Intelligence – Timelab (Contineum & Mechanimal Remix)
1:25:44 Mechanimal & Spectrasonics – Cosmic (Original Mix)
1:30:24 Mechanimal – Magmatism (Original Mix)
1:33:58 Mechanimal – ID (Work In Progress)  Unreleased
1:38:51 Mechanimal & Pan – District Lines (Original Mix)
1:43:48 Mechanimal – Solar Winds (Original Mix)
1:48:41 Mechanimal & Pan – Stay Calm (Work In Progress) Unreleased
1:53:21 Mechanimal & Lucas – Get In Touch (Original Mix)
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Track of the week: Broken Promise

Sometimes I enjoy listening to music that doesn’t have gated leads, acid riffs, twisted squelches, and cinematic effects. Just some cheesy and straightforward tunes in an old-fashioned way. For occasions like this, Shanti is perfect for me.

His music doesn’t fit any particular genre, you can hear something from Balearic House, Euro-Trance, and Full-on. Maybe “Ibiza Full-on”? I’m still not sure, but I’ll put the Full-on tag down below.

Artist Shanti
Title Broken Promise (Original Mix)
Release FutuRetro
Label United Beats Records
Year 2015
BPM 138
Key G
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Track of the week: The Force

I love Sonic Species since his massive debut album in 2012 and he never disappoints since then. The new track he delivered recently is another blast, a crossover between Psytrance and Fullon with great melodic elements, just the way I like it.

Artist Sonic Species
Title The Force (Original Mix)
Release Psy-Fi Book Of Changes (Compiled By Astrix)
Label Future Music Records
Year 2017
BPM 142
Key A#m
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Track of the week: Here & Now (Micky Noise Remix)

I don’t usually get into tracks with the vocal like this, but Micky Noise absolutely nailed this remix. It has that old-school Full-on vibe similar to Chakra, Alternative Control, Propser etc which I like a lot. So much energy here!

I heard this track as an ID at Global Trance Grooves 10-year anniversary in 2013, and nothing since then — no official release, no info. I asked Micky Noise about it but didn’t get a reply so far. I’m really curious what happened to this remix and why it even was pulled off from SoundCloud, maybe some of you guys have any info on that? The comment section is open.

Artist Simon Patterson ft. Sarah Howells
Title Here & Now (Micky Noise Remix)
Year 2013
BPM 134 (the actual tempo is higher in this video clip)
Key Em
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Rave Podcast 085

Special guest of the month: Ksen

This month show features new tracks from Egorythmia, Waveform, Shivatree, Atacama, Manmachine, Talamasca, and more. And for the second hour enjoy a special producer’s guest mix from Ksen.


0:00:00 Interactive Noise – Temptation (Original Mix)
0:04:53 Egorythmia & Static Movement – Mutation (Original Mix)
0:10:04 Waveform – Ancient Power (Original Mix)
0:15:11 Shivatree – Heavy Stuff (Original Mix)
0:19:01 Atacama & Jakaan – Nova Crystallis (Original Mix)
0:23:42 Sonic Species – Trance Is Life (Original Mix)
0:28:33 GMS & Deedrah – Chop & Flow (Original Mix)
0:33:58 Manmachine – Contact (Original Mix)
0:39:57 Talamasca & Deedrah – A Brief History Of Goa-Trance Transwave (Original Mix)
0:44:10 Makida – Performer (Original Mix)
0:50:49 Relativ – Tomorrow Lasts Forever (Original Mix)
0:56:55 Jaia & Silicon Sound – Oblivion (Wizzy Noise Remix)

Ksen guest mix

1:01:17 Ksen – Another Reality (Original Mix)
1:08:42 Ksen – Euphoria (Original Mix)
1:14:11 Ksen – Tantra (Original Mix)
1:19:12 Ksen – Lifeforce (Original Mix)
1:23:32 Ksen – Effect (Original Mix)
1:28:07 Ksen – Last Spaceship (Original Mix)
1:33:09 Ksen – Eternity (Original Mix)
1:38:24 Ksen – Wonderland (Original Mix)
1:44:34 Cosmonaut & Satellites – I Don’t Know (Ksen Remix)
1:48:55 Ksen – Substance (Original Mix)
1:54:31 Ksen – Signal From Mars (Original Mix)
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The Guest Mix @ Psychedelic Therapy

Here is my guest mix made for Psychedelic Therapy hosted by Magnosis, aired yesterday on Digitally Imported Progressive Psy channel.


