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2000 Years Ahead is a #1 Top selling CD

We did it again! 2000 Years Ahead album is #1 at top selling CDs chart on Psyshop. You guys rock!

P.S. Not many CDs left in stock, hurry up if you want to get a copy too.

2017   2000 Years Ahead   Charts

Surreal hits the charts

It’s great to see my latest release “Surreal” currently sitting at number 8 in both Psytrance and Trance Beatport charts alongside with some fantastic releases from Digital Om Productions, HOMmega, Iboga Records, Pharmacy Music and more. Thank you all for support!

2016   Charts   Surreal

Enuma Elish #15 on Beatport

I’m so glad to see “Enuma Elish” rapidly climbing up the Beatport charts, sitting at #15 today. Very appreciate all your support, guys.

2015   Charts   Enuma Elish

Genesis #9 on Beatport

Thanks for your massive support of my latest collaboration “Genesis” on JOOF Recordings — it’s currently #9 in PsyTrance Top-100 releases.

2015   Charts   Genesis
2014   Charts   Chronicles of the Universe
2012   Charts   Contact