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What speakers do you use

What headphones/speakers do you use and why?


Rob, I have a counter question for you: what would you do with this knowledge? Let’s say, I’ll told you that I’m using a Super-duper monitors by SomeAmazingBrand. Now what, you’ll want to get one of these?

You see, there is a catch: audio equipment sound very differently in different circumstances and environment. Room shape, acoustic treatment, sound card, cables, and even monitors vertical position relative to the ears, among other factors, affects our perception of sound.

If you would like to buy speakers, I suggest doing a research. Start off with the price range, then see what manufacturers are reliable and trustworthy, then read more about specific models, their type, power, and size. Hint: for a typical home studio, you’d need near-field monitors with the size of the speaker no more than 8 inches.

Home studio basics

But in case you’re just curious what speakers I have, the answer will be pretty boring. For the last seven years I’m using low-cost active near-field monitors Tapco S5 by Mackie. It’s not what I would want to use, but rather something that I can use at the moment. I intend to upgrade the monitors in the foreseen future in a favor for some higher grade.

Tapco S5 Review on Sound on Sound Magazine by Paul White

Tapco S5 by Mackie is a fine choice for beginners due to low price

Fellow producers! What speakers do you use and why?

2016   Advice   Equipment   Studio

Studio upgrade

Finally, I a long-awaited studio upgrade with a 27-inch iMac.

Being working on a 13-inch laptop before, from now for the first time I can see my entire projects at one screen — and it’s awesome!

Yes, even small laptop is enough to produce music (as I did for a couple of years), but with big screen it’s so much easier. From now — Macbook for gigs and live sets only.

New tracks awaiting.

2013   Equipment   Studio

Testing new setup

Bought myself a new MIDI-controller for the gigs, Allen & Heath XOKE K2. Testing it now with new setup.

Training room at Audio School
2012   Equipment

UDG Producer Bag

I’ve got myself a new touring companion: UDG Ultimate Producer Bag. Amazing backpack and the production quality is just amazing.

Added in 2017: after all those years, I have not a single scratch or any defect on this bag.

2012   Equipment

My studio

In case you wondered how my production environment looks like, here it is: I’m using Ableton Live running on a 13” MacBook Pro, Tapco Mackie S5 monitors, Novation 25SL MKII MIDI-controller, and Native Instruments Audio 2 audio interface.

My humble studio
2012   Equipment   Studio