00:00 Cosmithex – Scarlet (Original Mix)
05:12 Daniel Lesden – Mars One (Original Mix)
09:06 Daniel Lesden – Vortex (Original Mix)
13:49 Genetrick – Apocalipto (Original Mix)
18:39 Talpa – Perfect Psychopath (Original Mix)
22:14 Ticon – Rip It Up (Yotopia Remix)
26:49 Sonic Entity – Temple of Light (Original Mix)
30:09 Ace Ventura – Presence (Daniel Lesden Remix)
36:13 Drukverdeler & DJ Bim – Wasteland (Original Mix)
42:21 E-Clip & Future Frequency – Little Universe (Original Mix)
47:58 Makida – Not Alone (Original Mix)
53:44 Electric Universe – Freedom (Original Mix)
57:59 Sonic Species – Techno Systems (Original Mix)
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Rave Podcast 024

Special guest of the month: Freaked Frequency


0:00:00 Airwave – Reset (Original Mix)
0:07:34 Cosmithex – Stone Cold (Original Mix)
0:13:08 Timewave – Chaos (Original Mix)
0:18:53 Mindwave – Guiding Voice (Original Mix)
0:24:37 Funky Dragon – Dreamer (Original Mix)
0:31:14 Sideform – Shiva (Original Mix)
0:36:52 Sonic Wave Control – Lost Tribe (Original Mix)
0:41:32 Endeavour – Eyes Wide Shut (Mechanimal & Contineum Remix)
0:46:07 Sunstryk – Ascending Soul (Ovnimoon Remix)
0:51:36 Sonic Species & Avalon – Back To Reality (Original Mix)
0:58:10 Via Axis – New Spaces (Original Mix)

Freaked Frequency guest mix
To be added soon.

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Rave Podcast 020

Special guest of the month: Psycoholic


0:00:00 Vertex – Audioslave (Original Mix)
0:06:35 Phaxe – So F**King Beautiful (Original Mix)
0:13:10 Interactive Noise – Red Bull (Original Mix)
0:19:31 Vaishiyas – Axon & John (Original Mix)
0:25:25 Art Of Trance – Madagascar (Original Mix)
0:31:36 Alternative Control – Haarp (Original Mix)
0:36:18 Electro Sun – Wicked Weekend (Original Mix)
0:42:29 Hipnotix & Xerox – Getting High (Original Mix)
0:48:00 Freaked Frequency – Nothing Stops (Original Mix)

Psycoholic guest mix
To be added soon.

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Rave Podcast 018

Special guest of the month: Ephedrix

I have a great news for you guys: from now on, I will upload Rave Podcast to SoundCloud — the best sound sharing platform with a nice audio player. Also, each episode will have a picture of the guest artist to make it more diverse and unique.


0:00:00 Motion Drive – The Journey (Original Mix)
0:07:43 Liquid Space – An Expression (Original Mix)
0:14:05 SynSUN – Future People (Astropilot Remix)
0:19:34 Vibrasphere – Erosion (Reverse Remix)
0:25:47 Anne Clark – Our Darkness (Total Eclipse Remix)
0:31:15 Aly & Fila – Sandgroper (Bryan Kearneys Beyond The Mind Remix)
0:35:24 Paul Oakenfold – Full Moon Party (Original Mix)
0:41:24 Man With No Name – Floor Essence (Apogee Remix)
0:47:21 Terrafusion – Numen-Latiaris (Original Mix)

Ephedrix guest mix
To be added soon.

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