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Concept arts

Tracks concept arts. Part 1

My mind seems works visually: when I think about tracks, I “see” pictures rather than hear sounds. Thus I make some kind of concept art images when preparing new EPs for send to labels. This is how it looks like:

Life Simulation, JOOF Recordings
Thru The Stars, Digital Om Productions
Another Earth, Digital Om Productions
Aurora, Borderline Music
This one is actually yet unreleased, forthcoming on JOOF Recordings

These backgrounds are not made by myself, but they show the ideas very nicely.

Part 2 is coming later.

2015   Behind the scenes   Concept arts

Time traveller’s archive — 1

Pretty often I find an interesting stuff and think “would be great to get back to it someday”. Usually, I add it to Safari favorites. But eventually my favorites bar, even well-organized, will be overwhelmed.

So I’ve decided to collect interesting links here, in the blog, and name it as «Time Traveller’s Archive» series. It’s like I’m from today share links to myself in the future. Cool, huh? :-)

I’d be glad if someone will find it useful too.

  1. Ableton dev team shows how they works in the 15-minutes documentary video. One the hand it’s straight development, on the other hand — very creative. True science. I like the “hack fair” part the most.
  2. Ableton also introduced a book Making Music. Haven’t read it, probably will do once it will be available in the iBooks.
  3. Thoriq Firdaus tells How to display update notifications in the browser tab, the way Twitter, Facebook or Trello do.
  4. Concept artist Ruairi Robinson shares trailer of short film “The Leviathan”. A something for inspiration.
  5. Promodj editor wrote an article The secrets of artists promotion you didn’t know before (in Russian), like a summary of many newbie questions and answers. I do not agree with the most things there, still interesting to read.
2015   Ableton   Concept arts   Music production   Time traveller's archive