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Another Earth

Another Earth: Remixed is out now

Remixes EP · Digital Om Productions

Another Earth EP has been originally released on Digital Om Productions in 2015, and now this Sci-Fi saga returns packed with outstanding remixes. Each with his own unique style, on remix duties we have Trance legend Christopher Lawrence, label regulars Maitika and Waveform as well as Daniel Lesden’s own rework. This massive remixes EP brings you fierce, hi-tech and psychedelic vibe, a real treat to the underground trance lovers out there.

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Written and producers by Daniel Sokolovskiy
Remixed by Christopher Lawrence, Jocelin Varlet, Nicolas Lavenue, and Nazar Iogkanson
Mastering by Barthelemy Bayona @ Stryker studio
Artwork remake by Digital Om Productions

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2016 Mix

Here are some fresh moments straight from the studio. This one is a ‘2016 Mix’ of one of the tracks from myself that will be released soon along with some fantastic remixes (more about that later).

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Another Earth is out now

A new EP · Digital Om Productions

Taking his signature atmospheric and driving Psy-Progressive sound to new heights, Daniel Lesden returns to Digital Om Productions with another stunning EP titled «Another Earth». Including two tracks, Another Earth and Ignition, it presents a storyline which is another step forward in the journey of Cosmic exploration.

It’s definitely worthwhile to listen!

... or buy on iTunes

Written and producers by Daniel Sokolovskiy
Mastering by Barthelemy Bayona @ Stryker studio
Artwork by Mirai Art Studio

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Vand Sunete review of Another Earth EP

Vând Sunete focuses on track recommendations and features everything from new releases to genre classics. This time he reviewed Daniel’s „Another Earth“ EP, forthcoming on Digital Om Productions.

After going for a ride Thru The Stars, Daniel Lesden has circled back and returned to Digital Om Productions for some more space exploration, in the form of the Another Earth EP. I suppose taking a look inside wouldn’t hurt, so let’s do just that.

Another Earth

The opening track presents Daniel’s pretty distinctive approach to psy, as the acids and base take the reins for the energy filled intro. Another Earth then proceeds to highlight the airy, near the serene sounding break, with the chopped vocals nicely guiding the listener towards the build and ultimate climax. The baseline then makes a triumphant return and further highlights the hypnotic quality of this quintessentially psy production. It’s definitely a worthwhile listen, but before you decide on your favourite, let’s also take a look at the companion track.

It’s definitely worthwhile to listen!


This one is sure to spark your interest in psy, in part because of what I feel like a more pronounced sound overall and a much quirkier vibe. Beside its heavier sound, it also features an interesting selection of vocal samples and a very enjoyable lead, with the build-up being a particularly fantastic bit to hear. Even beyond all that, the FX really add that last layer of depth, transforming this into my undisputed favourite off this extended play. A real pedal to the metal track, I can’t recommend this enough.

Daniel Lesden‘s Another Earth EP is headed for a May 18th Beatport exclusive, with a general release on June 1st. Until then, enjoy these two samples. I know I will.

Link to the original post
Text — Florin Bodnărescu

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