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Feel The Effect

Feel The Effect is out now

A remix on Whirloop · JOOF Recordings

New JOOF team member Daniel Lesden took it upon his own shoulders to remix one of the JOOF Recordings all-time great tracks, Whirloop’s Feel The Effect released in 2010. The result is absolutely outstanding and bought this track bang up to date. Off the back of his debut JOOF album Chronicles Of The Universe, there is no arguing Daniel is certainly the man of the moment.

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Written and produced by Daniel Swahn
Remixed by Daniel Sokolovskiy
Mastering by Drasko Radovanovic @ Sideform studio
Artwork by JOOF Recordings

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Feel The Effect Preview

I’m pleased to present you a preview of my remix for one of my favourite tracks — Feel The Effect by Whirloop’. To be released on JOOF Recordings on April, 7.

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Remixing Whirloop

Since my album production is finished and waiting for release, I have a bit of free time to make something new. I’m excited to announce that I started working on a remix for my one of the most favourite track: Feel The Effect by Whirloop, released on JOOF Recordings in 2010. I think Mr Whirloop is one of the most underrated music producers, his talent is truly genial. I love his every single track, but I think “Feel The Effect” could sound great with a fresh Psy-Proggy touch, what do you think?

If you haven’t heard the original mix, make sure to do it. Keep on eye guys and stay tuned for the forthcoming preview.

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